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Isle of Istan

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Map of the Isle of Istan.

The Isle of Istan lies in the southwestern portion of Elona and was among the first places humans colonized. The first human rulers, the Primeval Kings, once inhabited a city there called Fahranur until the Dynasty came to an end with the outbreak of the Scarab Plague. The western half of Istan grows lush jungles and wetlands, while white sand beaches and plains comprise the eastern half.

Istan is now a vassal to Palawa Joko's Awakened kingdom.


Early history[edit]

The island province of Istan was known for its navy, a formidable fleet that patrolled the western coast of Elona. Every day, ships from Tyria, Cantha and other distant parts of the world arrived at the port city of Kamadan, From here, merchant ships traveled to the many islands of Istan and the continent of Kourna, venturing into troubled waters by privateering patrols, cyclones, and other greater dangers. The brave inhabitants of Istan watched the waters, certain that when hostile outsiders came to Elona, the province's citizens, soldiers, and sailors would be prepared to stop them.

Great Istani heroes have been forged by great adversity: war, famine, invasion, and stranger threats. Over six hundred years ago, the infamous Scarab Plague devastated this province. Victims died horribly, as insects erupted through boils on their skin. Many believed the outbreak of plague had supernatural origins, blaming the suffering of the innocent on unseen forces. In this troubled time, heroes tended to the sick, evacuated towns and villages, and searched for the source of corruption. Though the origin of the plague was never found, great tales are still told of heroes helping the beleaguered populace.

Guild Wars Nightfall[edit]

To this day, Istan rewards bravery and accomplishment. No word describes its government more than "meritocracy": the best and brightest are rewarded with promotion, and years of service are recognized. Village elders watch over many towns and outposts, eventually rising to positions of respect and authority on the Council of Elders. The province has its fair share of miscreants and scoundrels, of course—criminals typically sink to the dregs of society—but each dawn in Istan, another hero’s journey begins.

In the year 1075 A.E. during the nightfall the Istanis along with the Order of the Sunspears and Kormir had joined together with the Vabbians to fight against the Kournians and Varesh Ossa who planned to bring nightfall and revive the fallen god Abaddon from his prison. From that moment a war began against the forces of Varesh Ossa and the demons to revive the fallen god.

Intermediate years[edit]

Some time later, the year is unknown, a group of asura from Rata Novus arrived on the Island and built a laboratory in the ancient city of Fahranur, however the place was abandoned when Joko conquered Elona. And at an unknown moment in time, the Inquest had discovered this laboratory which had subsequently been invaded by the Awakeneds and they were killed.

United Kingdom of Elona[edit]

In 1135 A.E. Palawa Joko invaded Elona conquering the provinces and diverted the Elon River, bringing famine to the northern provinces. The Order of the Sunspears stood up to Joko and his army of Awakened, however they could not and many of the Sunspears became part of the Mordant Crescent and the Great Hall of the Sunspears became the new headquarters of the Mordant Crescent and next to the Great Hall also fell Kamadan becoming Palawadan, Jewel of Istan and in honor of Palawa Joko the Temple of Joko was built.

Years later, in 1330 AE, during the god Balthazar's campaign to the mainland, along with his army of Forgeds, he caused Istan to launch a major rebellion, beginning with a regime more tyrannical on the part of the Awakened and demanding in response to supplying the mainland troops defending the Elonian settlements from the Forged burning crops and cutting trade lines.

However, Zaeim who was aware of what had happened, decided to return to Istan and vowing to bring the Sunspears out of the shadows as a symbol of hope for those oppressed by Joko, for which he began to recruit and while conducting their operations from their HQ hidden beneath the Astralarium archives. The Sunspear Istanis finally convinced Zaeim to take the title of Spearmarshal, to lead the Sunspears.

But when the Joko Loyalists of Palawadan, who were mainly made up of the nobility of the islands, decided to keep the food sent from the mainland to themselves, the people began to protest. It was at this time that Joko Temple responded with claims that those outside Palawadan's walls were dissidents and did not deserve the food. This caused most of the island to starve, while the nobility only rejoiced. This led to the Issnur Isles becoming upset and declaring their independence from the rest of Istan, for which the temple congregation refused and rose up in arms, sending a group of loyalists to finish off the dissidents. At that moment Zaeim together with the Sun Lancers stopped the incursion of the loyalists making them go back. However, the Steely Crescent sent fifty Awakened to find the Spearmarshal and put an end to his rebellion, however the group of Awakened were defeated by Zaeim, it is unknown how it happened. From that moment people started calling him the "Hero of Istan", making the whole island follow him.

As a result of Zaeim's victory, the Steely Crescent imposed martial law on the entire island, recruiting the living and awakening the dead. With the supply lines broken and the conscription of families, it became more difficult for the Spearmarshal and his Sunspears to find more recruits to his cause.

Though weakened at first due to Forged attacks that caused many Awakened casualties in Joko's absence, the Awakened suddenly reorganized and retaliated in Istan with increased numbers, retaking settlements such as Champion's Dawn that the Sunspears had previously released. Zaeim had been planning for weeks to attack Palawadan, but decided to travel south to claim the Dawn of the Awakened Champion. Before leaving, he left the raid on Palawadan in the capable hands of Hakima. After that Zaeim was ambushed by Sayida the Sly and her corsairs, and sold to the Steely Crescent who took him to the Great Hall of the Steely Crescent, to imprison and punish him, but was saved by the Pact Commander who had allowed himself to be captured and passed off as a prisoner, but before escaping they had to confront the officer Warden Amala and in that moment the reinforcements of the Sunspearmen, the corsairs, the Dragon's Watch and together with the dragon Aurene to finish off the remaining guards.

Once freed and in gratitude, Zaeim decided to help the Commander enter the city of Fahranur, to rescue his companion Taimi, once inside the city to their surprise they discovered that it was not only invaded by the Awakened, there was also Inquest technology inside the city to experiment on insects, possibly related to the Plague of the scarabs, as well as corpses of the Inquest that woke up and began to attack the Commander's group, shortly after, while they made their way, they discovered some portals that led to Tyria to be invaded, so the Commander and his companions tried to thwart that invasion by ending the portals , they finally reached the Royal Chamber and freed Taimi after a small confrontation with her golem Scruffy 2.0.

Finally, once the rescue mission was finished, Zaeim promised the Sunspears that the Commander's cause would not be in vain, as he did not wish to see Tyria fall to Joko as Elona had done. The commander promised Zaeim that the Eternity Watch would help end Joko's reign on Elona once and for all, now that the lich king posed too great a threat to the world to ignore.

Geography and climate[edit]

Istan Island is located west of the mainland and south of Dajkah, surrounded by the Unending Ocean. The region is tropical, there are a large number of palm trees, it also has plains, cliffs, and some swampy areas to the southwest, most of it is covered with vegetation, except for some parts where it is usually more arid.

You can find settlements humans and awakeneds around the area and criminal activities of corsairs found on the coasts. You can see some creatures that usually inhabit it such as plants, insects, drakes, elementals and harpys.

Due to constant attacks from the Sunspears and the Mordant Crescent, the place is full of tar craters which has turned the place into a battlefield.


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