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Banner used by the Ebon Vanguard.

The Ebon Vanguard is an Ascalonian organization tasked with protecting the city of Ebonhawke.


Early history[edit]

Back before the Searing, the Ebon Vanguard started out as the Ascalon Vanguard, an elite unit that fought alongside Prince Rurik and later ventured into the charr lands to take the battle to them. Many of the human slaves they rescued from the charr joined them and swelled their ranks. Since they weren't part of the Ascalonian army anymore, they changed their name to the Ebon Vanguard. Later. Adelbern recalled those soldiers and asked them to fortify Ebonhawke in an attempt to solidify the capital's supply lines and establish a last-ditch holdout position.

Rurik died while crossing the Shiverpeaks. By the time the Vanguard came to Ebonhawke, a hero named Gwen Thackeray was in charge. She forged the city into what it is today, and she led its defense during its darkest times, right after the Foefire. Under her guidance the walls of Ebonhawke stood strong—so strong that they remain unbroken to this day.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to The Icebrood Saga.

Several months after the awakening of Jormag in 1333 AE, the Elder Dragon of Ice, another Elder Dragon, Primordus, began to stir. His forces, Destroyers, started attacking settlements around Tyria. Ebon Vanguard started marshaling towards the affected places soon after while sending a tactician named Jonna to the Eye of the North, a place they previously used to call one of their outposts[1], to join the allied talks there.

Known bases[edit]

Blazeridge Steppes
Fields of Ruin


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