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Brandstone Multitool

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Brandstone Multitool

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Used to detect and dig up chunks of Brandstone that fall on Istan.
Costs 3 Volatile Magic per 5-minute charge.

— In-game description

The Brandstone Multitool is a gizmo that allows you to find and harvest Brandstones that fall from the sky in Istan.



Brandstone meteorites flying visible from the large telescope on top of Astralarium. At night time it can be difficult to spot.
Follow the directional indicators (green in this image) until you find a pillar of blue light. Then use skill 2, then skill 3.

The Brandstone Meteorites fall roughly every 15-25 minutes. As soon as one touches the ground it lasts for about 5 minutes, whether someone finds it or not.

There's no map-wide notification. If the player is standing near the top of the Astralarium by the waypoint, it can be seen and heard coming through the sky, and Scholar Fatima will announce its landing.

Visually, meteorites look like a gooey purple puddle on the ground or occasionally a large crystal in a crater.

Using the Multitool item in your inventory will give you a special action skill and consume 3 Volatile Magic. Activating the skill while mounted will spawn a directional indicator that points to the meteorite if one has landed. Activating the skill while on foot equips the Multitool bundle, which is used to mine brandstone nodes. Additional skills, which upgrade the multi-tool, may be bought from Scholar Fatima.

Meteorite landings spawn a group of Branded Earth Elementals. Consider defeating these as well as other nearby enemies before mining meteorites. They interrupt meteorite farming. Along with these hazards, the meteorite impact sites apply Confusion and Impact Sickness to players standing on them.

List of possible brandstone impact sites

Mining Buried Brandstones[edit]

To mine the brandstones, use your special action key to bring up the Multitool skills and:

  • If you have it unlocked, use Impact Site Marker (skill 5), which will improve the rewards for everyone (up to tier 5) as well as marking the Brandstone on the world map for everyone else.
  • Use Brandstone Scan (skill 1) to show directional indicators which point to the hidden node - follow the direction they point and keep using skill 1 until you find a pillar of blue light.
  • When standing adjacent to the pillar of light, use Surface Brandstone (skill 2). This brings a Brandstone Chunk to the surface.
  • When the Brandstone Chunk appears, interact with it or use Extraction Beam (skill 3) to gain Kralkatite Ore, Powdered Rose Quartz and Rose Quartz. This skill does not work if you are standing directly on the brandstone chunk. Move off of it before using skill 3. You may get multiple productive uses of skill 3.
    • If you haven't unlocked skill 3 yet, a mining pick will be used instead, but you will get worse rewards more frequently, particularly Dragonite Ore.

Mining Surface Brandstones[edit]

Occasionally, a meteorite that lands in the Plains of Jarin will spawn a large targetable Brandstone on the surface along with the event Event star (tango icon).png Destroy the crystal encasing the Brandstone before it disintegrates (80). At this site, skills 1 and 2 will do nothing. Instead:

  • If you have it unlocked, use Impact Site Marker (skill 5) on the landing site.
  • Use Extraction Beam (skill 3) to mine it. This can be done several times until the Brandstone gives no more loot.
    • If you are too far from the Brandstone, you will have to approach it to pick up the loot from mining.
  • As the Brandstone reaches 75%, 50%, and 25% HP, crystal shells break off. At 0% HP, the last shell will break off, revealing the core, and leaving only a few seconds to mine the site if you have not already fully mined it.
  • To fully take advantage of this event, the stone should be marked 5 times, and then everyone mining it spams 3. Every 45 seconds, do just enough damage to break off a section, then continue to spam 3. Just before the timer runs out, destroy the stone to complete the event and mine the last bit. Successfully performing these steps will yield 60 to 75 Kralkatite Ore and comparable Rose Quartz, a 200% increase over normal sites.

Daily Cap[edit]

You can mine up to 30 brandstone impact sites per day. You can continue to mark the impact site with Impact Site Marker, but Brandstone Scan will not pickup any brandstone location.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Brandstone Multitool.png Equip Brandstone Multitool Use to equip the Brandstone Multitool.
Locate Impact Site.png Locate Impact Site 0.25¼ 3 Points toward Brandstone impact sites in the Domain of Istan.
1 Locate Impact Site.png Brandstone Scan 0.25¼ Indicates the location of a buried Brandstone chunk.

Use when within proximity to a Brandstone impact site to direct you toward an extractable chunk.
2 Surface Brandstone.png Surface Brandstone 10.5½ Use to surface a buried Brandstone chunk so it can be mined.
3 Extraction Beam.png Extraction Beam 50.25¼ Use in replacement of a mining tool to extract Kralkatite from Brandstones and keep their gems intact.
4 Reconfigure Multitool.png Reconfigure Multitool 1 300 Reconfigure the multitool into a weapon, replacing three functions with damage capabilities.
5 Impact Site Marker.png Impact Site Marker 0.75¾ 300 Use on the impact site to mark the location, and boost Kralkatite yields and gem-finding chance.
Impact site markers can be empowered with the help of allies up to 5 times for greater resource yields.
After using Reconfigure Multitool
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Extraction Beam (combat skill).png Extraction Beam 20.5½ Channels damage.
2 Dig (combat skill).png Dig 10.5½ 30 Damages and knocks back foes.
3 Falling Star Ping.png Falling Star Ping 0.25¼ 15 Strikes and blinds foes in a radius.
4 Restore Standard Functions.png Restore Standard Functions 1 Restore original multitool functionality to allow for finding and extracting Brandstone chunks.


If the Destroy the crystal encasing the Brandstone before it disintegrates event fails, subsequent brandstone impacts in that map instance will be bugged. The Brandstone Multitool will not work on impact sites, and Scholar Fatima will not announce impacts.