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Disambig icon.png This article is about the pirate faction. For the fractal, see Aetherblade Fractal.

The Aetherblades are a multi-racial group of sky pirates that have recently come to prominence in Tyria. They have commandeered several Pact airships, and currently wage war from the skies all over the continent at the behest of Scarlet Briar. They are allied with the Inquest, who help them maintain their airships and provide them with golems. Where they are based is unknown, but in their initial attack on Lion's Arch they flew in from the southwest.


The Aetherblades first appeared at the 1326 AE Dragon Bash, disrupting the effigy lighting ceremony and causing the death of Captain Theo Ashford. Upon investigation by Inspector Ellen Kiel and Delaqua Investigations, it was discovered that this was a scheme to generate an opening on the Captain's Council (Ashford's second was also killed, by the Molten Alliance), which would be filled by the Aetherblades' (ostensible) leader, Captain Mai Trin. It was also discovered that the Aetherblades had a retreat hidden in Lion's Arch, and a second site in the Gendarran Fields.

The Lionguard were able to defeat Mai Trin and First Mate Horrik, and hoped it would bring an end to their machinations. However before long the Aetherblades returned in far greater numbers (and with far more airships), attacking Divinity's Reach in an attempt to disrupt the Queen's Jubilee, where it was revealed that the Aetherblades worked for Scarlet Briar. They also set up in the Twilight Arbor, after Scarlet had worked out a deal with the Nightmare Court.


An aethership, an Aetherblade airship.
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  • Since the attack on Lion's Arch, the only place where players can find Aetherblade pirates in the open world is the Not So Secret jumping puzzle area in Gendarran Fields.


  • During the creation of the story of the Pirates & the Inquest, the Aetherblades were known as "The Pin-quest."
  • During the Extra Life 2020 charity stream it was hinted that there were several easter eggs not yet discovered in the End of Dragon's trailer. Soon after, a flag with an icon looking like the Aetherblades emblem was found, and was confirmed to be correct later during the stream by Rubi Bayer.

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