Feline Familiar

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Feline Familiar

Feline Familiar is a summoned ally that can be created using the Enchanted Broom skill, Summon Familiar. Approaching one will provide players with Feline Communication, allowing them to try to feed it.


The cat mews hungrily.
Talk end option tango.png It's not interested in anything I have.
If the player has a Frog in a Jar in their inventory
The cat mews hungrily.
Talk give option tango.png It seems to be interested in a frog.
It purrs happily.
Talk end option tango.png 'Bye.
Talk end option tango.png No, cat. This is my food.


  • This creature has no level and cannot be attacked, nor does it attack enemies.
  • The familiar lasts for 60 seconds, after which it's struck with lightning and perishes, generating life force to nearby necromancers.
  • It periodically provides the Feline Communication special action skill to its owner and other characters around, regardless of them owning an Enchanted Broom.
  • The prerequisite for this is to have a cat in your home instance (i.e. you've fed some other cat).
  • You cannot interact with the cat in the Mistlock Sanctuary due to Nova Launch taking priority of the special action skill.
  • In order to have this cat at the home instance, give it Frog in a Jar (must be masterwork version), obtainable from Renown heart Lionscout Tunnira in Bloodtide Coast. A Jar of Lost Souls will be obtained in return, implying that the Feline ate the frog.
    • This will work even with a cat summoned by another character (i.e., the Enchanted Broom doesn't have to be owned to feed a cat the frog).


  • Black cats are iconic companions to witches.
  • There is a miniature version of this.

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