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Engineer previewing the Lionguard Staff; note the Trading Post Pickup.png indicating it cannot be used by this character.
Previewing the Lionguard Staff model.

Equipment preview is a function that allows the players to preview armor, weapons, outfits, and dyes on their characters. Players may view their character as they would appear in or out of combat, or choose to preview a weapon model by itself.



Equipment preview may be opened by:

Adding and clearing
  • Multiple items may be previewed together.
    • Only armor pieces of a single weight (light, medium, or heavy) may be previewed at a time.
  • Right-click an item in preview to remove it.
  • The Clear Preview button removes all items.

The preview panel has 3 different views:

  • Stowed (default; displays character as they would appear out of combat)
  • Wielded (displays character as they would appear in combat)
  • Weapon Only (only available when previewing a weapon; displays weapon model only)


  • The default dyes used in equipment preview are those currently configured for the character.
  • Any items unusable by the character (except for cultural armor) may still be previewed; their icons will display a Trading Post Pickup.png to indicate their incompatibility.