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A project represents a focused effort by a group of editors to improve a particular part of the wiki. The Guild Wars 2 Wiki is currently still in development and there are a great many areas which need to be filled out and completed, so any assistance on the projects below is greatly appreciated. If you think an area needs improvement and it isn't included in the list below you are most welcome to start another project.

How to make a new project[edit]

Create a new article in the Guild Wars 2 Wiki namespace which has the name of your project. For instance, if you wanted to make a project to change inventory icon formatting to create consistency, you could make a page named "Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/Inventory icon formatting"

The project page itself should be clear on what the project is trying to achieve. It may include things like:

  • An overview of what the project aims to do.
  • A detailed to-do list for the project.

Once the project page is ready, remember to add it to the list of current projects above and to Category:Projects with the appropriate sort key (e.g. [[Category:Projects|Inventory icon formatting]]).

Active projects[edit]

Articles selected regularly with gold bounty for improvement.
Document armor sets and outfits with screenshots that aren't from the preview window.
Document explorable areas and their contents such as renown hearts, skill points...
Make sure the pictures already on the wiki are good quality, the correct format, up to date, and bright enough to see.
Creating map files (area and locator maps) for almost everywhere.
Adding map coordinates for NPCs so they have a map of where there are on their page.
Uploading animated gifs of skill, effect and trait animations.
Unite all NPCs, both enemy and allied, who have the same in game model to use the same image here on the wiki.
Implementation of skill histories for skills and traits.
Keeping track of which unimplemented articles are worth to keep and which are not.
List your birthday! You'll get cake! (Okay that's a lie but...)
A list of things in the pipeline for the wiki, or things that we would like to progress.
A rework of pages relating to Chests and pages about specific chests, starting with that page itself.

Inactive projects[edit]

(please feel free to move these back to the active section)
Articles analyzing game mechanics that are considered too subjective or opinionated to be allowed into main-space.
Ask questions that we can't discern in-game and that we can use to improve the wiki.
List and gallery of all armor sets.
Reorganizing the entire wiki category tree.
Collecting screen grabs of the monsters and animals of Tyria.
Contains a method of setting up CSS consistently.
Unifying the formatting of /dialogue subpages for NPCs and Locations.
Collecting data from item drops and determining drop rates.
Mapping out the options, chains and rewards in an effective way.
Keeping the wiki up-to-date on the competitive scene.
Project for managing the Featured page on the main page.
Show more information about which skills are ground-targetable.
Discussion and documentation of the wiki's efforts to become more inclusive and accountable.
Track and update changes on the wiki made to the game during the Living World updates updates. As well as determine the best way to streamline this process.
Gathering information from Guild Wars related articles, interviews and footage.
Finding the nourishment effect ids from foods and utility items.
Clean up Special:UnusedFiles by retrieving useful files that have been victims of page moves.
Participate in and collect information from upcoming ArenaNet "Preview Play Days"
Unifying the formatting of dialogue and collecting all quotes, dialogues and so on.
Expanding the Damage, Support, and Control articles.
Creating a comprehensive list of who and what can be reflected in PvE, WvW, and PvP.

Completed projects[edit]

Project to work on documenting the guild hall.
Document Legendary Weapon collections.
Unifying page layout of pages related to the personal storyline and adding all the information necessary.
Document raids.
Updating all the runes and sigils that got changed in the update on the 13th of November 2018.