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The Aspects are sources of power for the Zephyrite, which exist as forces in the world. There are three aspects: the Aspect of Sun, Aspect of Wind, and Aspect of Lightning. After the Zephyrites discovered the aspects, they constructed the Zephyr Sanctum to study and embrace the aspects in peace. Players can utilize these aspects through crystals located around Labyrinthine Cliffs. Bethamy postulates the aspects are a result of honing certain aspects of Air Magic over centuries.

Three Aspects[edit]

Each gives a unique ability that replaces skills 1 through 5 for a limited time. Skill 5 may be used to restore original skills immediately.

Aspect of Wind[edit]

Replaces skill 1.

The Aspect of Wind will help lift you up. Run across any blue Wind crystal and you'll be able to jump higher.

— In-game quote

Aspect of Sun[edit]

Replaces skill 2.

Run across any red Sun crystal and the Aspect of Sun will flow through you. You'll be able to dash like a beam of light.

— In-game quote

Aspect of Lightning[edit]

Replaces skill 3.

Just as lightning leaps from place to place, so can you. Collect any purple lightning crystals you see and you'll gain the power to tether to locations at great distances.

— In-game quote


There are specific crystals that grant skills based on the type of crystal. There are three types of crystals corresponding to the three aspects. There are also Sky Crystals that don't correspond to any one aspect or grant skills, but instead hold the recorded knowledge of the Zephyrites.


The crystals that grant aspect skills may be found in:

Aspect skills[edit]

Once a player touches a crystal, they will be granted a hidden transformation effect and three locked skills. These skills are unlocked by touching a corresponding crystal. Once the skill is unlocked, the player will have ten stacks of an effect corresponding to the skill. Each use of the skill consumes one stack. Stacks are denoted on the player's effect bar as Assisted Leap.png Assisted Leap, Light Dash.png Light Dash, and Lightning Pull.png Lightning Pull. When all ten stacks are used, the skill will return to a locked state. Because you are under a transformation effect, you will be able to use bundles, including kites and summoned objects such as conjure weapons.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Assisted Leap.png Assisted Leap 10.5½ Use the aspect of wind to leap extremely high.
2 Light Dash.png Light Dash 1 Dash forward at the speed of light.
2 Redirect Arrow.pngSun Break.png Sun Break Stop moving at the speed of light.
3 Lightning Pull.png Lightning Pull 1 Use lightning to pull yourself to the target location.
3 Redirect Arrow.pngLightning Pull.png Lightning Pull 0.25¼ Use lightning to pull yourself to the target location.
5 Return.png Return 2 End the transformation and return to your true form.

When you don't have the skill unlocked - because you haven't picked up the necessary crystal or have run out of stacks - you will have the following skills.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Skill.png Assisted Leap Collect a wind crystal to unlock this skill.
2 Skill.png Light Dash Collect a sun crystal to unlock this skill.
3 Skill.png Lightning Pull 0 Collect a lightning crystal to unlock this skill.


  • The crash has damaged most of the crystals that have fallen into Dry Top and their power fades much more rapidly than in the Labyrinthine Cliffs. Once picking up a crystal, you will obtain the Temporary Abilities that will grant you 15 seconds to use skills before the crystals power has dissipated.[1]
  • You cannot change your healing, utility, or elite slot while under the transform effect, although they are not locked