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The three orders are multi-racial organizations which are dedicated to combating the awoken Elder Dragons.

Each character in your account may join one of these orders during the last chapter of their level 30 personal story. This choice is permanent and determines a significant portion of the middle parts of the story. Each of the orders has their own proud traditions and philosophies about what tactics will ultimately defeat the dragons. While they are rivals at times, they all recognize that protecting Tyria is the most important goal.

The Orders[edit]

  • Durmand Priory (order icon).png Durmand Priory: The scholars of the Priory believe the dragon can be defeated using ancient knowledge of past victories.
  • Order of Whispers (order icon).png Order of Whispers: The secret agents of the Whispers order believe the dragons cannot be defeated, but must be returned to sleep.
  • Vigil (order icon).png Vigil: The Vigil believe a united army of all the races can defeat an elder dragon.

Which order am I in?[edit]

If you have forgotten then you may determine it by:

Comparison of orders[edit]

Durmand Priory Order of Whispers Vigil
Mentor Magister Sieran Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw Warmaster Forgal Kernsson
Headquarters Durmand Priory
(in Lornar's Pass)
Chantry of Secrets
(in Bloodtide Coast)
Vigil Keep
(in Gendarran Fields)
Personal story Begins with
Dredging up the Past
Begins with
Stealing Secrets
Begins with
A Fragile Peace
Weapons Priory's Historical weapons Whisper's Secret weapons Vigil's Honor weapons
Armor Priory's Historical armor Whisper's Secret armor Vigil's Honor armor
Connection to GW1 Durmand the historian Order of Whispers (none)


  • You must choose an order to complete your personal story. It is also required for Krytan map completion, since Claw Island can only be unlocked during the story.
  • Characters may only purchase weapons and armor from the order they belong to.


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