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Xera (Illusion).jpg

Xera's illusionary form.

Our time is now. We rise from the shadows to claim what is ours!

— Xera

Xera is the final boss in the Stronghold of the Faithful raid wing. She is the High Inquisitor of the White Mantle.


Xera was a faithful servant of the White Mantle cult and eventually rose in the ranks to become the High Inquisitor who was second in power only to the Confessor of the White Mantle.[1] She oversaw the cult's operations from the Stronghold of the Faithful hidden deep in the Forsaken Thicket.

After Confessor Esthel had perished in a Shining Blade raid to the Mantle's Krytan hideout and was succeeded by Confessor Caudecus[2], the new Confessor wanted to focus on weaponizing Bloodstone shards to help him take over the Krytan throne rather than on Operation Rebirth to revive the wounded mursaat Lazarus the Dire whom the Mantle had been worshipping as their god.

Displeased by the new Confessor's goals, Xera and other likeminded zealots decided to continue working on Operation Rebirth as their primary objective behind Caudecus's back.[3] They spent years trying to figure out how to harness the Bloodstone's power and feed it to Lazarus.

By 1329 AE, a group of raiders assisting the Pact entered Forsaken Thicket and fought their way to the Stronghold of the Faithful. Xera's attempts to stop them by sending both the cultists and her creations to fight them proved to be futile, and she even accidentally slipped up during her gloating by revealing the White Mantle's plans to revive Lazarus, which clued the raiders in on what she and the cultists were really up to.

Xera resolved to draw power from nearby Bloodstone shards to enhance her mesmer magic and alter the stronghold into a twisted castle to distract the raiders.[4][5] When the raiders managed to navigate through the twisted castle, Xera finally confronted them herself and fought them as a last resort to buy more time for Lazarus to be fully revived. Although she perished in battle, Xera had ultimately succeeded to stall the raiders long enough that they didn't find any mursaat in the revival chamber by the time they got there.


Heart of Maguuma


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Combat abilities[edit]

  • High Inquisitor of the White Mantle
  • Summons Phantasms and soldiers
  • Twists reality to her will

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Vulnerable to crowd control periodically.
  • When defiance is active, Bloodstone Fragments will spawn at a much higher rate.
  • When defiance is active, Xera takes 80% reduced Power and Condition damage.
  • Confusion 40px.png Confusion - Damage received on skill activation; stacks intensity.
  • Torment 40px.png Torment - Deals damage every second. Deals additional damage to moving foes. Stacks intensity.
  • Vulnerability 40px.png Vulnerability - Damage and condition damage taken are increased; stacks intensity.
  • Target!.png Bending Chaos - Magic penetrates your body, causing internal chaos. After ten stacks, you will be overpowered.
  • Shifting Chaos.png Shifting Chaos - Magic penetrates your body, causing internal chaos. After ten stacks, you will be overpowered.
  • Twisting Chaos.png Twisting Chaos - Magic penetrates your body, causing internal chaos. After ten stacks, you will be overpowered.
  • Bloodstone Blessed.png Bloodstone Blessed - Creatures under this effect gain an additional 100% damage output and convert conditions to boons.
  • Bloodstone Protection.png Bloodstone Protection - The imbued bloodstone is being shielded by Xera and is immune to damage.
  • Derangement.png Derangement - Proximity to Xera and her bloodstone shards causes ill effects. Destroying nearby shards—especially while possessing the Forsaken Magic mastery—may help.
  • Intervention (effect).png Intervention - Protected from Xera's deadliest attack.
  • Stability (Earth Elemental).png Stability - Cannot be Pushed back. - only on Xera's initial clone
  • Cerebral Slash - Xera slashes at players cutting straight into their minds.
  • Temporal Shred -
  • Tormenting Dredge -
  • Confounding Frenzy - Xera unleashes a flurry of attacks, each hit stacking Confusion 40px.png Confusion
Stolen skills


Your life is mine.
Who wants to die first?
What are you waiting for?
Go ahead—make the first move.
How does it feel to make it so far only to fail?


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  • Xera has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense), yet the Xera clone on the first platform (which has to be killed to start the fight) has 3208 armor (???? toughness and ???? defense).
  • Xera has a 55 range diameter hitbox, which is considered small.


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