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Mursaat Overseer's Shield.png


18 Recharge time  

Common Common
Special action
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Dispel the protective shield surrounding an enemy game piece.

 Range.png Range: 1,500

— In-game description [?]

Dispel is a special action skill obtained during the encounter with the Mursaat Overseer. It is used to remove Mursaat Overseer's Shield from Jade Scouts and Jade Soldiers.


Dispel's effect will work beyond its listed range.
  • Activating the skill sends out a small blue orb to your target.
  • The skill will successfully dispel the target even if it is not within line of sight or out of range.[1]
  • Can be used while downed.[1]
  • Can be used while channeling a skill. This will not interrupt the channeled skill.[1]
  • Cannot be body-blocked.[1]
  • Applies the Mursaat Overseer's Shield.png Dispel effect to the player upon receiving the skill.