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Bandit Sapper

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Bandit Sappers are hostile bandits found within the ruins in Spirit Vale, and during the Prison Camp Encounter of Salvation Pass. They wield two pistols, sharing the Plasma Pistol Skin available to players, and are relatively weak compared to the other Bandit mobs. They do have the unique ability to tag players with a Sapper Bomb.


Heart of Maguuma

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Quick Shot - Shoots a single bullet to the targeted player. Deals low damage.
  • Throw Sapper Bomb - Tags a targeted player with a Sapper Bomb; this skill deals no damage and has a range of 1200.
  • Unload - Unloads both pistols at the targeted player. Behaves similarly to the thief ability  unload unload
Stolen skills

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