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Coordinated Attack (unlocked)

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Coordinated Attack

10.25¼ Recharge time  

Common Common
Special action
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Successfully performing a coordinated, well-timed attack with Aurene will stun the creature and give Aurene an opening to break through the creature's defenses.

This must be timed correctly with Aurene. Otherwise, you run the risk of Aurene missing her attack window.

 Range.png Range: 300

— In-game description [?]

Coordinated Attack is a special action skill available to players during the final battle of Precocious Aurene, and To Kill a God. It usually appears locked and cannot be used, but when the character and Aurene are standing on the correct white effect circles during a boss fight it will unlock. When used Aurene attacks with a blue fiery breath attack while the Commander attacks with his equipped weapon. When used during the Leecher Fight in Precocious Aurene, it will fully deplete the Leecher's defiance bar, rendering it vulnerable to damage.


You cannot 'miss the attack window'. Once this skill is unlocked by standing in the white circles, it will remain unlocked until you use it. It will still work even if the Leecher has moved onto a completely different attack and Aurene is no longer waiting on the opposite side for you.