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Sensor Tracking

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Sensor Tracking.png

Sensor Tracking

10 Recharge time  

Common Common
Special action
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Activate the guidance enchantment to indicate the direction and proximity of magical sensors.

— In-game description [?]

The three visual effects indicating proximity. From left-to-right: far (blue New Krytan alphabet 2.png), near (green New Krytan alphabet 1.png), and very far (red New Krytan alphabet 3.png).

Sensor Tracking is a special action skill applied to players while they are under the Sensor Tracking effect given after they talk to Seis Burntheart or an Elemental Sprite and accept to do the legwork for them.


Finding a sensor
  • This skill can be used while in the downed state.
  • The visual effects uses color-coded New Krytan numerals to indicate the proximity: Red (Pylon Attunement- Red.png) indicates very far; blue (Blue Pylon Power.png) indicates far (between 6000+ and 3024); and green (Pylon Attunement- Green.png) indicates nearby (between 3023 and 0 range).
  • The visual effects will appear close to the floor and clip through terrain, so it's best to avoid slopes or stand on small objects like rocks, stumps and crates to see all symbols more clearly.
  • What ever side of your character the indicator is on is the direction to head. Head for the closest (Green ones, may look yellow on your screen) first. Interact and then continue to the next closest one.
  • This skill and its associated effect are removed when recovering the last sensor of a series of 5 in a map.
  • This skill waits for aftercast delays despite having no activation time, but doesn't have a delay itself.
  • This skill can be used in any movement mode; underwater, in mid-air, while gliding, on a mount, and even on the surface of the water.
  • Sensor Tracking (effect).png Sensor Tracking indicates the remaining available time to use this skill. Just mouse over the effect icon. Once lost, players can speak with Seis Burntheart or the Elemental Sprite to obtain the effect again.
  • Completing this event starts the hidden achievement Transfer Chaser.