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The following is a list of official Guild Wars 2 merchandise.


Vengeful ghosts, lost cities, and impossible odds await. Dive into Tyria’s history with three captivating novels written by acclaimed fantasy authors.

— Official description

Three novels, as well as the anniversary artbook, are available for purchase from various book retailers, including Amazon.



Take a musical journey through Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, and Living World with the original soundtracks. These digital releases feature stunning instrumental tracks composed exclusively for Guild Wars 2’s award-winning expansions and episodic game releases.

Our original soundtracks are now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Napster, Pandora, Tidal, YouTube Music/Google Play, Tencent, TikTok, and Soundcloud.

— Official description

The soundtrack is available as digital downloads from iTunes and Amazon. The physical 4-CD version is no longer sold.

The original scores for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, Living World Seasons 2-4 and the Icebrood Saga can be also streamed on several sites, including Spotify, Tidal, and SoundCloud.


For Fans By Fans[edit]

For Fans By Fans.jpg

For Fans By Fans (formerly welovefine) offers a variety of official merchandise including clothes, bags, accessories and art prints. They use both designs submitted by players, as well as official designs from Guild Wars 2 artists.

Primary article: Merchandise/For Fans By Fans


EMP (merchandise).jpg

We’re partnering with EMP to offer official Guild Wars 2 T-shirts in Europe! EMP has been selling exclusive merchandise products and collections for fans from the worlds of gaming, music and entertainment for 35 years.

— Official description

EMP, based in Europe, offers variety of exclusive t-shirts.

Hot Topic[edit]

Hot Topic.jpg

Hot Topic and ArenaNet have teamed up! Hot Topic is known for their passion for music and pop culture and they’ve created a line of Guild Wars 2 licensed apparel, now available through their online store.

— Official description

Hot Topic offers variety of t-shirts.

Wild Bangarang[edit]

Wild Bangarang.jpg

Wild Bangarang and ArenaNet teamed up to design fashionable, functional looks straight from Tyria! Recognized Internationally for their geek & gamer clothing collections, Wild Bangarang has created Guild Wars 2 cosplay-ready character apparel for you to expand your fantasy wardrobe with.

— Official description

Wild Bangarang offers dresses, leggings and a jersey with various Tyria-themed prints.

Insert Coin[edit]

Insert Coin.jpg

ArenaNet has teamed up with UK-based Insert Coin to create an official collection of exclusive Guild Wars 2 gear! Insert Coin is well known for developing unique, creative, high-quality apparel and accessories, and they've made it their mission to help players around the globe bring their love of Tyria into the real world.

— Official description

Insert Coin offers t-shirts and an Aurene hoodie.



Equip your phone and gaming station with great accessories! We’ve partnered with Razer to bring you custom-designed Guild Wars 2 Razer Goliathus Speed mouse mats and phone cases for Apple, Google, Huawei, and Samsung phones.

Choose from medium or large mouse mats and lite or tough phone cases—plus you have the option to customize both with your name or other text!

— Official description

Razer offers customized phone cases and mousepads.

Cook & Becker[edit]

Cook & Becker.jpg

Cook & Becker and ArenaNet collaborated to create a beautiful collection of limited edition fine art prints from original Guild Wars 2 concept art. Art dealers Cook & Becker are well known internationally as purveyors of the highest quality video game artworks. They sell and regularly exhibit some of the best entertainment art and artworks by top concept artists and designers. The Guild Wars 2 collection features beautiful prints by ArenaNet artists.

— Official description

Cook & Becker sells high quality art prints.


iam8bit sells vinyl versions of the Heart of Thorns soundtrack and the Path of Fire soundtrack. Previously, they used to sell a variety of official merchandise including clothes and posters. Some of the discontinued merchandise can be seen here.


Funko Pop.jpg

In January of 2020, you’ll be able to surround yourself with some adorable friends (or enemies)—Funko Pop! featuring Aurene, Rytlock, and Palawa Joko! Each one will also include a code for a special Funko Pop! mini version to accompany you in game.

— Official description

Funko Pop figurines of Aurene, Rytlock and Palawa Joko were released in January, 2020. A code for in-game miniature is included with each corresponding figurine: Mini Baby Aurene Funko POP!, Mini Rytlock Funko POP! or Mini Joko Funko POP!. They are produced by Funko, but are available from other sellers, including Amazon and Hot Topic.

Discontinued merchandise[edit]

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