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The term "elder race" refers to a group of five species that were around and survived the previous dragonrise.[1] These species include the dwarves, Forgotten, jotun, mursaat, and Seers. They were among the elite species of the time,[2] who had hoarded the use of magic, preventing other species from developing as they did. When the Elder Dragons rose, the elder races had formed an alliance and shared their magic with each other.[3] Despite this, the alliance eventually broke apart, the mursaat fled into the Mists, and the other four species were hidden by Glint after the Forgotten had freed her from Kralkatorrik's control. Despite surviving the reign of the Elder Dragons, all of the elder species have fallen from their previous heights, and the mursaat, Seers and Forgotten appear to now be fully extinct on Tyria.

Other species are known to have thrived at the time, such as the Great Giants, though most were wiped out. The kodan had existed at the time, their culture seemingly unchanged since they weathered the Dragonstorm caused by the previous dragonrise.[4][5] Other species are suggested to have been around during the previous dragonrise, but were not so far advanced as the elder races. These include: charr,[6] djinn,[7] karka,[7] and tengu.[8]


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