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Disambig icon.png This article is about a bloodline of Elonian kings. For other uses, see Primeval.

The Primeval Kings were the first royal bloodline of the nation Elona. Beginning their rule in 200 BE, just five years after humanity arrived on what would become Istan and Kourna, the Primeval Kings stretched their reign into the valleys of Vabbi and reached into the northern edge of the Crystal Desert, marking the largest human kingdom besides the Empire of the Dragon on Cantha. Their rule was not peaceful, however, as two rulers - Queen Nadijeh and King Wasi - were known to have ruled during a time of turmoil, but also have united the nation during their lifetime. Nadijeh herself established the Sunspear Guard who would eventually become the Order of the Sunspears. The Primeval Kings' rule lasted until the Scarab Plague and the fall of the Primeval Dynasty in 652 DR, the last leaders being the twin queens Nahlah and Dahlah.

Legends say that the first of the Primeval Kings was crowned by the gods themselves. Many of the kings and queens of the Primeval Dynasty were buried in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

Palawa Joko claims to be the last "living" Primeval King, though the accuracy of this claim is unknown. The ghosts of the Primeval Kings still resting at the Tomb of the Primeval King proclaim Joko to be a fake, however.

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