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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Spirit of the Wild. For her avatar, see Owl Spirit. For other uses, see Owl.

Owl was a silent and clever predator who put her family's needs and safety above all else. She reminds me that to hunt is not just to kill, but also to provide and protect.


Owl is one of the lesser Spirits of the Wild. She is revered by the norn, who built shrines and lodges to honor her. Owl represents family and hearth, giving teachings of taking care of one's children as well as being a keen hunter. Many of Owl's teachings can be found in Damaged Writings within the Owl Lodge.


Owl was a gentle Spirit of all owls who embodied home and hearth.[1] Helping the sick and wounded pleased her.[2] She was a silent and clever predator who put her family's needs and safety above all else, often teaching others that the purpose of the hunt was not just to kill but also to provide and protect.[3] Tales about Owl depict her offering her wisdom to norn and her fellow Spirits of the Wild.

Following Jormag's awakening in 1165 AE, the norn tried to defend their lands in the Far Shiverpeaks from the Elder Dragon's corruption and destruction, but they were no match for the Ice Dragon. Owl was one of the Spirits of the Wild alongside Ox, Eagle and Wolverine who stayed behind and fought Jormag to give the norn the time to prepare for their exodus to the south under the guidance of the Great Spirits of Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard and Wolf.[4]

As the battle started, Jormag battered Owl without mercy and wore her down until she was weakened from the brunt of the Ice Dragon's force. Although she was outmatched, Owl chose not to flee because Jormag would have otherwise consumed all the norn below. She raised herself up and flew into Jormag's maw, scratching and clawing to keep the Elder Dragon focused only on her. Jormag destroyed Owl's spirit totally, and it is said that there came a cry that carried not through the air, but through the heart of every norn, after which the norn knew that Owl was lost to them.[5][6] All owls became weaker and more confused when their Spirit was killed.[7]

Although the last havroun of Owl confirmed her death,[8] Owl shamans and other norn still revere the Spirit with great sorrow while some shamans seem to believe they may be able to revive her. Owl has a shrine dedicated to her at Lost Spirits' Hallow in Hoelbrak, as well as the now-wrecked Owl Lodge in Snowden Drifts. Anyone who interacts with Owl's shrine in Hoelbrak experiences an assault on the senses with a flurry of feathers, a scream into the maw of oblivion, and a creeping coldness, but one sensation that towers over them all is hope.

Places of worship[edit]

Lornar's Pass
Snowden Drifts


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  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Legendary Weapons: The Moot III: The EnergizerAfter the successful hunt comes the celebration, when all the pent-up energy of the battle is released in food and song. Drink, dine, dance, and revel across the land of Tyria in your journey to attain the legendary precursor known as the Energizer. (3Achievement pointsChest of the CelebrationThis is a hidden achievement.)


According to Owl Shaman Ulgadis, the battle would have been fought above the Owl Lodge in Snowden Drifts, but Skaald Stjarna seems to contradict her tale and suggest the actual site of the battle was farther north.