Armistice Bastion

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Armistice Bastion

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Armistice Bastion map.jpg
Map of Armistice Bastion

The Mists

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Loading screen

Armistice Bastion.jpg
Armistice Bastion

Armistice Bastion is a lounge and neutral ground within the Mist War, located in a unique map north of Blue Alpine Borderlands and east of the Red Desert Borderlands.

Getting there[edit]

Access requires one of the two types of Armistice Bastion Pass:

Travel skills[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Equip Mist-Step Travel Skills.png Equip Mist-Step Travel Skills 0.5½ Step through the Mists to travel quickly to merchants in Armistice Bastion, or teleport to major cities in Tyria.
1 Teleport to Trader's Balcony.png Teleport to Trader's Balcony 3 Teleport in front of the trading post, bank and quartermaster.
2 Travel to Crafting Hub.png Travel to Crafting Hub 3 Teleport to crafting stations and trainers.
3 Travel to Black Lion Outpost.png Travel to Black Lion Outpost 3 Travel to Black Lion specialist vendors.
4 Travel to WvW Specialists.png Travel to WvW Specialists 3 Teleport to World vs. World specialist merchants.
5 Travel to Courtyard Tent.png Travel to Courtyard Tent 3 Teleport to Courtyard Tent.
6 Travel to Training Golems.png Travel to Training Golems 3 Travel to the combat-training dummies in the outer courtyard.
7 Travel to the Arena.png Travel to the Arena 3 Teleport to the arena to fight other Mist warriors in the Bastion.
8 Travel to Major Cities.png Travel to Major Cities 3 Teleport to major cities in Tyria, or return to where you entered the Bastion.
9 Return.png Return 0.5½ Unequip Armistice Bastion Mist-Step travel skills.


Waypoint (tango icon).png Gladiator Pits Waypoint —
Waypoint (tango icon).png Lounge Atrium Waypoint —
Waypoint (tango icon).png Mist Portals Waypoint —
Jumping Puzzles
Puzzle tango 20.png Armistice Bastion





World versus World vendors[edit]

Master crafters[edit]

Guild services[edit]


Crafting Stations

Crafting resources[edit]

Bulk ingredients
Chef tango icon 20px.png Chef Mountainsplitter
Basil Leaves in Bulk.png Basil Leaves in Bulk
Bell Peppers in Bulk.png Bell Peppers in Bulk
Buttermilk in Bulk.png Buttermilk in Bulk
Cheese Wedges in Bulk.png Cheese Wedges in Bulk
Ginger Root in Bulk.png Ginger Root in Bulk
Rice in Bulk.png Rice in Bulk
Sour Cream in Bulk.png Sour Cream in Bulk
Tomatoes in Bulk.png Tomatoes in Bulk
Yeast in Bulk.png Yeast in Bulk


  • Armistice Bastion is mechanically a WvW map:
  • However, it differs from WvW maps in the following ways:
    • Participation is not visible, and will neither decay nor give rewards each tick.
    • PvE masteries are active instead of WXP upgrades.
    • The world map will display which objectives are owned by which team and for how long, but not which tier they are at, nor whether they are contested. No waypoints are visible other than the ones within the bastion itself.
  • Fall damage is disabled within the bastion.


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