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A gathering of Sons of Svanir before an Icebrood Shaman.

This all-male cult of norn have rejected their race's reverence for the Spirits of the Wild. Instead, they're obsessed with emulating what they see as the greatest predator in Tyria: the Elder Dragon Jormag, who drove the norn from the northern Shiverpeaks over a century ago.

Codex Of Svanir

The Sons of Svanir are a cult of male norn who have turned to seek the power of the Elder Dragon Jormag, whom they call Dragon, believing it to be the ultimate totem spirit and in turn worship it rather than revering the Spirits of the Wild. The cult began with Svanir in 1078 AE, a norn hunter who led a hunting party with his sister, Jora, over Drakkar Lake when he heard Jormag's voice. The voice promised power and prey, and Svanir began to communicate with it. Eventually he became corrupted into insanity, becoming the champion of Jormag known as the Nornbear - a half-norn half-bear creature covered in ice. The Nornbear was eventually slain by Jora.

Over the next 150 years after Svanir's death, Jormag seduced and corrupted more norn with the same promises. They sought the power of the voice and believed that they were drawing upon it, but in truth it was the other way around. Jormag gained power from the norn it corrupted and hastened its awakening. Since Jormag's awakening, it has attracted more norn and transformed them all into icebrood.

According to the individualistic norn culture, the Sons of Svanir as a group are not evil, nor are they viewed as such. Though many of them commit evil acts such as murder and stealing as well as corrupting nature by other norn, the members of the cult are allowed to co-exist within norn society in Hoelbrak so long as they do not prove themselves as a threat. Unlike most norn, the Sons of Svanir do not remain independent for their strength, but rather barter for it.

Women are not allowed to join the cult because of Jora's "crimes" against Dragon.

Unlike the Spirits of the Wild, the Sons of Svanir have no havroun to Jormag. The "shamans" of Jormag only preach corruption and feed lies.

Known bases[edit]

Emblem used by the Sons of Svanir.
Wayfarer Foothills
Snowden Drifts
Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Frostgorge Sound
Bitterfrost Frontier


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