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Disambig icon.png This article is about the microtransaction currency gems. For the crafting material, see Gemstone.

Purchased and spent via the Black Lion Trading Company.

— In-game description

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Gem.png Gems are the in-game currency required to make purchases from the Gem Store. The amount of gems you hold is indicated in the wallet and upper left of the Gem Store. Gems may be spent on convenience or cosmetic items, or account services.


Gems can be acquired by spending real-world money or from within the game for no additional cost to the player:

Using real-world money[edit]

Gems can be purchased for real-world money in various fixed amounts; there is no discount for bulk purchases. Prices in euros (€) and pounds sterling (£) include the 20% VAT; prices in dollars ($) do not include sales tax, since the amount varies depending on several factors.

Directly from ArenaNet[edit]

Buy More Gems interface

Gems are available in the following amounts via the in-game interface:

Gems 800 1600 2800 4000 8000
$ or € 10.00 20.00 35.00 50.00 100.00
£ 8.50 17.00 29.75 42.50 85.00

Payment methods include:

Gem cards[edit]

Various retailers offer gem cards that can be redeemed in-game for 1200, 2000 and/or 4000 gems, depending on the retailer.

Gems 1200 2000 4000
$ or € 15.00 25.00 50.00
£ 12.75 21.25

These vendors have offered gem cards for extended periods of time:

Country Store names
Canada Best Buy
London Drugs
EB Games
France FNAC
Germany Gamestop
Media Markt
South Africa BT Games
Spain FNAC
United Kingdom Amazon
United States Amazon
Best Buy
Fred Meyer


The table below shows the conversion rates between gems and three currencies accepted by ArenaNet:

Currency Gems / Unit Unit / 100 Gems
US Dollars 80 Gem.png / $ $1.25 / 100 Gem.png
EU Euros 80 Gem.png / € €1.25 / 100 Gem.png
British Pounds 94 Gem.png / £ 1 £1.0625 / 100 Gem.png
1 Rounded to the nearest whole number.

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