Globolla Marble

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the object. For the related skill, see Globolla Marble (skill). For the skill used by Viirastra, see Globolla Marble (Viirastra skill).

Globolla Marble

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Appearance in Mistlock Sanctuary after successful completion of the bouncing game.

Globolla Marbles are large blue orbs that can be found in cosmic areas of the Mists. They are used in bouncing games: players must stand underneath each "bounce" (marked on the ground by a white circle) to keep the marble moving. Failing to successfully bounce the marble will reset the game.


The Mists
Horn of Maguuma

Combat abilities[edit]

Shattered Observatory Fractal[edit]

  • Globolla Marble - Creates a launch orb if it completes its path. Refreshes Nova Launch when bouncing on party members. Explodes when contacting the ground.


In Mistlock Sanctuary, following successful completion of the bouncing game
The orb radiates with intense energy. As you reach out to touch it, a feeling of weightlessness saturates your body.
Talk more option tango.png Touch the orb. (Grants You are a being of pure light and energy.)
Talk end option tango.png This is too intense for me.

Related achievements[edit]