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Kite Fortune

Item type
Account Bound
Game link
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Appearance in the BLTC window

Double-click to get a fortune and 10 minutes of either a speed boost, magic find, karma boost, or experience boost.

— In-game description

Kite Fortune were container items that gave Fortune Scraps and boost effects. They could be purchased from the Gem Store or found as loot.


Gathered from[edit]

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store/historical Gem Store (vendor currently unavailable) 5 for 120 Gem
Gem Store/historical Gem Store (vendor currently unavailable) 10 for 200 Gem
Gem Store/historical Gem Store (vendor currently unavailable) 25 for 400 Gem

Contained in[edit]


  • Rare drop from foes.


Drop rate research can be found here.


Opening a Kite Fortune also offers a text fortune.

  • You really should head that way. It'll be worth it.
  • Invention, not destruction!
  • The Spirits will be pleased.
  • Your assistance could make all the difference.
  • You look like you could wrestle a wolf and possibly even win!
  • The path is set. Are you prepared?
  • Do not question, but act.
  • Relax, you'll live longer.
  • Good manners can be taught, but grace and poise come from within.
  • Don't pick a fight with a wild animal unless you know what you're facing.
  • The end of one endeavor begets yet another.
  • ♪The sun, and the tree, and the sand, and me.♪
  • Smell that? Trouble on the way.
  • Be welcome at Zephyr Sanctum.
  • Good luck to you. Perhaps one day, the glory associated with your name will ring out above all the others.
  • Work, work, work. There's always something. It never ends!
  • Please—direct—attention—here.