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A Canthan Emperor.

In the year 1127 AE, Emperor Usoku, successor to Kisu, took a firm hold of his nation. He raised the Canthan military, spending millions in gold to arm his troops, and then swept the countryside. He defeated the Luxons and the Kurzick, incorporating these disparate people back into his nation. These efforts were supported by the Ministry of Purity,[1] which was originally established by Reiko Murakami to combat the Afflicted.

Usoku unified Cantha behind a strong national identity and began to purge the lands of rebels, the sick, and any non-humans such as the tengu; it wasn't long before his embassies started to follow isolationist policies. His regime was ironclad, tyrannical, and fierce. Those Canthans who did not agree with the emperor's dictates were given no choice but to leave their homeland, seeking refuge and sanctuary in Elona and Tyria.

There is currently no diplomatic contact with Cantha.[2]


  • Usoku is the Japanese word for right side.
  • Usoku's isolationist approach to Cantha is similar to Japan's isolationism in the early 1600s in which Tokugawa Ieyasu obtained power by incorporating the independent military leaders into the bakufu and eliminating foreign contact with the West. Parallels can also be drawn with the Haijin edict enacted by the Chinese Ming Dynasty's Hongwu Emperor in 1371, which brought to an end an era of extensive maritime exploration and intercontinental communication.

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