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Your sandman and your tiny band cannot kill them all. Nor will you kill me. Instead, I will make you my own.


The Dragonspawn was one of the greatest champions of the Elder Dragon Jormag. It had the power to take over and corrupt minds. Its power infused them, tempted them, and turned those who wanted to kill it into those who wanted to serve it. The men who went to battle the Dragonspawn returned as frozen Icebrood, and the women did not return at all.

Its body was fashioned out of living ice. It had a long head like a cattle skull, and its eyes glowed with eerie blue flame. The rest of it seemed skeletal as well, with an arching spine draped in white robes. A blue-grey vapour circulated among its icy ribs, forming the body of the creature. Gaunt arms lifted clawed fingers, and gaunt legs spread talons on the ice. It wielded a blade so cold it roiled with frost.[1]


For centuries, the Dragonspawn terrorized the Shiverpeak Mountains and expanded its master Jormag's influence. Brave norn, men and women alike, traveled north to confront it, but only the men returned—as Icebrood under the Dragonspawn's thrall. Despite the constant failures to stop the dragon champion, norn continued to seek out and defeat the Dragonspawn but in vain until Eir Stegalkin, who lost many of her fellow norn in a battle defending Hoelbrak, decided to go after the champion with the assistance of the dire wolf Garm, and the asura Snaff and Zojja.

The group confronted the Dragonspawn in 1319 AE. Despite their initial success fighting against the Icebrood, the Dragonspawn proved to be a powerful shaman who nearly took over the minds of Snaff and Zojja until Eir snapped them out of its spell. When the champion attempted to take over Garm's mind next, it faced resistance as the dire wolf had resolved to only treat Eir as his pack alpha. Eir used the shaman's distraction to her advantage and charged at the Dragonspawn before she was joined by the rest of her companions. Realizing it had been surrounded, the dragon champion invoked Jormag's name and summoned the Elder Dragon's presence into the lair. As a result, the Dragonspawn's attacks grew in intensity, and it forced Eir's group to retreat. In revenge for the band's trespass, the Dragonspawn cast a far-reaching blizzard which affected the Shiverpeak Mountains and buried Hoelbrak under snow, leading to many casualties among the norn. Eir's group was blamed for the blizzard, and Knut Whitebear exiled her from Hoelbrak until she would return with powerful enough heroes to finish the attack on the Dragonspawn.[2]

After recruiting Caithe, Logan Thackeray and Rytlock Brimstone in Lion's Arch, Eir and her companions, who would be known as Destiny's Edge, took powerstone tattoos that would protect them fron the Dragonspawn's mental enslavement. They then returned to the Dragonspawn's lair and fought through several Icebrood until they confronted the champion in its inner sanctum. Destiny's Edge and the Dragonspawn exchanged taunts, and the dragon champion revealed that its army was bigger than imagined, and it threatened to add the guild as its minions as well.

Having learned from her earlier mistakes, Eir thought of a new strategy. She shot an explosive arrow tipped with grey powerstone shards into the Dragonspawn's chest, spreading them throughout its body and cutting off its mind from nearby Icebrood. The Dragonspawn lost its connection to Jormag as well as its own minions which now viewed it as a foreign threat in their midst, and they turned on the champion. Despite this setback, the Dragonspawn managed to overcome its former army, becoming an ice storm that devoured the Icebrood to add their powers into its own while it threatened to engulf the heroes as well. However, the golem Sandy, piloted by Snaff, managed to bring the chamber down on the Dragonspawn, finally destroying Jormag's champion for good.[3]


  • Dragon minions, especially Branded, are sometimes referred to as "dragonspawn."


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