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Put a full-body outfit on your character, or preview locked and unlocked outfits.

— Outfits

Outfits are an item type that allows players to set their character's look without affecting their stats. They are full-body costumes that hide currently equipped armor. This feature is unlocked account-wide at level 6, and outfits are unlocked account wide in the wardrobe and can be used on all characters simultaneously if the player chooses. There is no cost or restrictions associated with changing between unlocked outfits so players can change their outfits as often as they like.

Players can hide or show an outfit at any time in the hero panel (helmets of the outfit can be hidden by clicking the checkbox on the helmet while the outfit is toggled on); this setting will remain set in any game area. Every outfit can be dyed and has up to four dye channels to customize colors uniformly across the entire outfit.


  • Most outfits are sold in the Gem Store at a cost of 700 Gem.png and are always available for purchase, but some (e.g. seasonal outfits) are only available at certain times.
  • The outfit section of the Hero panel can be used to check which of the outfits not already owned are available for purchase in the Gem Store in addition to previewing them.
  • When an outfit is purchased, players receive a single-use account-bound consumable outfit skin which can be double-clicked to unlock that outfit in the wardrobe.
  • The oldest outfits come bundled with a toy. In this case, players receive a container item containing the single-use consumable outfit skin as well as the matching infinite-use toy gizmo.

List of outfits[edit]


  • Outfits can be previewed in the Equipment Preview, Hero panel (if the outfit is not hidden), or the Gem Store Style tab.
  • Most cosmetic auras are visible when displaying an outfit. However, some of those granted by an armor skin, such as Nightfury, are not.
  • The Hexed Outfit, Common Clothing Outfit and other clothing outfits are the only outfits available outside of the Gem Store. Clothing outfits tonics found on the trading post may be exchanged for respective outfits at the Black Lion Trader (Merchant) at the Black Lion Trading Company HQ.
    • The Royal Guard Outfit was gifted to accounts which were created prior to August 29, 2015 as part of the third anniversary of Guild Wars 2.
  • The clothing outfits which were previously only available in the form of tonics are not present in the wardrobe unless they are unlocked.
  • Most outfit consumables cannot be opened in the PvP lobby or PvP maps.