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Disambig icon.png This article is about the activity. For the achievement category, see Keg Brawl (achievements).

Keg Brawl

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A screenshot of the keg brawl.

-Bring kegs of ale back to your Ale Collector to score points for your team.
-First team to 11 wins.
-Dodge, smash, and steal your way to victory.
-Talk to the Brewer at mid-field to leave the game.

— In-game description

Keg Brawl is an activity which is described as a norn interpretation of basketball[1], with kegs rather than balls and a lot of brawling. Keg Brawl is played in Hoelbrak, but currently entered elsewhere.

Getting there[edit]

You can enter into a match either by talking to


Two teams of five are matched for a game. Each team gets skills which allow them to brawl the other team, such as punching, kicking and knocking each other over. A keg is launched into the middle of the playing area and the objective for the team is to get the keg to their Ale Collector. The aim is to get as many kegs back as possible. The team which scores 11 first or has more points when time ends wins.

When the keg is picked up you get new skills which allow you to pour ale on the ground which makes it slippery or pass the keg. The passing of the keg is ground targeted so there is some skill involved as these passes can be intercepted.Players not carrying a keg are granted swiftness. People carrying the keg are subject to the Barrel Carrier effect.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Punch (keg brawl).png Punch 0.5½ 4 Punch and daze your competitor.
2 Disarm.png Disarm 10.25¼ 4 Smash your target to knock the barrel from their hands.
3 Dive Roll.png Dive Roll 12 Dive forward to close distance or evade attacks.
4 Charge (keg brawl).png Charge 20.25¼ 20 Rush at an opponent and kick them; be careful not to miss.
5 Stomp (keg brawl).png Stomp 0.75¾ 90 Stomp the ground to launch opponents.

Keg skills[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Throw.png Throw 0 A short, quick throw that is easily intercepted.
2 Throw Keg.png Lob 20.75¾ Lob the keg. Less accurate, but longer range and hard to intercept.
3 Dive Roll.png Dive Roll 10 Dive forward to avoid attacks.
4 Head Crack.png Head Crack 10.5½ 18 Hit your opponent with the keg to stun them.
5 Pour Ale.png Pour Ale 0.5½ 90 Dump out some ale, freezing the ground around your location.


  • Silver Rabbit Chest.pngSplendid Chest (only if the player was on the winning team)
  • Reward Track Token Loot Box.pngChest (only if the player was on the losing team)


Primary article: Keg Brawl (achievements)


  • You can pass the keg to your Ale Collector or another player with Throw or Lob.
  • Although Lob is inaccurate, with enough practice you would be able to do relatively accurate long distance shots.
  • You can use Throw while knocked down. Use this if you are about to be disarmed while down.
  • Tossing a keg out of bounds removes it from the game. This may be useful if you can steal the keg while surrounded deep in the opponent's territory. However, kegs can persist on the ice field outside the fenced arena, and players can jump over the fence to retrieve them.





Ambient dialogue[edit]

Ale Collector: Ninety-nine barrels of ale on the wall, ninety-nine barrels of ale...


  • Handing the keg to the enemy brewer will grant you positive score, although the match point is given to the enemy team correctly.
  • The training field is still using old versions of skills Lob and Throw as they were before Game updates/2012-10-01.
  • The Dive Roll from the empty-handed skill bar does not give the player the evade effect stated in the tooltip.
  • Guardians still benefit from the passive effect of Virtue of Courage during this activity, allowing them to periodically block an incoming attack.
  • You receive rewards for being on the winning team even if you have a score of 0, but not so on a losing team.