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Special Forces Training Area

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Special Forces Training Area

Special Forces Training Area map.jpg
Map of Special Forces Training Area

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Loading screen


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A place to hone your skills against a host of different combat golems.

— In-game description

Special Forces Training Area is a training area built in a cave system beneath Lion's Arch. Players can add or remove boons, conditions, and effects and check their own damage against dummy golems of varying strength and size.

Getting there[edit]





Ambient dialogue[edit]

Technician: Welcome! Feel free to approach the console and begin combat practice. If you have any questions, I'm all ears. Ha!
Technician: Hi there! Use the console to begin combat testing. If you have any inquiries, come speak to me.
Technician: A deadly raid squad is a happy raid squad! Practice your skills using our state-of-the-art golems.


If a free or core player tries to enter from Lion's Arch Aerodrome the following message appears "This feature requires upgrading to Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. "Path of Fire" may be purchased at" But the player can still enter.
  • The instance is affected by Day and night. Most importantly, Sigil of the Night and some food will change their effects live while players are in the instance.
  • If a member of the squad leaves the instance, other players will not be kicked from the instance and those left inside will remain within the squad.
  • If the squad leader disbands the squad while inside the instance, a new squad will automatically be formed on those still within the instance. The squad leader is kicked from the instance and immediately removed from the squad.
  • Players in the instance will gain the special action skill Mushroom King's Blessing, which allows them to refresh skills on a 5-second cooldown.
  • Every 20% of golem HP, player DPS will be shown in the combat chat tab; this is the only area of the game that displays such information.
  • In order to have multiple people in the same instance of the Training Area, the players must be in a party together and must enter the instance at the same time.