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The Jade Wind petrified everything it touched, devastating the southeastern coastal regions. A stone sea holds no food—but it’s absorbed centuries of magic. Canthan innovators have long sought practical applications for the material known as "dragonjade", achieving solutions undreamed of in the rest of the world.

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Stored Dragonjade.

Dragonjade is a material used in the Empire of the Dragon in Cantha to create advanced technology surpassing even that of the asura. This cornerstone of the future comes from the Jade Sea, where the petrified ocean waves have been infused with Elder Dragon magic.


Jade tech is fueling industrial advancements across Cantha, powering everything from everyday tasks, transit in the form of zip lines, infrastructure, weapons and armors that reflect the new technological landscape, to bots and mechs, which can be both useful helpers and deadly opponents.[1] The substance is also versatile enough that it can be used to construct prosthetic limbs.


The Jade Wind[edit]

In 1382 CC (872 AE), the treacherous assassin Shiro Tagachi used corrupted magic of Dwayna stolen from Emperor Angsiyan to assassinate him in the Harvest Temple during the Harvest Ceremony. Vizu, together with the champions of the Luxons and the Kurzicks, Archemorus and Saint Viktor, stopped Shiro Tagachi. However, the magic unleashed from Shiro's death unleashed the Jade Wind, petrifying the Jade Sea and the Echovald Forest in the process, turning both solid and killing thousands of its inhabitants.

The Luxons took advantage of this newly established resource and created quarries and mines to extract the jade that was in the place, using the turtles as a means of cargo.

Guild Wars: Factions[edit]

After Shiro Tagachi attempted to return to life and was slain by human heroes in 1582 CC (1072 AE), rumors of water stirring below the Jade Sea's surface began to circulate, though most historians deemed these to be mere speculation.

Interim years[edit]

Before Xunlai Jade was the main exporter of jade, there was a company called the Silver Dawn Mining Group that was in charge of mining jade.[2] It was in 1820 CC (1310AE) when Yu Joon first encountered natural dragonjade. Joon began experimenting with it, placing a piece in her amber lantern and finding that it glowed twelve times brighter when powered by this new jade.[3] Joon, together with Park Chul-Moo, founded a company named Hyeoksin Jade and eventually expanded its operations via acquiring the Xunlai Guild, renaming the company as Xunlai Jade in 1830 CC (1320 AE).[4] The company's mission became to extract the jade and use it to bring the Canthan empire to a new era of technology and prosperity. After acquiring exclusive mining rights to the Jade Sea region, Xunlai Jade gained an effective monopoly on the extraction of viable dragonjade.

In 1836 CC (1326 AE) upon the death of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, some of the magic released from his body flowed south of Tyria, until it reached the Jade Sea in Cantha turning the entire sea from a bluish tone to a greenish tone.[5]

End of Dragons[edit]

It is discovered that the magic within Dragonjade is dragon magic, and Aurene reveals that the creation of jade power was as much Soo-Won's idea as it was Joon's. Soo-Won is found to be at the heart of the Yong Reactor, the facility where Dragonjade is energized with magic, of her own volition as part of a deal with Joon. The reactor filters and regulates the ley-line magic that Soo-won consumes, preventing corruption from building up within her, and the magic she sheds as a result of this process is used to energize the dragonjade. The successive deaths of the elder dragons have put increasing strain on Soo-Won and the reactor, resulting in anomalies and strange behaviours cropping up in Cantha's Jadetech. With the destruction of the Yong Reactor, Xunlai Jade was left without a means of efficently charging the dragonjade, throwing Cantha into an energy crisis.

With the death of Soo-Won, Xunlai Jade is exploring new methods of energizing Dragonjade to supply the energy needs of the Cantha, with the assistence of the asura Taimi.


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