Chaos Fractal

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Chaos Fractal

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Map of Chaos Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

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Investigate the destabilization of the Mists.

— In-game description

The Chaos Fractal is one of the Fractals of the Mists and occurs at levels 13, 30, 38, 63 and 88. The Chaos Fractal is not a single, complete story, but part of the start of a new arc that paralleled the main Season 3 plot.[1]


  • Event boss (tango icon).png Meet Dessa and assist with her experiments.
    • Fractal Difficuly Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Find a way to open the gate.
    • Defeat the cultists.
    • Destroy the power generator.
    • Explore further into the Chaos Isles.
    • Defeat the mysterious asura's creations.
    • Defeat the K1T-A golems.
    • Chaos Anomaly
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Explore further into the Chaos Isles.
    • Escape the blizzard, or perish.
    • Light fires to progress deeper into the blizzard: x/4
    • Explore further into the Chaos Isles.
    • Defeat the mysterious asura's agent.
    • Legendary Brazen Gladiator
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png


Primary article: Fractals of the Mists#Rewards


Fractal beginning - Cliffside/Uncategorized
  • Instance starts with a fight similar to the entrance of the Cliffside Fractal, against 2 Veteran Chanters and 2 Veteran Fanatics. Upon reaching 50% life, each mob will transform into a counterpart from the Uncategorized Fractal prison encounter (Rabbit/Bandit Saboteur/Ettin/Flame Legion Flame Shaman) and their attacks will change as well. To the left of the mobs is note 1/7 for the achievement.
  • Hallway leads towards a jumping section similar to the Uncategorized Fractal, with winged golem JT-12 enemies. Similar to the Harpies from Uncategorized, these golems have ranged attacks and a blue orb that knocks back those hit. If you bypass this hallway and take the path as if you were in the proper Cliffside Fractal, a short jumping section will lead you to note 2/7 and a chain that breaks a wall, putting you right before the winged golem mobs.
  • The top of the jumping section leads to a mashup arena of the Thaumanova Reactor floor with the siege wall from Urban Battleground. Before crossing to the platform with the boss, you can make a right turn towards the Mistlock Singularity and follow the path of floating cubes out to an island with a ruined Charr building on it, containing note 3/7. It's possible to return from here, but if you haven't engaged the Singularity it may be simpler to jump off and respawn on the planks before the boss platform.
  • From those planks before encountering the boss fight, jump across and head left of the cat golems. Make your way onto the wall itself from the rubble, and follow the path out to a peninsula with note 4/7. You can easily return to the boss platform from here.
Chaos Anomaly fight - Thaumanova Reactor/Urban Battleground
  • This multi-phase boss fight begins with fighting 4 Veteran Golems ( BLIGHT, DOC, PLINK, and CHOP) before spawning a modified version of the Thaumanova Anomaly (called the Chaos Anomaly). As their names suggest, BLIGHT is a condition-causing and boon-converting foe, DOC is a healer, PLINK uses ranged attacks, and CHOP uses melee attacks as well as stealth. At 75% HP left, the boss goes invulnerable and 3 of the previous 4 Veterans show up again (see below for the spawn mechanics). When defeated, the boss is attackable again. At 50% of boss health, 2 of the previous 4 veterans show up as Elite mobs. At 25%, one of the 2 previous elites show up as a Champion.
  • The last golem to be killed in each phase of the boss fight is the one that is eliminated during the next phase. For example, if you killed DOC, BLIGHT, CHOP and PLINK in that order, the next three golems will be DOC, BLIGHT and CHOP, with PLINK being eliminated. If you then kill DOC, CHOP and BLIGHT, the 3rd phase will have DOC and CHOP as Elite versions. As a result, if you are after a specific Champion golem for the Kitty Compactor achievement, it is advised to focus on that golem first in every phase.
  • The Chaos Anomaly itself has a few attacks to watch out for. It can tag a player with a Flux Bomb, which detonates after some time and creates a large damaging zone around the detonation point. Party members tagged with the Flux Bomb should move out of the fight and create the zone in a more secluded part of the fight.
  • Behind the gate after this boss, if you turn immediately left from just past the gate, there's a partially blocked staircase that leads you on top of the wall. Follow the wall to some more mini jumping puzzle steps that leads up to note 5/7, high above near a ruined, burning building.
Blizzard room - Snowblind/Solid Ocean
  • Following the path out of the gate directly leads down a few platforms into a bonfire area where standing near any gives you Ring of Fire.png Warmth for 5 seconds. The objective is to take at least 4 (ideally 5) members to the bonfire locations in sequence while avoiding invincible Veteran Jade Maw Tentacles with knockback, and an invincible Legendary Flame Devourer that permanently puts out bonfires. The Frozen Burst.png Frostbite effect in this instance does significantly more damage than the similar Frozen Burst.png Hypothermia from Snowblind Fractal, so movement skills, swiftness and stealth are a big help.
  • Once the fourth fire is started, the Frostbite effect no longer triggers in that region, and you can backtrack to the middle of the right edge of the snow field to find note 6/7.
Brazen Gladiator fight - Aetherblade/Molten Facility
  • The lead up to the final boss shows the last note 7/7 sitting on a platform just before the final boss. (5 AP earned on completion of all 7)
  • The finale of the dungeon is on a platform that looks like it's made of the electric floor from the elevated path in Aetherblade Retreat fractal, with the hanging weapon test weights from the Molten Furnace fractal. The Legendary Brazen Gladiator, much like the Mai Trin boss fractal, has Reflective Shielding.png Protective Shielding that needs to disabled by the electric floor. Then he will get Shielding Disrupted.png Shield Disruptor and become vulnerable. The floor tiles will light up and electrify in different sequences. At 55% health or lower, the boss will begin using a powerful pull and spin attack combo; either get out of the highlighted area, or eliminate his Defiance bar.
  • The third attack on the boss auto chain dazes. Therefore, it is recommended to either step out of range at the third swing or apply stability to your party
  • At higher fractal levels, the Molten Facility weights will also drop periodically, and release a shockwave that knocks down players. JT-12 harpy golems may also spawn, with their knockback orb attacks that can knock back players into danger or even off the side of the arena.


This achievement rewards items. Chaos Demolisher Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
Complete the Chaos fractal on the Master tier.
Reward: Mistwild Greatsword.pngMistwild Greatsword Skin
Completed the Chaos fractal on the Master tier. 5Achievement points
Kitty Compactor Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
Defeat the Chaos Anomaly and each of the champion golems.
Objectives: 4 objectives in total
  • Defeated CHOP K1T-D.
  • Defeated BLIGHT K1T-D.
  • Defeated DOC K1T-D.
  • Defeated PLINK K1T-D.
1 Champion K1T Golem Dismantled 0Achievement points
2 Champion K1T Golems Dismantled 0Achievement points
3 Champion K1T Golems Dismantled 0Achievement points
4 Champion K1T Golems Dismantled 5Achievement points
Notetaker Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
Find all 7 of the lost journal pages in Chaos Isles.
  • Recover journal entry 1.
  • Recover journal entry 2.
  • Recover journal entry 3.
  • Recover journal entry 4.
  • Recover journal entry 5.
  • Recover journal entry 6.
  • Recover journal entry 7.
1 Journal Page Recovered 0Achievement points
2 Journal Pages Recovered 0Achievement points
3 Journal Pages Recovered 0Achievement points
4 Journal Pages Recovered 0Achievement points







Upon arrival
Dessa Observation Mode: Amazing. This fractal seems to incorporate energy signatures from multiple fractals.
Triggering fight with cultists
Mysterious Voice: Wait, where and when did you come from?
Mysterious Voice: No, no, no. You're going to ruin everything!
During cultists fight
Mysterious Voice: I'm warning you—you don't belong here. Get out now.
After destroying power generator
Mysterious Voice: You should know that I have a fully charged diaphanous diffraction randomizer.
Mysterious Voice: Which I will use if you continue to meddle in my affairs.
Dessa Observation Mode: I don't understand. These instability readings are unprecedented. Where are you now?
Dessa Observation Mode: Some new form of chaotic instability emanating from your location is threatening the cohesion of the other fractals.
Dessa Observation Mode: Wait, what could this mean? Was...someone in there ahead of you?
Mysterious Voice: (sigh) Now's not a good time to chat. That's enough from her.
Dessa Observation Mode: There's some—(static) radiant chaotic—(static) this frequency...
Mysterious Voice: There. No more outside help for you. Give up yet?
Approaching Chaos Anomaly zone
Mysterious Voice: Pummeling by the kitty cat golems.
Mysterious Voice: You deserve this humiliation.
Chaos Anomaly spawning
Mysterious Voice: Your efforts are only helping me to eventually defeat you.
Mysterious Voice: I'm analyzing your fighting skills and compensating with iterative golems.
Chaos Anomaly 75% HP
Mysterious Voice: Time for some golem upgrades, I think. Maybe some shielding...
Chaos Anomaly 75% HP after killing golems
Mysterious Voice: Let's just eliminate that last golem and strengthen the next assault instead.
Chaos Anomaly 50% HP
Mysterious Voice: Ready to meet my latest creations? No? Too bad!
Chaos Anomaly 50% HP after killing golems
Mysterious Voice: (sputter) Oh, come on. Really...?
Mysterious Voice: You asked for this. I'm incarnating the ultimate killer golem to deal with you.
Mysterious Voice: You will not survive the next encounter.
Chaos Anomaly 25% HP
Mysterious Voice: You are obnoxiously persistent.
Chaos Anomaly 25% HP after killing golems
Mysterious Voice: Why are you doing this to me?
After killing Chaos Anomaly
Mysterious Voice: Your interference is threatening all the progress I've made in here.
Approaching forest
Mysterious Voice: Sure is getting cold and dark, isn't it?
Mysterious Voice: Feel free to quit whatever it is you imagine you're doing in here.
Dessa Observation Mode: (static)—you're hearing—(static) try following—(static) light...
Mysterious Voice: Oh no you don't. There. Was she always this stubborn?
After lighting first fire
Mysterious Voice: Okay, that's enough of that. Time to snuff those fires.
After lighting fourth fire
Mysterious Voice: Allow me to demonstrate that I'm the one in control here.
Stepping onto DDR
Mysterious Voice: (sputter) Don't stand on the active grid—that shorts out your shield!
Legendary Brazen Gladiator: Yeah, yeah.
During fight with Legendary Brazen Gladiator
Mysterious Voice: Sending in some backup.
Mysterious Voice: Calibrating the diaphanous diffraction randomizer...
Mysterious Voice: Watch your step!
Mysterious Voice: Let's make this more exciting, hmm?
Mysterious Voice: (sigh) Looks like my support is required here
Mysterious Voice: Randomization in progress.
Mysterious Voice: Better try an alternate pattern.
After boss fight
Mysterious Voice: (growl) You're undoing all of my hard work!
Mysterious Voice: I'd destroy you for this, but it seems my DDR is out of energy for now.
Mysterious Voice: (sigh) I was so close, too...
Mysterious Voice: If and when our paths intersect again, I plan to make you regret this.
Dessa Observation Mode: (static) Hello...?
Dessa Observation Mode: Okay, you should be able to hear me again. Thought I'd lost you back there...
Dessa Observation Mode: Some unexpected interference, nothing a bit of linear frequency modulation couldn't overcome.
Dessa Observation Mode: Let's get you back here so I can debrief you on your subjective observations.



  • It was announced with the release of Living World Season 3.
  • The voice of the Mysterious Asura was redone and replaced in the Tuesday, 18 October 2016 Halloween update.


  • The Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer or DDR is a reference to the game "Dance Dance Revolution".[2]