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Corsairs are pirates that originated from Elona. They first are recorded in 324 AE, where they were seen organized into groups. Because of them, Elona had suffered at least two wars now called the Great Corsair Wars. They act akin to both bandits and mercenaries - willing to work for money but preferring to do what they please. The first recorded mention of corsairs in Tyria was shortly after the end of the Second Great Corsair War in 1016 AE when Lady Glaive sought refuge from her defeat in the Shards of Orr.

After the Cataclysm in 1071 AE, many corsairs occupied the mostly deserted island remnants of Orr, plundering the remaining goods and using the islands as cover. They remained there until 1219 AE, when Zhaitan rose from the depths of Orr, rising the peninsula. Many of the corsairs fell victim to the waves and more were turned into minions of Zhaitan afterward.

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In 1230 AE, corsairs, along with other mercenaries and pirates, settled in Lion's Arch, rebuilding it with the wreckage of the shipwrecks caused by the waves. They are now one of the groups that populate the free city and many captains rule over it.

By 1330 AE, a major corsair haven exists at the Corsair Flotilla off the coast of the Domain of Istan, where corsairs meet to trade. A small group of corsairs are also known to exist within the Whispering Grottos in the Elon Riverlands, training Cobalt Eels to guard their lair.

According to Jehan, corsairs founded modern Amnoon by convincing nomads from the highlands to settle in the area.

Known bases[edit]

Elon Riverlands
Domain of Istan

Known crews[edit]


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Known vessels[edit]