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This timeline covers events since the end of Guild Wars, in 1075 AE, as well as events before then that are relevant to the scope of the Guild Wars 2 Wiki.

A similar article for earlier events exists on the Guild Wars Wiki.

Year Event
20,000 BE Approximate earliest mention of the Elder Dragons.[1][2]
10,000 BE Last of the giganticus lupicus, the Great Giants, disappear from the Tyrian continent. Suspected date of last rising of the Elder Dragons.[3][4]
9000 BE Five ancient races of Seers, Forgotten, dwarves, jotun, and mursaat ally to resist the Elder Dragons and survived.
The Seers begin experimenting to hide magic from the Elder Dragons and create first the Shadowstone, then the Bloodstone.
The other ancient races abandon the Seers and Forgotten in an attempt to kill the dragon Zhaitan, leading to many casualties.
The Mursaat refuse to hide their magic in the Bloodstone, instead disappearing into the mists and declaring war on the Seers. The Seers develop a resistance against spectral agony used by the Mursaat.
The Forgotten discover a spell that grants Glint, champion and scion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, free will. Glint conceals the elder races from the Elder Dragons, who gradually fall into slumber to wait for the next dragonrise.
786 BE Six Human Gods appear in Cantha for the first time and bring humans, who settle the northern coastline before spreading completely across the continent. [5]
510 BE 0 CC The human clans of Cantha are unified into the Empire of the Dragon under Lord Emperor Kaineng Tah. Cantha's first Emperor. Start of the Canthan Calendar.
464 BE 46 CC Emperor Kaineng Tah mysteriously dies while out hunting. His eldest son Yian Zho takes his place as Second Emperor of Cantha.
~459 BE 51 CC The Kurzick and Luxon clans secede the Empire and become their own nations. Emperor Yian Zho forces the Kurzicks and Luxons to rejoin the Empire as vassal states. Hostility between them emerges.
205 BE 305 CC Humans arrive on Orr, Istan, and the southern valleys of Elona.[5]
The gods establish the city of Arah in Orr and gather many magical artifacts to it, including the Bloodstone, and create the Staff of the Mists and the Scepter of Orr.
200 BE | 0 DR 310 CC First of the Primeval Kings rules Elona from the city of Fahranur, the First City in Istan.[5] Beginning of the Primeval Dynasty (i.e. the Dynastic Reckoning).
116 BE 394 CC Humans settle Ascalon, driving the charr north, out of their briefly conquered lands.
Doric, with aid of Dwayna, puts an end to human wars.
100 BE 410 CC Doric is crowned king of the continental human lands. Settlements are established in Kryta, including Lion's Arch.
48 BE 462 CC Scriptures are written recording how Desmina became Grenth's first follower, Balthazar assisted a human army in achieving victory, and Ewan and his atheist tribe were cursed by Melandru.[6]
1 BE 509 CC The Human Gods give magic to the races of Tyria. Wars emerge across Tyria for control of magic.
Doric journeys to Orr and pleads with the Gods to take magic back.[7]
The Gods link the magic in Tyria to the Bloodstone, sealed with Doric's blood and stored in the volcano Abbadon's Mouth, to prevent anyone from ever wielding power over all magic again.
0 AE 510 CC Abaddon declares war against his fellow gods over the issue of humanity's magic use, and is subsequently defeated and imprisoned within the Realm of Torment. The Crystal Sea turns into the Crystal Desert. The Exodus of the Human Gods occurs.
2 AE 512 CC Orr becomes an independent nation.
100 AE 810 CC Abbadon's Mouth erupts and scatters the five Bloodstones across Tyria. The first of three Guild Wars begins in an attempt to control the powerful bloodstones. [8]
300 AE 810 CC Kryta officially recognized as a colony of Elona. First recorded battles of the Centaur War.
358 AE 868 CC Kryta becomes an independent nation.
406 AE 916 CC The War of Marigold occurs, in which the Luxon hero Gui Lo defended siege turtle nests.[9]
452 AE 962 CC Scarab Plague sweeps through Elona, decimates the population, and wipes out the Royal House. Istan abandoned. End of the Primeval Kings, marking the end of the Primeval Dynasty (652 DR).[5]
640 AE 1150 CC Last of the Shattered Dynasties collapse. Elona emerges as three allied provinces—Istan, Kourna, and Vabbi.[5]
757 AE 1267 CC Palawa Joko emerges, builds his Bone Palace in the Desolation, and subsequently launches assaults on neighboring regions.[5]
825 AE 1335 CC Mad King Thorn and the Lunatic Court are killed during a rebellion.[10]
860 AE 1370 CC Palawa Joko invades Elona, captures most of Vabbi, and earns the sobriquet "Scourge of Vabbi."[5]
862 AE 1372 CC Turai Ossa defeats Palawa Joko at the Battle of Jahai. The Order of Whispers is established and seals away Palawa Joko.
872 AE 1382 CC Shiro Tagachi assassinates Emperor Angsiyan at the Harvest Temple. Saint Viktor, Archemorus, and Vizu kill Shiro, triggering the Jade Wind. Jade Sea turns to jade. Echovald Forest turns to petrified stone.
898 AE 1408 CC The Great Northern Wall is erected.[11]
1070 AE 1580 CC Events of Prophecies begin.
The Charr Invasion of Ascalon and The Searing.
The third and final Guild War between Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr abruptly concludes in response to the Charr Invasion.
1071 AE 1581 CC The Sinking of Orr.[4]
1072 AE 1582 CC Events of Factions begin.
Ascalonian refugees flee to Kryta. The Door of Komalie is opened.
Shiro Tagachi brings the Affliction. Kuunavang is freed and allies with mortals.
1075 AE 1585 CC Events of Nightfall begin.
Palawa Joko freed from his prison. Death of Abaddon. Ascension of Kormir.
1078 AE 1588 CC Events of Eye of the North begin.
Primordus, the Elder Fire Dragon, stirs but does not awaken. The asura appear on the surface. The Transformation of the Dwarves.
1079 AE 1589 CC Events of Beyond begin.
The Krytan civil war ends with the defeat of the White Mantle, and Princess Salma is crowned. All mursaat are wiped out from Tyria except for Lazarus the Dire who goes into hiding. The last Seer dies, gifting the Shining Blade with the weapon of their namesake. The Seraph are established.
The Ministry of Purity rise to power in Cantha.
1080 AE 1590 CC King Adelbern of Ascalon recalls the Ebon Vanguard; Ebonhawke is established.[4][12]
1088 AE 1598 CC Kryta unifies behind Queen Salma.[4]
1090 AE 1600 CC The charr High Legions take Ascalon City. The Foefire.[4]
1093 AE 1603 CC Palawa Joko raids along the Vabbian border to bolster his forces. Koss Dejarin and Lonai lead a Sunspear mission to attack Palawa Joko and fail.[13]
1105 AE 1615 CC The Durmand Priory is established in the Shiverpeaks. New Krytan is established as a central written language.[4]
1112 AE 1622 CC The charr erect the Black Citadel over the ruins of the city of Rin in Ascalon.[4]
1116 AE 1626 CC Kalla Scorchrazor leads the rebellion against the Flame Legion's shaman caste.[4]
1120 AE 1630 CC Primordus awakens and forces remaining subterranean races to the surface.[4][14]
1125 AE 1635 CC Last of the dwarves become stone.[15] The Zephyrites are formed as successors to the Brotherhood of the Dragon.[16][17]
1127 AE 1637 CC Emperor Usoku defeats the Kurzicks and the Luxons, unifies Cantha and begins purging non-humans and political enemies.[18]
1128 AE 1638 CC Construction of Kesho is completed before this time by Forgotten and Exalted to house Vlast, Glint's first scion.[19]
Construction of Tarir, the Forgotten City begins to house the second scion.[17]
1135 AE 1645 CC Palawa Joko begins his invasion of Elona,[20][21] redirecting the River Elon. Quicksand sinks the city of Kesho.[22][23]
1165 AE 1675 CC Jormag, the Elder Ice Dragon, awakens and creates a four year long snowstorm.[14][24]
1169 AE 1679 CC After hundreds of deaths in battle against Jormag's forces, the norn flee south and establish Hoelbrak.[24]
1173 AE 1685 CC Rata Novus is overrun by chak, 98% of the population is killed, and survivors abandon the city, relocating to Rata Arcanum.[25]
1175 AE 1685 CC Rata Arcanum is wiped out by the druids after Zinn attempted to terraform Draconis Mons.[25] Elona falls to Palawa Joko. The Order of the Sunspears are wiped out.[5]
1180 AE 1690 CC The centaur prophet Ventari dies by the Pale Tree, leaving the Ventari Tablet.[4]
1219 AE 1729 CC Events of Sea of Sorrows begin.
Zhaitan, the Elder Undead Dragon, awakens.[14] Rising of Orr. Lion's Arch floods.[4]
Zhaitan's Great Tsunami destroys Old Kaineng. Kuunavang beseeches Soo-Won to leave the depths and defend Cantha.[26]
The tengu charge through Zhaitan's forces and establish the Dominion of Winds.[27]
1220 AE 1730 CC Divinity's Reach is founded in the Krytan province of Shaemoor.[4]
1229 AE 1739 CC The Risen destroy Port Stalwart.
1230 AE 1740 CC Corsairs and other pirates occupy the slowly drying ruins of Lion's Arch. Cobiah Marriner begins rebuilding the city.[4]
1231 AE 1740 CC Empress Haebaragi defeats the Crimson Skull in the Crimson Battle at Haiju Plains.[28]
1237 AE 1747 CC Empress Haebaragi disbands the Celestial Ministries, and forces the Ministry of Purity into hiding after a last stand at Zen Daijun.[29]
1256 AE 1766 CC Prince Edair establishes the Great Krytan Blockade before his fleet is destroyed by Risen forces.
1270 AE 1780 CC In Soo-Won's absence, a Deep-Sea Danger takes over the Unending Ocean.[30] Quaggans and krait forced to the shores of Tyria.[31]
1275 AE 1785 CC Ulgoth the Mighty unites the Harathi and Tamini under Modniir rule in the centaur alliance to attack the human nation of Kryta.[32]
1302 AE 1812 CC The sylvari first appear along the Tarnished Coast, sprouting from the Pale Tree.[4]
1304 AE 1814 CC The sylvari Secondborn Awaken.[33]
1316 AE 1826 CC Jennah is crowned as the queen of Kryta.[34]
1319 AE 1829 CC Events of Edge of Destiny begin.
Destiny's Edge is formed and kills one of Jormag's champions, the Dragonspawn, as well as several other dragons' champions.
1320 AE 1830 CC Kralkatorrik awakens and creates the Dragonbrand.[14] Glint is killed and her body retrieved by the Zephyrites. Breaking of Destiny's Edge.[16] Almorra's Massacre and founding of the Vigil. The Ogre Revolt and the Branded siege of Ebonhawke leads to humans and charr fighting together against a common enemy.
1324 AE 1834 CC Events of Ghosts of Ascalon begin.
Dougal Keane enters the crypts beneath Divinity's Reach. The Claw of the Khan-Ur is retrieved from Ascalon City Ruins and peace negotiations between humans and charr begin.
Ogres invade Ascalon from the Blazeridge Mountains.
1325 AE 1835 CC Events of the personal story begin.
Claw Island is assaulted by Blightghast the Plaguebringer. The Pact is founded with Marshal Trahearne and the Pact Commander.
Yong Reactor finishes construction.[35]
1326 AE 1836 CC Events of Living World Season 1 begin.
Zhaitan is defeated.[36]
The karka attack Lion's Arch, and Southsun Cove is discovered.
Scarlet Briar assaults Tyria through her alliances and Twisted Watchwork minions. Ellen Kiel is elected to the Captain's Council. The Zephyrites make their first known return to Tyria since Glint's death.
1327 AE 1837 CC Events of Living World Season 2 begin.
The Battle for Lion's Arch culminates in the defeat of Scarlet Briar and the destruction of Lion's Arch. Mordremoth, the Elder Jungle Dragon, awakens.
The Pact musters forces of the five major nations of Central Tyria to confront Mordremoth.
1328 AE 1838 CC Events of Heart of Thorns begin.
Lion's Arch is rebuilt with a new look and increased defenses. Kralkatorrik moves towards Elona.[5]
The Pact Fleet is destroyed by Mordrem forces. After a 43-day campaign, [37] Mordremoth is defeated despite the Pact's setback. White Mantle are revealed in the Forsaken Thicket.
1329 AE 1839 CC Events of Living World Season 3 begin.
Dragon's Watch is formed.
The White Mantle wage war on the Krytan throne. Aurene, the second scion of Glint, is born.
1330 AE 1840 CC Events of Path of Fire.
Events of Living World Season 4 begin.
Krytan civil war ends with White Mantle's defeat. The Elder Dragons Jormag and Primordus return to dormant status.
Balthazar wages war in the Crystal Desert.
Palawa Joko declares war on Central Tyria. Desmina seeks help in confronting Dhuum.
1331 AE 1841 CC Palawa Joko is defeated, and Aurene consumes his magic.
Kralkatorrik invades the Mists. Glint and Gwen Thackeray unite an army of spirits in resistance.
Qadim makes a bet with Zommoros.
Zephyrites recover and bring back the Festival of the Four Winds.
1332 AE 1842 CC Events of The Icebrood Saga begin.
Kralkatorrik is slain after ravaging the Mists. Dragon Bash returns, celebrating Kralkatorrik's defeat.
Aurene becomes the Elder Dragon of Crystal and Light.
The Key of Ahdashim shares the magic of the Well of Ahdashim equally with all djinn across the world.
Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer holds an All-Legion Rally, initiating a charr civil war. Jormag begins to stir again in the Far Shiverpeaks.
1333 AE 1843 CC Charr civil war ends with the Dominion's defeat.
Braham Eirsson is called upon by the Spirits of the Wild as norn of prophecy.
Jormag and Primordus reawaken.
1334 AE 1844 CC Jormag imprisons the Frozen in an attempt to become more powerful than Primordus.
Jormag and Primordus destroy each other and the released magic flows south.[38]
1335 AE 1845 CC Present day.
Events of End of Dragons begin.
Cantha reopens its borders.
The Yong Reactor is destroyed, releasing Void.
Soo-Won, the first Elder Dragon, sacrifices herself to defeat Void, and Aurene takes her place. The Age of Aurene begin.

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