Mad King's Clock Tower

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Mad King's Clock Tower

Mad King's Clock Tower map.jpg
Map of Mad King's Clock Tower

Mad King's Clock Tower loading screen.jpg
Loading screen


Mad King's Clock Tower.jpg

Mad King's Clock Tower

The clock tower! Good choice. You must be quick on your feet and able to jump. If you reach the top, you'll be rewarded.

— In-game description

Mad King's Clock Tower is a jumping puzzle-style festival activity set in the area of the same name within the Mad King's Realm. It was initially made available during Shadow of the Mad King 2012, and has been reopened for consecutive Halloweens.

Getting there[edit]

You'll first arrive at the Mad King's Tower Dock. This serves as a hub for groups waiting to start the jumping puzzle. The dock will teleport the player to the start of the puzzle and start a timer.


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  • The chests along the path can be opened every third round (additionally resets in a new instance).
  • There is no reward given to the player who has obtained the highest score.
  • No bags are received from the final chest if the player is rewarded with the mini.
  • Rewards are per account.

Related achievements[edit]


The starting area
  • The puzzle will reset after 90 seconds (the time it takes to complete it). If all players have failed, the timer will speed up to around 15 seconds.
  • The normal chests will reset after about three minutes, the magnificent chest resets with the vortex every round.
  • A score will display on the top of the screen for every time you get to the Mad King's Tower Belfry; the number on the left is your personal score, and the number on the right is the highest score of the people within the same instance.
  • Skeletal hands will start grabbing at you once the vortex gets close.
  • Mad King's Clock Tower counts for Daily Activity Participation.
  • On some occasions, the player is teleported back to the start right when they reach Mad King's Tower Belfry, due to the rotating clock tower not synchronizing the opening to game clients.
  • On some occasions, the player may fall through the green vortex without being sent back to the docks immediately.
  • On some occasions, the player may be teleported to the sea and will be forced to leave the map in order to return to the docks.
  • The system does not inform the player that no one can hear you when speaking in team chat. Local and map chat still works.


The clock face of the tower resembles those of the Elizabeth Tower.
  • Joshua Foreman built this map, he estimated "maybe 5% of people would make it to the top."[1]
  • This and Winter Wonderland are the only jumping puzzles that has its own activity-style instance.
  • There are three versions of the clock tower:
    • The clock tower visible from Mad King's Tower Dock has platforms revolving around a stationary tower.
    • The actual puzzle instance of Mad King's Clock Tower has stationary platforms around a rotating tower. This is located directly behind the Dock in the distance, normally unable to be seen.
    • The clock tower is stationary when you are in Mad King's Tower Belfry.
  • The clock tower was first introduced with the October 22, 2012 update, as part of the Shadow of the Mad King release, and has returned for every following Halloween.
  • The Blood and Madness 2013 release changed various parts of the jumping puzzle:
    • The jumping puzzle was turned into an activity; this also turned players into enemies rather than allies.
    • Player skills were locked in the Mad King's Tower Dock in addition to the Clock Tower itself and traits disabled in both. This was done to prevent players applying swiftness or crowd control to themselves and others.
    • In the jumping puzzle part itself, player models were changed into small, blue wisps, in response to a widespread issue experienced during the previous year where large characters were obstructing the view of other players.
    • Opening chests were hastened, allowing players to instantly grab the contents rather than sitting through an opening animation. Before, it wasn't possible to grab all three chests and would be difficult to grab even two.
  • The clock face on the Mad King's Clock Tower loading screen resembles the astronomical clock of Zytglogge upside down.