Kite Fortune

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Kite Fortune

Item type
Account Bound
Game link
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Appearance in the BLTC window

Double-click to get a fortune and 10 minutes of either a speed boost, magic find, karma boost, or experience boost.

— In-game description

Kite Fortune are container items that give Fortune Scraps and boost effects. They can be purchased from the Gem Store or found as loot.


All loot bags have the same chance of dropping Kite Fortunes.

Vendor Location Cost
Gem Store (historical) 5 / 120 Gem.png
Gem Store (historical) 10 / 200 Gem.png
Gem Store (historical) 25 / 400 Gem.png


Drop rate research can be found here.


Opening a Kite Fortune also offers a text fortune.

  • You really should head that way. It'll be worth it.
  • Invention, not destruction!
  • The Spirits will be pleased.
  • Your assistance could make all the difference.
  • You look like you could wrestle a wolf and possibly even win!
  • The path is set. Are you prepared?
  • Do not question, but act.
  • Relax, you'll live longer.
  • Good manners can be taught, but grace and poise come from within.
  • Don't pick a fight with a wild animal unless you know what you're facing.
  • The end of one endeavor begets yet another.
  • ♪The sun, and the tree, and the sand, and me.♪
  • Smell that? Trouble on the way.
  • Be welcome at Zephyr Sanctum.
  • Good luck to you. Perhaps one day, the glory associated with your name will ring out above all the others.
  • Work, work, work. There's always something. It never ends!
  • Please—direct—attention—here.