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Ancient Ascalonian mural of Melandru.

One day, the goddess Melandru came upon a den of foxes, and she heard within the hungry cries of kits. She bent her ear to the ground and learned that the mother fox had been killed by a farmer.

The cubs were doomed to starve to death, and thus was the way of nature. Melandru sought out the farmer, and asked him why he had killed the fox, thus condemning its kits to sure death.

The farmer explained that the fox had killed one of his chickens, and therefore he had taken his vengeance upon the fox. "Thus," said Melandru, "is the way of nature."

Later that year, the farmer prayed to her, calling her name in his darkest moment. In his presence, she saw that he was in mourning and asked what had happened.

"Wolves," he said, "have taken my daughter. Can you not bring her back to me?"

Melandru was not unkind as she said, "No. Thus is the way of nature."

— Parable of Melandru

Melandru is the goddess of nature, earth, and growth. Legends of the charr say that Melandru was the one who created Tyria (though this is false), and human legends say that she was the third of the Six Gods to arrive on the world. She is the oldest and wisest of the Six Gods, and, with Dwayna, attempted to bring peace to the races of Tyria.

She is often depicted as having a human female torso and a lower body made from wood. Statues of her are said to give healing and water to those with the favor of the gods. Before The Cataclysm, Orrians worshipped Melandru at the Cathedral of Verdance.

The quaggan revere an interpretation of Melandru in the form of a goddess named Mellaggan, who they believe has been killed by the krait. Human scholars believe this goddess to be a depiction of Melandru due to the two goddesses' similarities and the Quaggan's using a sunken statue of Melandru as a makeshift shrine to Mellaggan. The quaggans would disagree with this interpretation, but are simply too polite to do so.[1]


And it was that a tribe of godless humans wandered the land. Where camped did they lay waste, senselessly destroying everything nearby.

And so the tribe set out to find another camp, when suddenly sprouted a wall of thorny branches, which blocked their exit.

Then saith Ewan, leader of the tribe, "Know ye our ways. Whosoever does magic in this tribe shall be put to death."

Yet none comes forward. Then, from the earth grows forth a large tree, and unfurling its branches, reveals the upper torso of a woman. Saith She, "I am Melandru, the Mother of earth and nature. Henceforth I bind ye to these lands. When they suffer, so shall ye suffer."

And as She saith, so was it done. From their limbs sprouted branches, and the blood in their veins was the sap of trees. Then was Ewan and his tribe converted, and became they stewards of nature.

— Scriptures of Melandru, 48 BE

Next came the goddess of nature. Wise Melandru, oldest of them all, made of Orr a green and flowering expanse. She urged peace with the races already present on this world, but her advice was not heeded.

When she saw destruction, she brought creation. Where she saw anger, she grew love. With this, Melandru prepared for a future she knew would be troubled.

Orrian History Scrolls, The Six, Volume 3—Melandru: Goddess of Nature.

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