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I've watched the situation long enough to know both sides need this peace. But I also know that every treaty is a power play. You exert the right power at the right time, you get to call the play.

Representative of Ash Legion

The Ebonhawke Treaty,[1] also known as the Treaty of Ebonhawke,[2] is a treaty between Queen Jennah of Kryta and Duke Wade Samuelsson of Ebonhawke, and Imperators Bangar Ruinbringer, Malice Swordshadow, and Smodur the Unflinching of the High Legions to end hostilities between humans and charr in Ascalon. Since the beginning of the indefinite ceasefire from 1324 AE onward, diplomats from both sides negotiated terms that would benefit both races without undermining the other at Summit Peak in the Fields of Ruin before finally signing and ratifying the treaty sometime between 1327 and 1331 AE.[3][4] The treaty is named after the Stronghold of Ebonhawke.


The human-charr conflict had been going on for centuries with charr armies attempting to take over Ebonhawke, the last bastion of humanity in Ascalon after the Foefire, in a lengthy siege. The descendants of Ascalon, exiled to the nation of Kryta, were besieged on all sides by hostile forces such as the bandits and the centaur alliance while the charr High Legions were facing Ascalonian ghosts and the Flame Legion.

To save humankind, Queen Jennah sought to negotiate a treaty with the charr to end hostilities and allow both sides to focus on threats on their respective fronts, especially after the awakening and flight of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik had scarred Ascalon with the Dragonbrand in 1320 AE and introduced the new threat posed by the Branded.

Although Imperators Malice Swordshadow of the Ash Legion and Smodur the Unflinching of the Iron Legion were willing to consider the queen's proposal given their own troubles at home, Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer of the Blood Legion was not fond of any peace talks and only considered the other imperators' stance in order to not turn the other two Legions into his enemies. The High Legions would not sign any truce, however, until their most prized possession, the Claw of the Khan-Ur, was returned from the ruins of fallen Ascalon City.

With Imperator Malice's subtle guidance and General Almorra Soulkeeper's efforts,[5] the charr discreetly contacted the queen's representatives for an offer to consider a ceasefire in exchange for the Claw. A band representing both nations' interests was formed, including Dougal Keane, Ember Doomforge, Gullik Oddsson, Killeen, Kranxx, and Riona Grady. They eventually managed to retrieve the Claw from the haunted ruins despite losing some members and facing an act of betrayal from one of their own during the mission.

The Claw was handed over to Smodur, who was the representing charr imperator in Ascalon, with the blessing of both Queen Jennah and Duke Wade Samuelsson of Ebonhawke in 1324 AE. The Ebonhawke Cease-Fire Agreement and the Charr Legions Cease-Fire Agreement were signed not long after, allowing both humans and charr to pull back forces in order to assist their respective nations on other fronts that desperately needed reinforcements and supplies, particularly against the encroaching threat of the Elder Dragons.

However, some humans and charr refused to give up the fight begun by their ancestors. They formed the Separatists and the Renegades, respectively, defied the orders of their superiors and began terrorizing both sides to hamper the peace talks. Many citizens in Ebonhawke also felt betrayed by the treaty and being forced to watch charr live in Ascalon, and they allowed Separatists to keep spreading propaganda within the city's walls although not everyone who criticized the treaty was sympathetic towards the Separatists.[6] Renegades incited loyal charr soldiers, who were not sure what to make of the imperators' decision, to brawl with their fellow charr soldiers as well as new human allies.[7]

Representatives of Divinity's Reach, Ebonhawke, and the High Legions gathered at Summit Peak in 1325 AE to begin lengthy negotiations for the terms of the treaty while the indefinite ceasefire was ongoing. Although Separatist representation was initially considered for the summit, they were ultimately rejected when it became clear that the Separatists were too warmongering to be negotiated with.[8] The ceasefire allowed the charr to withdraw most of their forces to combat the Flame Legion on other fronts while humans focused on rebuilding Ebonhawke and the countryside without having to worry about another siege.[9][10]

The negotiations ended and the treaty was officially signed and ratified sometime between 1327 and 1331 AE.[3][4]

Contents of the Treaty[edit]

Not much is said on what exactly entails of the Treaty, but it is implied that sanctions have been added to human race, accepting surrender and establishing economical relationships between Kryta and the Black Citadel as seen by Citzens talking in the Mustering Ground in the aforementioned Black Citadel.

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