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Tixx's Infinirarium map.jpg
Map of Toypocalypse

Toypocalypse loading screen.jpg
Loading screen


Toypocalypse is a tower defense style activity that takes place in Tixx's Infinirarium and is only available during Wintersday.

Your task is to protect five gift dolyaks while malfunctioning toys spawn over ten rounds, with five waves per round. To protect the dolyaks your team has to build constructs for protection or attacking the toys. To set up these constructs, you need to gather resources, Snow or Scraps, by destroying trees and buildings. Each construct can be upgraded up to two times by using another resource. Upgrading a construct will also repair it completely.

At the end of every other round, Toxx will try to attack the dolyaks dealing a huge amount of damage. After defeating Toxx and completing the round, Hay appears which allows the dolyaks to heal by a small amount. Also, after every two rounds, the level type will change.

Getting there[edit]

Entering solo[edit]

Speak to the Event Wintersday.png Toy Captain, standing south of the Crown Pavilion in Divinity's Reach. Choose the first dialog option.

When entering as a solo player, you will be matched randomly with other players. The game will place you inside the instance at any time during the encounter (even during later rounds).

Entering as a party[edit]

Above the Toy Captain are a few Peppermint Platforms leading to a candy portal which will let you enter as a party.


The player character will recieve Toypocalypse Instructions upon entering the instance. These will be destroyed upon leaving the instance. The given instructions are not as in depth as the following.

  • Mission: Protect gift dolyaks from malfunctioning toys.
  • Survive all ten rounds to win.
  • Destroy trees and buildings to get bundles that can be used to build defenses.
  • Scrap and snow bundles allow you to place and upgrade turrets and barriers.
  • Grab a weapon to defend yourself: Toy Cap Rifle, Toy Repair Pistol, or a Toy Smasher.
  • Heal yourself by standing near the center with the Dolyaks and gain Regeneration.
  • Earn points by destroying malfunctioning toys.
  • Team score is in the top right. Player score is in the top left.
  • Hay appears every two waves and heals gift dolyaks.
  • Each time you die, the respawn delay time increases.



# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Toy Cap Rifle
Kill Shot.png
 Big Shot
10.5½ Take down toys with a single powerful shot.
Aimed Shot.png
 Penetrating Shot
0.5½ 4 Shoot through a line of foes.
Rifle Butt.png
 Rifle Butt
0.25¼ 10 Smack toys back with your rifle butt.
Hammer Swing (warrior skill).png
 Hammer Swing
0.5½ Bash your foe.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Hammer Bash (warrior skill).png
 Hammer Bash
0.5½ Bash your foe again.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Hammer Smash.png
 Hammer Smash
0.5½ Smash the ground and damage nearby foes.
 Toy Smasher
1 5 Smash some toys.
Staggering Blow.png
 Toy Tosser
0.75¾ 5 Push back nearby foes with a staggering blow.
Toy Repair Pistol
Magic Bullet.png
 Stun Shot
0.5½ Stun your foe with a powerful shot.
Mind Blast.png
0.5½ 10 Toys will fight their allies.
Confusing Images.png
0.5½ 20 Toys temporarily move the wrong way.
Phantasmal Defender.png
10.5½ 60 Drop a decoy to distract the toys.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Candy Cane Ballista.png
 Candy Cane Ballista
1 0 Construct a candy cane ballista.
Snowball Catapult.png
 Snowball Catapult
1 Construct a snowball catapult.
Snow Barrier.png
 Snow Barrier
1 0 Build a snow barrier.
Build Snowman.png
 Build Snowman
1 0 Build a snowball-tossing snowman that slows enemies.
Turn Left.png
 Turn Left
100.25¼ No skill description found.
Fire Exploding Shells.png
 Fire Snowball
80.25¼ 2 Fire.
Turn Right.png
 Turn Right
100.25¼ No skill description found.

Interacting with built constructions with scraps or snow allows players to upgrade each to repair and improve its effectiveness


Character Roles[edit]

Ideally you will want three players wielding Toysmashers and two players using Toy Cap Rifles. In early rounds, before you have had a chance to properly set up your defenses, a player or two with the Toy Repair Pistol can be a great help in keeping toys permanently stunned or turning them against their fellows. However, once a decent defense is constructed, only Toysmashers and Toy Cap Rifles should be used.


The Toysmashers focus on resource gathering and defense construction. They can easily destroy scenery unlike the other weapons. They also provide interrupts to keep Toxx down. If at least three players use Toysmashers on Toxx, they will remove the 5 stacks of Defiant on Toxx and interrupt her skills cycle. This will give plenty of time for Catapults and players with a Toy Cap Rifle to DPS Toxx and avoid taking damage.

Toy Cap Rifle[edit]

Players with a Toy Cap Rifle focus on dolyak protection by killing any toys that manage to survive the catapult barrage. These are the players who should feed injured dolyaks with Hay. The Toy Cap Rifle deals ~2400 damage with Big Shot. This is much higher damage than that provided by the other two weapons. Toy Cap Rifles should be used on any toys that are attacking from a distance (mostly Toy Ventari and Princess Dolls). Ventaris in particular should be priority targets due to their AoE attacks which can destroy multiple catapults and walls. The Catapults, mentioned below, should make short work of any toys attacking Ice Walls and Snowmen.


  • Toy Soldiers, Plush Griffons and Toy Golems are melee attackers. Griffons will occasionally evade attacks, while Golems are immune to crowd control skills. Once your defenses are up, these toys can be mostly ignored. They tend to cluster around the Ice Walls and are easily killed by Catapults.
  • Toy Ventaris and Princess Dolls are ranged attackers. Toy Ventaris are the biggest threat and should be destroyed first. Princess Dolls are fairly non-threatening and are only a risk if you get multiple Confusion stacks.
  • When Toxx spawns, Toy Cap Rifle users should try and pull her away from the dolyaks and defenses. Keep her in range of the Catapults so the siege can assist you. If Toxx manages to move next to the dolyaks, the players with Toysmashers should rush Toxx and spam skills 2 and 3. This will stun Toxx. The Catapults and players with Toy Cap Rifles can then DPS as normal.


  • Building anything too close to the dolyaks (e.g.: Ice Walls in the gaps between the "pillars") will make them vulnerable to the Toy Ventari's AoEs. So it's better to keep a distance between any construction and any dolyak large enough to keep the dolyaks outside the radius of the AoEs.
  • There is a cap on the number of constructions. Once that cap is reached, any new construction placed will delete the oldest one. The exact cap is not known, but it seems to be about 80.
  • Upgrading a defense will also repair it to full health. When trying to decide whether to upgrade an existing construction or to build a new one, always upgrade an existing defense first if it has less than 50% health.
  • Once the cap has been reached, keeping upgraded constructions around the dolyaks should be the top priority. Placing new constructions randomly will often delete the constructions around the dolyaks, leaving them vulnerable.
  • The most useful constructions are Snowmen, Ice Walls, and Catapults:
    • Catapults: The best choice of siege. Catapults should be the majority of all constructions placed. Each wave of toys tends to crowd together and Catapults hit multiple enemies at the same time. Building two rings of catapults around the perimeter of the dolyak platform is a sound strategy. Ensure some space between them so that an AoE attacks from Toy Ventari or Toxx won't destroy multiple catapults.
    • Snowmen: They chill both toys and Toxx, making them an easier target for both catapults and players, and slowing down their DPS by increasing their skill cooldowns. About 1 Snowman for every 5 Catapults, evenly spread outside the circle, will keep enemies in check for the Catapults to DPS.
    • Ice walls:
      • Toys will run past Ice Walls if they can find a simple path around them to their target. The best spots to place Ice Walls are any spot that can form a bottleneck. One set of optimal placement is the points where the little paths reach the central circle, right outside the circle. Another optimal placement is the entrance and exit of the little Labyrinth north of the central circle after placing constructions inside. There, the Ice Wall prevents the toys reaching anything inside the Labyrinth.
      • Ice walls placed in front of another construction or dolyak do not stop that target from being hit. Once that target is destroyed, the toys will keep attacking the wall. A good idea is to put Snowmen and Ice Walls together at certain spots in range of multiple Catapults. The Snowman lures the toys by attacking them, causing the toys to attacking the Ice Wall. This strategy gives the Catapults more time to DPS while the toys are away from the dolyaks.
      • Constructions can be built on top of Ice Walls, but this is a bad idea. If the Ice Wall is destroyed, the construction will float in mid-air. However toys can still hit them, and they become more vulnerable as they are hit by AoE attacks aimed at the Ice Walls.
    • Ballistas: Not a good choice for siege. They only provide decent single-target damage and there is a construction cap. While Ballistas fire much faster than Catapults, players with a Toy Cap Rifle can provide the needed single-target damage, including against Toxx. It's generally better to focus more on making Catapults.
    • Skritt Mercenaries: can be ignored. There are four Skritt Mercenaries, 2 melee and 2 distance. Each Skritt Mercenary costs 3 Scraps, which is the same amount for a completely upgraded Catapult. As a single player can only hold 1 Scrap, hiring a Skritt Mercenary requires 3 player trips per hire. The time spent in running back and forth to their location limits a player's effectiveness.
    • Mortars: can also be ignored. The Mortars are extremely slow in both aiming and firing, and are not effective against toys. Against Toxx, they have lower DPS than a Toy Cap Rifle their DPS against Toxx.


  • For a full 10 rounds players will receive  Wintersday Gift.png Wintersday Gift (57 to 77)
    • 3 Wintersday Gifts on rounds 1-9.
    • 0-5 Wintersday Gifts on rounds 2, 4, 6 & 8 after defeating Toxx.
    • 30 Wintersday Gifts for finishing round 10.

There is no daily bonus. As long as one dolyak survives, the rewards do not change.

2012 Rewards


Current achievements

The following achievements are available:

Disassembly The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx 10Achievement points
Defeat misbehaving Wintersday toys while helping Tixx run the workshop or exploring Tyria.Don't they ever test this stuff?
Reward: 5  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
15 Toys Destroyed 1Achievement points
40 Toys Destroyed 2Achievement points
70 Toys Destroyed 2Achievement points
100 Toys Destroyed 5Achievement points
Honorary Krewe Member The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx 5Achievement points
Defeat Toxx in Tixx's workshop in Divinity's Reach.
Title: Title icon.png Toymaker
Reward: 10  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
1 Toxx Defeated 5Achievement points
Nothing but Broken Toys The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx 5Achievement points
Survive 50 waves of Toypocalypse.50 waves...of DEATH.
Reward: 5  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
50 Waves Survived 5Achievement points
Toy Quality Control Winter's Presence 3Achievement points
Finish 30 rounds of Toypocalypse during Wintersday.This can be described as one of those "fight fire with marshmallows" situations.
Reward:Refurbished Toy.png Refurbished Toy
Completed 5 Rounds of Toypocalypse 1Achievement points
Completed 15 Rounds of Toypocalypse 1Achievement points
Completed 30 Rounds of Toypocalypse 1Achievement points
Toypocalypse Today Wintersday Daily 0Achievement points
Win the tenth round of the Toypocalypse.Reset the clock on the Toypocalypse.
Reward:Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
1 Avert the Toypocalypse 0Achievement points
Daily Bonus Rewards: Toypocalypse Wintersday Daily 0Achievement points
Win the tenth round of the Toypocalypse.
Tier 1:Mote of Candied Karma.png Mote of Candied Karma
Tier 2:Mote of Candied Karma.png Mote of Candied Karma
Tier 3:Mote of Candied Karma.png Mote of Candied Karma
1 Avert the Toypocalypse 0Achievement points
2 Avert the Toypocalypse 0Achievement points
3 Avert the Toypocalypse 0Achievement points
Some Disassembly Required (Annual) Wintersday Traditions 0Achievement points
Defeat misbehaving Wintersday toys while helping Tixx run the workshop or exploring Tyria. Achievement can be completed once per year.
Reward: 10  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
500 Toys Destroyed 0Achievement points
Age of Toypocalypse (Annual) Wintersday Traditions 0Achievement points
Survive Toypocalypse with at least one living gift dolyak. Achievement can be completed once per year.
Reward: 10  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
3 Toypocalypses Cancelled 0Achievement points
This achievement is repeatable. Toypocalypse Survivor Wintersday Traditions 5Achievement points
Successfully complete 30 rounds in Toypocalypse.Toypocalypse Cancelled...again!
Reward: 3  Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
30 Rounds Complete 5Achievement points
Historical achievements

The following achievements were obtainable during Wintersday 2015:

The following achievements were obtainable during Wintersday 2014:

The following achievements were obtainable during Wintersday 2013:

The following achievements were obtainable during Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx (2012):


  • Your normal skills are removed on entry to this mini-game. A set of 3 new skills appear when you pick up a weapon. The skills are specific to the weapon used.
  • Character Attributes are determined by the equipped Structured PvP Amulet.
  • Every second wave, after killing Toxx, a Mysterious Present will spawn on the map. This can be opened for presents. Once one player has opened the Mysterious Present, at least one  Wintersday Gift.png Wintersday Gift is available for each player to loot.
  • A Skritt Mercenary can be hired for three scraps, multiple Skritt Mercenaries are available for hire.
  • A pair of mortars can be assembled on the hill behind the miniature Rata Sum on the map for three scraps. Note that they lack the ability to select between explosive and incendiary shells but otherwise have unchanged controls.
  • Completing all ten rounds with at least one Dolyak remaining will give you the achievement "Toypocalypse Canceled."
  • Healing from the center only works while out of combat and has the following coefficient based on your character's healing power:
 Healing.png Regeneration: 165 (2)?

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  • Toypocalypse likely refers to the 2012 phenomenon, in which an apocalypse was predicted for December 21 2012, the supposed end of the Mayan calendar. The activity was released on December 20 2012, the prior day.