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Kal-throk-tok! Borea-kal-lu-ki Joor-maag.

— Dragonspawn

The Dragonspawn was the greatest champion of Jormag. He had the power to take over and corrupt minds. His power infused them, tempted them. He turned those who wanted to kill him into those who wanted to serve him. The men who went to battle the Dragonspawn returned as frozen Icebrood, and the women did not return at all.

Its body was fashioned out of living ice. It had a long head like a cattle skull, and its eyes glowed with eerie blue flame. The rest of it seemed skeletal as well, with an arching spine draped in white robes. A blue-grey vapour circulated among its icy ribs, forming the body of the creature. Gaunt arms lifted clawed fingers, and gaunt legs spread talons on the ice. It wielded a blade so cold it roiled with frost.

The Dragonspawn was slain by Destiny's Edge in 1319 AE. Eir Stegalkin shot an explosive arrow tipped with grey powerstone shards into its chest, spreading them throughout its body and cutting off its mind from all others. It lost its connection to Jormag as well as its own Icebrood minions, and they turned on it. Despite this, the Dragonspawn managed to overcome its former army, becoming an ice storm that threatened to engulf the heroes. That was, until Sandy, piloted by Snaff, managed to bring the chamber down on it, finally putting it to rest.


  • Dragon minions, especially Branded, are sometimes referred to as "dragonspawn."