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Sabetha the Saboteur

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Useless! What do I pay you for?

— Sabetha the Saboteur

Sabetha the Saboteur is the leader of the bandits found in the Spirit Vale. She is the third and final boss encountered within the Spirit Vale raid wing.


Heart of Maguuma


Primary article: Spirit Vale#Sabetha the Saboteur

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Wields Flamethrower
  • Platform integrity - In addition to the enrage timer, the platform also has a "health" bar. The platform is slowly damaged as the fight progresses from cannon fire, and can be heavily damaged by Heavy Bombs exploding. If the platform disintegrates, players are instantly defeated and dropped to their deaths.
  • Cannons - Cannons will spawn around the arena every 30 seconds, in the cycling order South-West-North-East-South-North-West-East. If the enrage timer is hit, all four cannons respawn every 30 seconds. Each cannon will cover the arena with AoE attacks labelled Cannon Shot (patterns of pale orange circles corresponding to a cannon), both heavily damaging and applying burning to players. As well, cannon shots slowly damage the platform's health.
  • Heavy Bomb - During the phases when Sabetha retreats to her bomb piles and the players fight one of her lackeys (Kernan, "Knuckles" or Karde), Heavy Bombs periodically spawn on the platform (large round bomb with a slowly filling orange circle on top). These need to be kicked before they explode or they will deal heavy damage to the platform. If they explode on a player, the player is knocked back. The time left before a heavy bomb explodes is indicated by the orange circle above a bomb, which slowly fills the longer a bomb is up. Once the circle completely fills, the bomb explodes.
  • Sapper Bomb - Players get thrown Sapper Bombs (indicated by a small green circle) by Bandit Sappers throughout the fight, which last for 5 seconds before expiring. These are thrown at a player standing on one of the launch pads corresponding to one of the cannon to launch them up to the cannon so that they can be destroyed. A player that has recently been launched becomes Shell-Shocked and cannot be launched again for 50 seconds. There's a lot of theorycrafting about sapper bombs mechanic but the closest one seems to indicate that sapper bombs are assigned by an invisible mechanic to anyone at southwest 5 seconds before the actual sapper appears; so if you stand at 8:30 at West (2-3meters away from Sabetha) while everyone else is stacking at south, the sapper bomb will be assigned to you at 8:25 so long as you don't leave the cast range.
  • Time Bomb - Tags a player with a Time Bomb.png Time Bomb (indicated by a large orange circle which follows the player and quickly fills) which will explode after 3 seconds and greatly damage allies caught in the explosion's area of effect. The explosion will also instantly kill any downed players caught in it. This skill prioritises the closest player.
  • Flak Shot - Shoots flak at the ground near the targeted player (flaming tar). Flak Shot deposits fire fields on the ground which damage and burn players. This skill prioritises the furthest player.
  • Heat - Fire a shotgun blast at nearby players.
  • Firestorm - Spawns a flamewall towards a random ally and rotates around the entire arena counter-clockwise. Any player it touches is instantly killed.
  • Platform Crush - Debris from above crashes down randomly on the platform (small dark orange circles), damaging players caught in its Area of Effect. This skill only occurs during the last phase, when Sabetha is below 25% health. The platform will also turn dark.
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Event Rewards

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Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance Bar
Sabetha 34,015,256
Karde 4,423,950
Kernan 3,440,850
Knuckles 3,440,850 1,000
Bandit Thug/Arsonist 315,480
Bandit Sapper 189,288
Cannon 74,700
Flame Turret 67,230


  • Sabetha has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • Sabetha has a 48 range diameter hitbox, which is considered small.
  • Sabetha has a 9 minute enrage timer.


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