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Viirastra is a mysterious norn in the Shattered Observatory. She and her clones can be found playing games together before she asks the player to "join in."


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Casts Spells
  • Plays Games

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Astral Surge - Explodes with astral energy.
  • Mib Ring - Damages foes who stand too close.
  • Teleport Lunge - Teleports to a new corner, creating astral explosions along the way.
Stolen skills


More strange new friends. Wonderful!
Stay. Let's play a game! Let's entertain one another!
Two arms...two legs...a that little one from earlier. He was much too serious. I was happy to see him go.
Watch this! You won't believe your eyes, truly!
Oh, I see this is much too easy for you. Let's make it more exciting. With marbles!
Such fun! It's fantastic, isn't it?
The game is almost over, but the best part is always the ending!
I know all the tricks, see?
You dropped it. Let's give it another try!
(laughs) What fun! I need a rest.
Here, I'll give you this orb. That impatient little man with the sharp teeth gave it to me--I want you to have it!
Come back soon, and we'll play another game together!