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Orphans can be found in the streets of Divinity's Reach during Wintersday.

Each orphan will award you with a base amount of 1500 karma once per day in exchange for a Wrapped Gift. The amount of karma recieved can be increased by karma modifiers.


There are at least thirty orphans:

Crown Pavilion[edit]

  • (1) Behind the colorful balloons east of Crown Pavilion Waypoint
  • (2) South of the Bell Choir Ensemble activity, beside the ice sculpture of a castle
  • (3) South of the Snowball Mayhem Activity, near the candy canes
  • (4) South of the Replica Ho-Ho-Tron, at the end of the candy-cane-lined pathway
  • (5) On the platform just south of the Toypocalypse Activity
  • (6) Northeast of the Toypocalypse Activity, near the fence
  • (7) Behind a pillar partway up the ramp to the Melandru Low Road, near the Toypocalypse Activity

Western Commons[edit]

  • (8) Very close to the vista next to Melandru Waypoint, standing among the columns
  • (9) Near the Wintersday Gift Tree west of Commons Waypoint, under a nearby tree
  • (10) Next to the Commons Waypoint

Eastern Commons[edit]

  • (11) Opposite the Weaponsmith crafting station, behind Jeremi the Carny's stall
  • (13) In the Plaza of Dwayna close to the Wintersday Teleporter
  • (14) East of the Plaza of Dwayna, under a tree to the left of the carnival theater stage
  • (15) Directly north of The Dead End POI, on the footpath close by
  • (16) In a narrow lane northwest of Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra, close to the Kormir Low Road
  • (17) Hidden behind a house northeast of Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra


  • (18) Due east of the Maiden's Whisper POI, against the main city wall after passing under a small trellis
  • (19) West of the Asura gate to Ebonhawke, underneath a green awning
  • (20) Directly east of the waypoint but down inside Rurikton, northwest of Minister Wi's Mansion
  • (21) South of Lyssa Waypoint, against the main city wall, just north of the wall of Rurikton
  • (22) In the far northwest corner of Rurikton (northeast of the waypoint), in the U-shaped lane

Salma District[edit]

  • (23) Directly opposite the entrance to the home instance
    • There are no orphans within the home instance that accept Wrapped Gifts

Ossan Quarter[edit]

  • (24) South of the Ossan Waypoint, on the opposite side of the road
  • (25) On the terrace outside Minister Zamon's Mansion (west of the POI)
  • (26) Inside the dome to the west of the Plaza of Grenth
  • (27) Due west of the above dome, against the main city wall, next to a green awning
  • (28) East of the Plaza of Balthazar, beside the carnival wagon outside the tavern

Upper City (and High Roads)[edit]

  • (12) Behind the Wintersday Teleporter next to the Trading Post
  • (29) North of the vista, in the bend of the U-shaped pathway
  • (30) Due west of Palace Waypoint and southwest of the laurel merchant, standing on a terrace


If you have a Wrapped Gift in your inventory
(sniffle) It's cold and lonely around Divinity's Reach when everyone except you gets to celebrate Wintersday
Talk give option tango.png
Here you go. Merry Wintersday!
Oh, thank you! My friends and I will open these with glee on Wintersday!
Talk end option tango.png
You're welcome, and thanks.
Talk end option tango.png
I don't have anything for you.
If you don't have a Wrapped Gift in your inventory
I've heard some other kids have been getting wrapped presents after talking to a Wintersday vendor. Most of them are filled with old, ugly wool clothes but I don't care!
Talk end option tango.png
I'll see what I can do.
If you have a Wrapped Gift in your inventory but have already given one to the orphan
I don't want to be greedy! There are a lot of other orphans in this city who could use a merry Wintersday.
Talk end option tango.png
I'll see what I can do.


  • None of the children in the Queen's Heart Orphanage will take Wrapped Gifts, as they are called "Child" and not "Orphan".