Rising of Orr

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The Great Tsunami.

The Rising of Orr occurred in 1219 AE when the Elder Dragon Zhaitan woke from slumber. Originally underneath the peninsula, Zhaitan forced the sunken kingdom of Orr to the surface. The sailor Cobiah Marriner was one of the few people to witness the event and live.[1]

Orr's resurfacing devastated the corsair fleets that were nestled in the islands above sea level. It caused a large tidal wave, known as the Great Tsunami by the tengu and as the Great Flood by the Olmakhan tribe of charr, that flooded the coasts of Kryta, the Ring of Fire Islands, the Battle Isles, and Sandswept Isles, if not more.[2][3] Most of the land that was hit by the tidal wave was simply reshaped, with new lakes and rivers forming and shores altered, but some islands, such as the Battle Isles, were submerged.



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    Dark, tattered wings, as if something long dead was rising from the grave.
    Ancient cathedrals of coral-crusted stone. Torn flesh and ice-white bone against a storm-laden sky. Corpses, crawling from the waterlogged earth like maggots; bodies by the thousands, roiling like waves themselves over sodden ground.
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