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The wardrobe is the in-game interface, accessed through the hero panel, that allows players to change the appearance of, or transmute, their armor, weapons, gathering tools and back items. This feature is unlocked account-wide at level 6.

Navigating the wardrobe[edit]

Wardrobe tab.

The Wardrobe tab in the Hero panel allows to view and apply unlocked skins for each type of the equipment. It is possible to preview multiple skin changes at the same time. Dyes can also be applied to the previewed skins by going to the Dyes tab.

1. Randomize Appearance.png Randomize Appearance
Shows preview with randomly selected unlocked skins for all equipment, except for the gathering tools.
2. Skin type selector
Drop-down menu to select a skin type.
3. Skin collection
Shows unlocked skins for the selected type.
4. Skinnable equipment
The equipment currently worn by the character that can be skinned. Note that although trinkets are shown, they cannot be skinned.
5. Transmutation summary
Shows how many transmutation charges are available and how many the current skin changes will require.


Transmutation is the process of giving equipment a new skin by using Transmutation Charge.pngtransmutation charges. The transmuted item will have the characteristics of the original base item and the appearance of the skin applied. Usage of skins is restricted to:

  • Weapons usable by the character's profession. Elite specialization specific weapons will only apply if the related elite build is equipped. For example, if a necromancer changes the stats of a torch (related to the scourge specialization) yet the build equipped is that of a reaper, the torch will equip and unequip but not show skins in the wardrobe when highlighted. You must equip the related specialization so the character could actually use the torch.
  • Weapons of the same type as the target skin; for example, a staff cannot be transmuted to look like a greatsword.
  • The armor type of the character's profession; for example, medium armor wearers cannot use the looks of heavy armor.
  • Cultural armor of the character's race.

A skin type can be selected either by using the skin type selector or by clicking on a piece of equipment. Once a skin type is selected, the skin collection will show all of the unlocked skins for that type, and a bouncing arrow will point to the associated equipment slot. To preview a skin, click its icon in the skin pane, and it will be shown on the paper doll. To remove a skin preview, you can click on the yellow "x" icon at the bottom-right of the item's icon.

Skins can be previewed on different pieces of equipment simultaneously simply by selecting a different skin type. Skins can also be previewed together with dyes, allowing a player to completely customize the character's appearance before making any permanent modifications.


After previewing a skin, the transmutation summary will appear, showing how many Transmutation Charge.pngtransmutation charges it will cost to save the selected skins. Most skins cost 1 transmutation charge, while some special skins are free. Clicking "Apply" will spend the transmutation charges and permanently save the skin selections to your equipped items. Clicking "Reset" will revert all skin previews on the paper doll. There is no cost for legendary equipment, skins earned through the Hall of Monuments, through achievement rewards or from consumables that apply a skin when used.

After new skins are applied, the "Skin Locked/Unlocked" text in the tooltip of each base item will be replaced with "Transmuted".

Locked and unlocked skins[edit]

All skins are initially locked, except those associated with the starter equipment given following character creation. A skin is unlocked once per account, after which the skin is available to any character on the account. Skins are automatically unlocked by any action that binds the item or otherwise removes it from the economy:

  • Equipping the item (only applies to armor and weapon skins)
  • Using the item in the Mystic Forge (only applies to armor and weapon skins)
  • Binding: equipping or right-clicking to choose "Unlock Skin". Skins that are bound-on-acquire are automatically unlocked, e.g. purchasing skins with karma or badges of honor.
  • Removing from the economy: salvaging, right-clicking a skin consumable to choose "Store in Wardrobe", deleting, or using in the Mystic Forge.

As a corollary, skins are not unlocked by any action that allows someone else to acquire the item, including moving to a guild bank, selling on the Trading Post, or sending to a friend. Items of Basic or Fine quality that have been used to unlock skins can be resold on the market.

Some skins do not show as locked in the wardrobe and are instead hidden until the skin is unlocked.


  • Skins are applied to each item, not to the item's slot. For example, applying a new skin to a greatsword will modify that specific weapon; any other greatsword you equip will supply its own skin.


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