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Disambig icon.png This article is about the order. For the area, see Durmand Priory (location). For the instance, see The Durmand Priory (instance).
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Your power is only equal to the sum of your knowledge.


The Durmand Priory is a scholarly order dedicated to protecting knowledge and lore. The order is named after the fortress, sometimes called a monastery,[1][2][3][4][5] carved into a mountain which houses their archives, which is in turn named after its founder, Durmand. The members of the Durmand Priory offer their services as advisers, tutors and chroniclers; and often conduct explorations and excavations in search of lost knowledge. Led by the asura Gixx, they are cautiously willing to share their gathered knowledge.

The Durmand Priory is one of three major multi-racial orders that are looking for ways to combat the Elder Dragons. They study the past to survive the future, in hopes that intellect, or some lost piece of knowledge, can save the world from the rise of these dragons.

Story involvement[edit]

Players may join the Durmand Priory during their personal story at the end of the level 30 story mission. Joining the Priory leads you to work with Magister Sieran.

Armor and weapons[edit]


Banner used by the Durmand Priory.

The Durmand Priory was founded in 1105 AE, before the Rising of Orr and the flooding of Lion's Arch.[6][7] The Priory was established about 230 years after the Order of Whispers and predates the Vigil by over 200 years. Its scholars were major contributors to the creation of the New Krytan alphabet, encouraging its use across the known world and thus simplifying communication among all countries, cultures, and races.

Because of its philosophies and ideals, the Durmand Priory was one of the first organizations to accept members from all races.


The Durmand Priory has several ranks in its organization, with each their own focus and specialization.

  • Novices: untested, new recruits.
  • Explorers: standard members; adventurers and explorers who collect lost artifacts, knowledge, and maps.
  • Scholars: the academic, more research-oriented version of the explorer.
  • Arcanists: magical protectors.
  • Magisters: group leaders among the explorers.
  • Archons: those who deal with dangerous knowledge.
  • Steward: the head of the order, currently Gixx.

Bases and excavations[edit]

Heart of Maguuma
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains


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Affiliates to the Durmand Priory regardless of rank share the same greetings:

General greets
Knowledge is power.
Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
You have questions?
Asuran Priory Explorer greetings


History never lies. Historians[sic] however....[sic]
Truth and knowledge are two different things.


One's knowledge cannot go beyond one's experience.
The answer is out there.
You come seeking knowledge?
Charr Priory Explorer greets


The past should inspire the future.
What do you need to know.
You have questions?


Knowledge defeats darkness.
The past should inspire the future.
What do you need to know?
Human Priory Explorer greets


Do you have a question?
I have so much to tell you.
May Kormir enlighten you.
So many mysteries in the world.


May Kormir enlighten you.
Too much has been forgotten.
You search for knowledge?
We know so little.
Norn Priory Explorer greets


Everything is in moderation, including moderation.
I'm a hands-on academic.
Research is only as useful as its practical application.
What have you got for me?


Any interesting news?
I do most of my research at the pub.
I learn something new every day.
Sylvari Priory Scholar greets


May your knowledge flourish.
Rely on your knowledge.
Study the past to survive the future.


Expand your knowledge while here.
May your knowledge flourish.
With knowledge, we will drive away evil.

Expansion greetings

These greetings are shared by NPCs of all Orders and ranks in the Heart of Maguuma and Crystal Desert:

I fully expect us to expire here.
I'm terrified to close my eyes out here.
Is it luck or skill keeping you alive?
Rata Sum is so close, yet so far.
This foliage is conspiring to kill us.
Any word from the outside?
Finally found a place worse than Orr.
Gotta find the rest of my detail.
Some weird hylek out here.
We should burn the damn jungle to the ground.
Can't believe I'm still alive.
Have you found a way out?
I'm just glad to have survived the crash.
This jungle is going to kill us.
Watch your back out here.
We're not getting out of here, are we?
I'll break Mordremoth with my bare hands.
I'm just glad to have survived the crash.
I wonder if the Spirits will hear me out here.
This will make for an epic saga.
Too hot here. Not enough wind.
First the Pale Tree, now this.
I swear, I won't harm you.
Please, don' hurt me.
No one trusts me anymore.


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