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Deepstone Fractal

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Map of Deepstone Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

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Aid a pair of master thieves as they journey into the lost dwarven city of Deepstone.

— In-game description

The Deepstone Fractal is a dwarf themed fractal that occurs at scales 11, 33, 67 and 84. Players take the role of treasure hunters trying to discover why the dwarven vault of Deepstone has been abandoned for centuries.


  • Event boss (tango icon).png Meet Dessa and assist with her experiments.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Explore Deepstone.
    • Explore Deepstone and recharge the crystal.
    • Slay the Brood Queen.
    • Brood Queen
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Slay the Deepstone Sentinel.
    • Deepstone Sentinel
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Purge the corrupted creatures.
    • Shadow Minotaur
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Defeat shades.
    • Venture farther into Deepstone.
    • Orbs of light activated: x/4
    • Survive the ambush.
    • Shadow creatures remaining:
      Event bar.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
    • Free Torin from the dark Voice.
    • The Voice:
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
    • The Voice charges its power with the spectral flames: x/10


Primary article: Fractals of the Mists#Rewards


The fractal opens with the players encountering two NPCs, Torin and Kay, trying to puzzle their way into a set of lost dwarven ruins.

Jump down past the Veteran Bats into the dwarven ruins below. A large but dormant Vibrant Crystal is visible in the hallway.

At this point in the fractal, the path splits into two. Players can either split up and do both routes at once, or travel as a full group down each path. There is however an achievement for killing both bosses within 3 minutes of each other (consider disabling the traps in both corridors before attempting this achievement).

Eastern windy bridge and spider chamber

Spiders attack very fast here. Clear out the trash and then begin to progress across the bridge. Every few seconds yellow telegraphed environmental markers will spread from north to south in stripes across the bridge; step between them to avoid being knocked by wind into the chasm (if you do get knocked off, you will however be swept back on updrafts back to the start of the bridge). Standing on the spider nests will coat players in Sticky Webs.png Sticky Webs and cause them to move more slowly. Two players standing simultaneously on the two runestones midway across the bridge opens the next area at the far end of the bridge and switches off the wind traps.

The room at the end contains two elite Broodmother spiders - killing these will spawn a champion Brood Queen spider. Cone attacks are telegraphed. Small spiders will spawn throughout the fight along with the occasional Veteran Shadow Imp. Spiders will apply several stacks of poison if you stand in one place long enough to let them hit you.

Defeating the Brood Queen reveals an orb of light. Interacting with the orb of light will teleport the player back to the central chamber.

Western Tetris corridor and elemental chamber

This corridor contains AoE fields that cascade steadily from the far end of the room to the near end (in patterns resembling Tetris). Standing in the fields deals damage, and at higher scales inflicts Agony. Step smartly between the patterns and move quickly to the far end. Two players standing simultaneously on the two runestones at the far end of the cascading fields opens the next area at the far end of the corridor and switches off the traps. Movement skills are useful here (e.g. Lightning Flash, Infiltrator's Arrow, Ancestral Grace).

The room at the end contains a champion Deepstone Sentinel. During the fight every 20%, the elemental will conjure up Wind Sprites (tornados) which will slowly damage and carry players to the chasm opposite the entrance. The tornados themselves have low targeting priority and are awkward to target, but have breakbars that can be broken by players not caught in the tornado. If the breakbar is not broken on the Tornado, caught players will inevitably die. Since the Tornado always moves to the same place in the room, you can give yourself the most time to break the breakbar by standing at the side of the room closest to the entrance.

Defeating the Deepstone Sentinel reveals an orb of light. Interacting with the orb of light will teleport the player back to the central chamber.

Central chamber

After collecting both orbs of light from the side rooms, players need to interact with the Vibrant Crystal at the south end of the central chamber. When both orbs of light have been used, all players are granted the special action skill Light of Deldrimor. Using this skill inflicts an effect similar to Vulnerability on foes, and reveals hidden objects - such as tiles to stand on or hidden chests (similar to the original Guild Wars) - see the achievements section below for a description of the 10 hidden chest locations.

Corrupted shadow foes, including a champion Shadow Minotaur, will then spawn in the central chamber. Use the Light of Deldrimor to remove invulnerability from the champion Shadow Minotaur and then kill the accompanying veterans to continue.

Head north through the twisting corridor until you emerge into a large chamber with a seemingly impassable chasm in the floor.

Abyss chamber

There are four orbs of light floating above the chasm in front of you. Using the Light of Deldrimor will reveal hidden tiles which you can then stand on to cross the room. (Unrevealed tiles cannot be stepped on). Activate each light by using the Light of Deldrimor on them - note that doing this initiates the spawn of enemies. Continue using the Light of Deldrimor to make a path across the room to each of the four lights. Spectral Flames will slowly float across the chasm as you progress, making revealed tiles glow and then destroying them behind you - killing them will prevent them from destroying the tiles. Shades also appear and deal minor damage. There is no time limit to reaching the orbs.

Sinking platform

The platform will begin to move downwards after dialogue between Torin and Kay. The platform will grind to a halt and the group will come under attack from various Shadow Imps. Kill them to progress to the next room.

Final northern chamber

Torin will then rush ahead into the chamber towards the treasure. Unfortunately he is swallowed by shadows and becomes the final legendary foe of the fractal, The Voice.

During the fight tiles will begin to glow and disappear as they are struck by AoE. Elite Shade ghosts will appear throughout the fight. If you fall, you will have 5 stacks of Residual Updraft to protect you - this is only useful however if your allies have revealed tiles using the Light of Deldrimor.

At 80% and 40% The Voice will teleport away across the arena, gain a barrier, a breakbar and begin to inflict damage on all players with a red beam of light. Breaking the bar will disrupt the spell.

At 61% and 21% The Voice will become invulnerable and begin summoning Spectral Flames. Defeating 10 spectral flames before they reach the legendary will make him become vulnerable again. Failing to defeat the Spectral Flames will cause an AoE effect across the arena that may wipe your party.

Defeating The Voice concludes the fractal. Optionally you can vanquish Torin's ghost forever with one final use of Light of Deldrimor. If you want, you can now backtrack for any Hidden Chests you missed - see the achievements section below for a map of all 10 locations.


Riches Unveiled Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
In the Deepstone fractal, discover all 10 hidden treasure chests in one run. Find All of Deepstone's Hidden Chest in One Run 5Achievement points
Map with known possible treasure locations marked.
  • Revealing a Hidden Chest by using  Light of Deldrimor.png Light of Deldrimor awards progress towards the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Riches Unveiled effect to the whole party.
  • Their placement is randomized for each instance; however, you can find them by looking for floating blue sparkles.
    • The sparkles look similar to the lights under the big crystal at the beginning, but they're much less bright. You have to be fairly close to see them.
  • They can optionally be looted for 2 minutes after they appear [verification requested].
  • Each hidden chest awards a Deepstone Pack with Empyreal Fragments and a masterwork or better item.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Riches Unveiled effect.
  • The achievement can be safely completed in a finished instance.
  • Please note that the chests appear in different random locations for each instance, however there will be the same number of chests per room.
Of Spiders and Sentinels Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
In the Deepstone fractal, kill both the Brood Queen and Deepstone Sentinel within three minutes of each other. Defeated the Brood Queen and Deepstone Sentinel 5Achievement points
  • Killing both of the side room champions, the Spider Queen and the Deepstone Sentinel, within three minutes will be easier if you disable both sets of preceding traps before engaging the two bosses.
  • Of the two, the Spider Queen is tougher as there are more additional foes. Consider sending the majority of party members to the Spider Queen.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Of Spiders and Sentinels effect.
Boots on the Ground Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
During your final confrontation with the Voice in the Deepstone fractal, do not fall or jump off of the platform. Stayed Firmly Planted on the Ground 5Achievement points
  • Use Light of Deldrimor smartly during the final fight to give your team plenty of room to manoeuvre around The Voice.
  • Consider avoiding any weapons or skills which have a tendancy to roll the player backwards or leap forwards.
  • Switching characters lets you have another attempt at this achievement if you fall.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Boots on the Ground effect.








Entering the fractal
Torin: Kay, look. Your hired muscle's arrived.
(One line chosen at random):
Torin: Try and keep up.
Torin: C'mon, let's go.
(One line chosen at random):
Kay: Don't mind Torin. He prefers...smaller groups.
Kay: Well. That's Torin. That's how he says hello.
Kay: Sorry about that. Torin's a man of few words. Well, NICE words. Tons of mean ones.
Jumping down
Kay: Anyway, welcome to Deepstone: lost treasure vault of the Deldrimor.
(One line chosen at random):
Dessa: I wonder what's down there. After all, abandoned treasure's still treasure.
Dessa: Ah, grave robbers and a lost dwarven vault! This should be interesting!
Dessa: So you're helping some thieves plunder a dwarven city. Classy.
Approaching the crystal
Kay: Looks like this crystal was set up to block the entrance. Like a ward.
Torin: To keep us out?
Kay: No, the facets are all wrong. The crystal's here to keep something in.
Torin: Hey, you want to leave? Go ahead. It's my discovery anyway.
Kay: MY discovery, Torin. I found the place.
Torin: Yeah, in a BOOK. But I had to find it for REAL. You want to share the credit, help me open this door.
Kay: Fine. The crystal can do it. We find a way to recharge it, and the vault should unlock.
Torin: Let's split up; Kay, you take right.
Heading right with Kay
Kay: Oh gods, spiders everywhere! WHY do I let him pick the paths? I ALWAYS get the spiders.
Kay: Share the credit... Psh. He can't boss me around like that. He isn't even in the GUILD anymore!
Kay: Oh, yeah. I might've forgotten to mention that. This job is, ah...kind of his one shot at getting back in.
Kay: Wait! I can feel the crystal's energy coming from across that bridge.
Kay: If I stand on this... Right, step on those other runes. That should deactivate the traps.
Dessa: I'm reading energy from that crystal. It's like the spiders are protecting it. Or...maybe it's protecting them...
Kay: I think you missed one of the runes! Do you see it on the bridge? (if making it to the blocked door without standing on all runes)
If the player falls off of the windy bridge (One line chosen at random):
Dessa: Oh, no! Abort! Ab— Oh. No, wait. False alarm. All good!
Dessa: Ahhh, no, no no— oh. You're okay. Don't scare me like that!
Dessa: Ahhh! Look ou— You're... Phew. Okay, never mind.
After removing the spider room barrier
Kay: Okay, that did it!
Kay: Did you...? What was that?
Kay: Oh, great: more spiders. Clear 'em out and let's go get that crystal energy.
Facing the Brood Queen
Brood Queen: (hiss)
One (random) reaction from Kay every time the Brood Queen hiss:
Kay: Ohhh no. No, no, no.
Kay: Watch out for the webs! And the fangs!
Kay: You're doing great. Just avoid the pointy bits!
Kay: Something's wrong. The room just got really cold...
Kay: Wait...did you just feel that? Like all the warmth got sucked out of the room...
Brood Queen: Omdebstea? Iph om lyvut?
Kay: Oh gods—I am NOT okay with giant spiders talking!
Brood Queen: Vmaite ba!
Kay: Wait! I know those words. "Vmaite," that's "answer." "Answer us"!
Brood Queen: Ejewptim devllts ba.
Kay: "The rock-hewn" Dwarves? "The dwarves trapped us"? What is this thing.
After defeating the Brood Queen
Kay: Giant talking spiders... I don't— Just...let's get this thing to the crystal.
Heading left with Torin
Torin: Oh, great. The cavalry's here. I've got my eye on you—don't you forget it.
Torin: Wanna earn your keep? Hit those runes on the other side. Should turn this damn thing off.
Stepping on a trap
Torin: This might go without saying, but you should try to avoid those trapped tiles.
Back at the crystal, if Torin hasn't been assisted
Kay: Hm. Probably needs another power boost.
After removing the barrier
Torin: Hm. Not bad. C'mon, let's keep moving. (if got through quickly)
Torin: Good thing we aren't paying you by the hour. C'mon, let's keep moving. (if did not get through quickly)
Facing the Sentinel
Torin: An elemental...? That crystal's magic must be strong.
Torin: Oh no, I'm trapped. Looks like you'll have to handle this one yourself. Good luck!
Torin: You're definitely getting under its skin now! So to speak. (75%)
Torin: You're getting there. Damn, that thing's strong! (50%)
Torin: You've almost got it! C'mon, that orb's as good as mine! (25%)
After defeating the Sentinel
Torin: Looks like you're still in one piece. C'mon, grab the orb.
Back at the crystal, if Kay hasn't been assisted
Torin: Where's Kay? I'll be fine here. Why don't you, ah...go see what the holdup is?
After the crystal is fully charged
Kay: Did you just— I see. This must be how the dwarves fought those shadow creatures!
Torin: Fascinating. Really. C'mon, let's go see if that door's open now.
Torin: What's that thing?
Kay: Try the light!
Torin: All right, they killed it. How come the door still isn't opening? (after killing the champion but not the veterans)
Kay: Maybe let them finish killing all the shadow monsters first.
(One of the following)
Torin: Okay, guess killing all the monsters worked. Good job.
Torin: That did it! Look!
Torin: There we go. Nice work. You know, with the monsters.
Entering the abyss room
Kay: Hm. Looks like another dwarven trap. Go and step on that other rune.
Torin: This is just a hole in the ground. Dwarven traps are supposed to be clever.

(Deepstone Orb spawns revealing ledges)

Kay: Stop whining. Look, that did something. Why don't you go take a look at that orb? We'll wait here.
(One of the following)
Torin: I can feel it, Kay. The treasure vault's gotta be right on the other side.
Kay: Honestly, the treasure's the last thing I'm worried about right now. After everything we've seen...
Kay: There's a reason the dwarves left this place.
Torin: How many traps do you think these dwarves made? I know it's a treasure vault, but this feels like overkill.
Torin: Don't look so nervous. The treasure vault's gotta be right up ahead.
Kay: Aren't you at all concerned what we've seen down here? There's a reason the dwarves left this place.
Kay: How are you so glib about this? Whatever's down here, it scared the dwarves off a whole VAULT of treasure.
(One of the following)
Torin: You've had plenty of opportunities to walk away. So, uh...why aren't you walking away?
Torin: I already told you—you're free to leave whenever. So...what's keeping you here?
Torin: Well, the exit's right behind us. But you know that. What's keeping you here, Kay?
(One of the following)
Kay: You don't remember?
Kay: Guild's the only family I've ever known. That's thanks to you. I owe you.
Kay: Because twelve years ago, someone in the thieves guild asked a kid on the street if she needed a place to stay.
Kay: I wouldn't be in the guild without you. Everything I am is because you gave me a chance. I owe you.
Kay: Because if it weren't for you, I'd probably be dead.
Kay: I owe you, Torin. I owe you everything I've got. You got me into the guild.
(One of the following)
Torin: You don't owe me a damn thing. Everything you've got you earned yourself. I just got you started is all.
Torin: You're one of the most gifted mesmers I've seen, Kay. You earned that yourself.
Torin: YOU owe ME? Look, I made some mistakes, and I'm paying for them. But you don't owe me a damn thing.
(One of the following)
Torin: I don't know... Maybe I'm rushing into this. This is the sort of thing that got me in trouble in the first place.
Torin: Maybe this is all a bad idea. I'd never forgive myself if something happened to you.
Kay: We've come this far. Maybe with our friends and the Light of Deldrimor, we've got a chance.
Kay: We might be in over our heads, but with the Light of Deldrimor? That's a different story altogether.
Torin: I mean, maybe you're right about this place. I got so caught up with getting back into the guild...
Kay: The vault's just ahead. And with our friends and their light, we can open it.
Torin: Well, we've also got you, Kay. Thanks. For not giving up on me.
Entering the sinking platform
Torin: Not bad. So, Kay, I never asked...why'd you hire the muscle? We've never needed it before.
Kay: To keep you from doing something stupid. Because I know you.
Torin: Well, we wouldn't be here without 'em. Guess you've earned your keep after all.
While fighting Shadow Imps
Torin: It's an ambush! Look out!
Torin: Damn, more of those shadow things!
After defeating Shadow Imps
The Voice: O att uyjate sevi.
Kay: Torin...Torin, that voice..."See you"..."drawing closer." It knows we're coming.
Torin: Yeah—for the treasure vault!
Reaching the final chamber
Torin: There it is! C'mon!
Kay: Torin, wait! You don't have the light!
Torin: What's...happening?
Torin: This form is...adequate.
Kay: Wha— Torin? What's going on?
Torin: I see what it sees. Now we will leave as one.
Kay: I... I can't...move! You have the light—you have to use it!
Using the Light of Deldrimor on Kay
Kay It's...not working! Don't worry about me—save Torin!
Voice's first use of Shadow Siphon
The Voice: Can you hear my song echo through the darkness?
One of the following when Spectral Flames spawn
The Voice: Spectral flames, come forth! Tear free their souls.
The Voice: The fire will purge your spirit from its mortal frame.
The Voice: The fire in the darkness will claim you.
When the Voice has 50% health left
Kay: Torin, you have to fight it! Don't let it take you! Keep going! You have to help him!
When the Voice has 30% health left
The Voice: This form degrades. It will not last.
Upon defeating the Voice
Kay: I can still save you. I can—I can fix this.
Torin: No, you can't, Kay. There's only one way to save me now.
Kay: The Light of Deldrimor. But I don't have it... You. You have to do it. Please...make it quick.
After using the Light of Deldrimor on Torin
Kay: Torin... I won't let them forget you. I promise.
Kay cries.
Dessa: The fractal is stabilized. Still no idea what that thing was. Maybe we'll never know... Might be for the best.


In the chasm room, one of the orbs of light may not appear as activated in the user interface. The room will complete without it and this has no effect on the rest of the fractal.
  • If a player manages to fall too many times to trigger the instant death on the final boss, they can still retain the Rigorous Certainty as the death bypasses the downstate trigger for the effect.

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