Abaddon's Ascent

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Abaddon's Ascent

Abaddon's Ascent.jpg
Abaddon's Ascent

Abaddon's Ascent is a jumping puzzle in Siren's Landing, located on the Pilaster Rock island in Siren's Landing, Ruins of Orr. Completing the jumping puzzle the first time awards the Abaddon's Ascent achievement and a Mastery point. There are also a pair of (unmarked) diving goggles at the top of the puzzle.


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  • Each checkpoint is indicated by a Waterlogged Chest. Upon hitting one, you will gain Return to Checkpoint which will allow you to return to that checkpoint until the next checkpoint is hit or until you've reached the end of the puzzle.
  • It is not necessary to visit all the checkpoints in order to loot the final chest; however, the checkpoints must all be visited in order to obtain credit for the achievement. Players who have been teleported to the top may glide down to trigger the checkpoints.
  • Roughly one third of the puzzle contains orbs of Unbound Magic, most of which indicate the way needed to go.
  • Mounts are allowed for this jumping puzzle, making climbing the cliffs much simpler with the Springer.

Related achievements[edit]

Abaddon's Ascent One Path Ends.png One Path Ends Heart of Thorns mastery point 10 AP.png
Reach the top of the tower.Conquer your acrophobia! Made it to the top of the Arm of Abaddon 10 AP.png
Dive Master: Masted One Path Ends.png One Path Ends AP.png
Find and use the diving goggles on the highest shipwreck. Used the Diving Goggles AP.png
  • After completing the jumping puzzle and looting the chest. Turn around 180 degrees and face the front of the ship. The goggles will not have display-text above them. Run up the pole of the bow of the ship until your character gains the option to interact. Hold forward as you jump, at least part of the way.