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Sapper Bomb

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Sapper Bomb.png

Sapper Bomb

0.5½ Activation time  
Common Common
Special action
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Throws the sapper bomb in your hand. Explosion damages allies and enemies.

 Range.png Range: 800

— In-game description [?]

Sapper Bomb is a special action skill that is thrown at players from Bandit Sappers found in Spirit Vale and Salvation Pass. They can also be obtained by interacting with Bomb crates in Salvation Pass.

The skill last for 5 seconds before blowing up in your hand. Throwing the bomb onto certain platforms will launch all players standing on top of it towards a certain direction. Getting launched deals a small amount of damage and causes Shell-Shocked, preventing the player from being launched again for 50 seconds. Damage from the Sapper Bomb can be avoided by training the Explosive Launch mastery.

Players that have obtained a Sapper Bomb are surrounded by a small green circle and have the Sapper Bomb (effect).png Sapper Bomb effect.


  • Sapper Bomb damages enemies as well.
  • This skill cannot critically hit.

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