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Modniir Ulgoth


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I am the Ulgoth! I command! I define! I demand! At my hands, you die!

— Modniir Ulgoth

Ulgoth the Mighty, also known as Modniir Ulgoth, is the tyrannical War King of the Modniir centaur tribe and leader of the centaur alliance. Driven by his hatred, Ulgoth does not allow dissent within his tribe and is willing to kill any centaur who does not follow his command to eradicate his enemies in Kryta.[1]


Early years[edit]

Ulgoth re-united the Modniir tribe nearly 200 years after it had almost been brought to extinction by the Ebon Vanguard and norn in the Far Shiverpeaks.[2] He then used the Modniir to dominate the Harathi and Tamini tribes and formed the centaur alliance to seek revenge on those who had crushed his ancestors and, later, killed his family. He vowed to kill or enslave as many humans and norn as he could.

Personal story[edit]

Using the respective strengths of the three centaur tribes to his advantage, Ulgoth and his commanders used the Harathi Hinterlands as a staging ground for their campaign. They spread southeast into the Shiverpeak Mountains and southwest into Kryta, establishing footholds as close to Divinity's Reach as Queensdale. Despite his hatred of humans in particular, the War King was willing to have a mutual non-aggression treaty with Lion's Arch and Lionguard havens throughout Kessex Hills despite the centaurs viewing the land as belonging to the centaur alliance. He used emissaries to keep up diplomatic relations in Triskellion Vale and had them investigate whether Lionguard were smuggling supplies to the Seraph while he denied rumors of centaurs attacking merchants under Lionguard protection.[3]

The centaurs had a successful campaign at first and reached as close to Divinity's Reach as the Village of Shaemoor in 1325 AE. However, Krytans eventually began pushing the centaurs back and led a counterattack deep into the Harathi Hinterlands. Although Ulgoth mocked their efforts as futile, the humans and their allies managed to breach War King's Greatcamp to confront him. Ulgoth fought the assault force, proving himself to be a skilled shaman as he summoned Earth Elemental Hands to assist him. The War King was ultimately felled, however, sending the Modniir into disarray for a time.

Living World Season 3[edit]

In 1330 AE, investigations of Caudecus's Manor revealed that Minister Caudecus had sent Captain Tervelan to kill Ulgoth's family and laid the blame on the Seraph's Falcon Company to entice the centaurs further into war with Kryta while pinning the blame on Queen Jennah.[4] At the same time, Caudecus had been in communication with Ulgoth. In an attempt to gain the War King's trust, the minister had granted a centaur war party passage through Beetletun lands in order for them to directly assault Shaemoor Garrison in 1325 AE. Ulgoth had been made aware of Caudecus's White Mantle connections but did not know of the minister's involvement in Tervelan's actions. The War King had initially been skeptical about Caudecus's promises but had approved of the raid on Queensdale to see if the minister was true to his word.[5]



Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat Ulgoth the Modniir and his minions (43)

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Shock -
  • Chain Lightning Chain Lightning - Hit multiple foes with arcs of chain lightning.
  • Flame Burst Flame Burst - Burn foes at the target location.
  • Summon Winds - Spawns Summoned Winds across the battlefield.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Ruined Log.png Branch of an Ancestor Tree (guaranteed drop)
(only drops if the Nicabar Steelweaver's Footsteps collection is active)
Service Exotic 1
Embroidered Saddlebag.png Embroidered Saddlebag (guaranteed drop) Container Exotic 1
Torn Letter.png Modniir Battle Hymn
(only drops if the Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra collection is active)
Trophy Rare 1
Mistward Pauldron Casing.png Mistward Pauldron Casing (guaranteed drop)
(only drops if the Mistward Pauldrons collection is active)
Trophy Rare 1
Supply Bag.png Supply Bag Container Basic 1

Related achievements[edit]


  • As a world boss, Ulgoth will only spawn at the scheduled times and if the pre-events are completed. Timers can be found at the event page: Defeat Ulgoth the Modniir and his minions.
  • Ulgoth is inconsistently referred to as either a rank or a title, as in "Modniir Ulgoth" or "the Ulgoth", or a name, as in "Ulgoth the Mighty".


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