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1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
Lutgardis Plaza
(New Kaineng City)
Petrified Woods
(New Kaineng City)
Preceded by
Deepest Secrets
Followed by
To Catch a Spider

Fallout- Nika's Blade loading screen.png

Loading screen for Fallout: Nika's Blade.

Fallout- Arborstone loading screen.png

Loading screen for Fallout: Arborstone.

Fallout is the eighth chapter of the End of Dragons story.


Determine a new course of action.
  • Return to New Kaineng City.
  • Head east to try to locate Aurene.
  • Read the mail from Navan.
  • Take the map from Navan's message.
  • Reach the location specified on Navan's map.
Meet with Navan to discuss the situation.
  • Meet Navan at Nika's Blade Sushi Restaurant.
  • Talk to Navan.
  • Sit down at the table.
  • Order some food.
  • Hear what Rama and Navan have to say.
  • Speak with Captain Fa and decide on a course of action.
  • (Optional) Eat your meal.
  • (when you start to reason with Captain Fa)
    • Convince Joon's security force to stand down.
  • Regroup with Navan and Detective Rama.
Secure the safe haven.
  • Enter the Echovald Wilds region of Echovald Forest.
  • Regroup with Navan.
  • Go to the entrance to Arborstone.
  • (Defeat the shadowy creatures.)
  • Defeat the Shadowy Creatures
    Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Enter Arborstone.
  • Search Arborstone for Ishan
    Event bar empty green.jpg
Secure Arborstone.
  • Follow Marjory.
  • (Defeat the shade of Ishan.)
  • Shade of Ishan
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat the shadowy creatures.)
  • Shadowy Creatures
    Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat the shade of Ishan.)
  • Shade of Ishan
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Regroup with your allies.
  • Speak with Kuunavang.
  • Make a plan with your team.


Replaying the story chapter


New Kaineng City (open world)

Upon fleeing the Yong Reactor in the previous episode, you find yourself washed up in the far northwest corner of New Kaineng City. Listen to the dialogue, then take Waypoint (map icon).png Lutgardis Plaza Waypoint and make your way to the instance entry marker.

Fallout: Nika's Blade (instance)

Walk over to Navan and Detective Rama, and grab a seat. The menu has a number of items to choose from, the last of which (Chef's Special) is required for the combat achievement in this instance (Nika's Vengeance). Each dish offers a different buff to all party members:

  • Prawn Salad - +100 Vitality, +70 Toughness, +10% Experience from Kills
  • Skipjack Roll - +100 Healing, +70 Condition Damage, +10% Experience from Kills
  • Triple Temaki - +100 Precision, +70 Ferocity, +10% Experience from Kills
  • Charred Eel - 100% Chance to Gain Might on Kill, +70 Power, +10% Experience from Kills
  • Yellowtail - Gain Health Every Second, +70 Vitality, +10% Experience from Kills
  • Chef's Special - Toxic Roe Poisoning

After ordering some food, Captain Fa arrives with his Jade Mech reinforcements. The food also arrives - you can optionally consume it. Either convince Captain Fa to let you go (see the achievement De-Escalation Training below - fastest option if repeating the story), or fight him (Nika's Vengeance if you've consumed the Chef's Special too). If you don't talk to Captain Fa within a minute, he and his jade mechs will turn hostile.

Either way you deal with Captain Fa, speak with Navan and Rama afterwards to conclude the instance.

New Kaineng City again (open world)

Listen to the radio communications from Kasmeer and Taimi whilst you make your way to southeast New Kaineng City where the instance entry marker is.

Fallout: Arborstone (instance)

Approach your allies to trigger some dialogue and a cinematic introducing Arborstone. After the cutscene, follow the path across the water. A group of Shadowy Creatures appear, clear them out and defeat the champion at the end to trigger further dialogue.

Follow Navan inside the cathedral (even if you don't follow her, she will teleport you inside anyway). The cathedral is too quiet; investigate the various objects scattered around until you have found six pieces of evidence, which will fill the green bar.

Evidence Locations:

Displays locations of the six evidence objects to progress

After collecting the evidence, move to the center of the cathedral for the fight with the Shade of Ishan. There are two achievements for this fight, one for dodging the acid breath attacks (Better Be Nimble) and one for completing the fight within seven minutes (Commander Be Quick). At 66% and 33%, Ishan will summon Shadowy Creatures which need to be killed to continue.

Following the fight, there is the opportunity to collect further evidence for the Study of the Macabre achievement.

Speak with your allies to complete this story episode. The first time it is completed on the account will award the achievement Fallout.


This achievement rewards items. Fallout End of Dragons: Act 3 End of Dragons mastery point 1Achievement points
Get in trouble with the law and discover Cantha's dark underside.Journal: Fallout Completed
Reward: Stash of Crimson Skull Coins.pngStash of Crimson Skull Coins
"Fallout" Completed 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story.
De-Escalation Training End of Dragons: Act 3 2Achievement points
Successfully talk Captain Fa out of arresting you.There's a future for you in sales... Successfully Talked Captain Fa Out of Arresting You 2Achievement points
  • An order of options which works is as follows (note that this is not necessarily the most efficient/only way):
  1. Dignity (Reason) You're a man of reason. Let's examine the circumstances together.
  2. Charisma (Reconcile) I understand your position, but let's talk about these orders.
  3. Dignity (Logic) Do you have any footage of me at the scene?'
  4. Dignity (Dispute) But if you have no proof of my guilt, it's wrong to detain me.
  5. Ferocity (Honesty) I was there, but I'm not fleeing; I'm pursuing the culprit.
  6. Dignity (Humility) I can only ask you to consider my words and judge for yourself.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: De-Escalation Training effect. If the party leader is successful, party members are also awarded the achievement.
  • This achievement and the Nika's Vengeance achievement are mutually exclusive, and cannot be done in the same instance.
Nika's Vengeance End of Dragons: Act 3 2Achievement points
Defeat Captain Fa while under the influence of the "special" dish.Some say that eating toxic food is brave. Most of them are dead. Defeated Captain Fa while Under the Influence of the "Special" Dish 2Achievement points
  • Order the Chef's Special, and consume the dish before confronting and fighting Captain Fa. Eating the dish will apply Toxic Roe Poisoning, which bestows bobble-head vision, and lasts for five minutes. Eligibility is lost if the player downs, or the effect expires after five minutes.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Nika's Vengeance effect.
  • This achievement and the De-Escalation Training achievement are mutually exclusive, and cannot be done in the same instance.
Study of the Macabre End of Dragons: Act 3 5Achievement points
Find all evidence of incursions while searching Arborstone.When the stars are wrong, life cannot live.
  • Scattered bodies around crates of supplies.
  • Remains of an abandoned camp.
  • A group of diners who met a mysterious end.
  • Piles of straw arranged on the ground.
  • A strange and unidentifiable magical anomaly.
  • A cluster of dead refugees and travelers looking for the exit.
  • Journal of a lost tengu.
  • A journal tainted by some sort of strange energy.
  • A book laced with some sort of darkness.
  • A hastily scribbled note left behind.
  • A body...floating in the air.
  • A boat defying the laws of the universe.
  • A wooden target that appears to move on its own accord.
  • A letter sitting on top of a crate, unsent.
14 Found Evidence of Incursions while Searching Arborstone 5Achievement points
  • All objects can be found in the cathedral while searching for Ishan. You can save the anomaly for last until you've found all the other objects.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Study of the Macabre effect. Note the effect will not go away even after you have gotten the achievement.
Better Be Nimble End of Dragons: Act 3 2Achievement points
Defeat Void Ishan without being damaged by its acid breath attack.Who knew saltspray dragons had such terrible breath? Defeated Void Ishan without Being Damaged by its Acid Breath Attack 2Achievement points
  • Avoid all acid breath attacks (the cone shaped attack) during the fight against the Shade of Ishan. Note that the resulting acid cone on the ground persists for a couple of seconds and needs to be avoided, too.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Better Be Nimble effect.
Commander Be Quick End of Dragons: Act 3 2Achievement points
Defeat Void Ishan before the timer runs out.Avoided a grisly fate with expediency. Defeated Void Ishan within the Time Limit 2Achievement points



Open world[edit]

Elder Dragons

Fallout: Nika's Blade[edit]

Jade Mechs

Fallout: Arborstone[edit]



Fallout: Nika's Blade[edit]

If the commander fails to convince Captain Fa to stand down:

  • Captain Fa (champion)
Jade Mechs
  • Jade Bulwark
  • Jade Detainer
  • Veteran Jade Tracker

Fallout: Arborstone[edit]

Void (Branded)
Void (Destroyers)
Void (Icebrood)
Void (Mordrem)
Void (Risen)


Fallout: Nika's Blade[edit]

Depending on the ordered dish:

  • Prawn Salad
  • Skipjack Roll
  • Triple Temaki
  • Charred Eel
  • Yellowtail
  • Chef's Special

Fallout: Arborstone[edit]


Open World[edit]

Over the radio
Aurene: Champion? Did you get out?
<Character name>: I'm fine. But Ankka released Soo-Won.
Aurene: I know. I'm on her trail.
Caithe: We're on her trail.
Aurene: Soo-Won's mind is in chaos. Like Kralkatorrik but...worse.
Aurene: She's headed east, trying to find sanctuary. I'll do my best to follow.
<Character name>: East? Okay, I won't be far behind.
Received in the mail



Urgent Meeting

<Character name>,

I am contacting you on behalf of Empress Ihn. We have just learned about the incident at the Xunlai Jade power facility and are gravely concerned about what this may portend for all of us. Your compatriot, Lady Kasmeer, has steadfastly advocated on your behalf in these matters, but the Ministry of Security is planning to take immediate action. I propose we have a face-to-face meeting to discuss the matter before anything can progress further. I know of a sushi restaurant, Nika's Blade, that should serve as a good location. Meet me there as soon as you can.


Fallout: Nika's Blade[edit]

Upon entry to the instance
Detective Rama: They need to come in for questioning. Orders came straight from Minister Li.
Navan: The situation is diplomatically sensitive. The empress would prefer that no one behave...rashly.
Approaching the restaurant
Navan: Ah, Commander, you've arrived. Let's take a seat. This is my favorite sushi in New Kaineng.
Navan and Rama move over to the table and sit down
Navan: I would make a recommendation, but everything is good.
Nika's Blade Waiter: You honor us, esteemed Navan. What would you like today?
Navan: I'll have the yellowtail and the triple temaki, please.
Detective Rama: I'll take a bowl of white rice.
Navan: You don't care for sushi, Detective?
Detective Rama: Don't eat anything that looks like it should still be moving.
Navan: I see.
When the player sits down, the menu opens
Nika's Blade Menu

Small Plates: Prawn Salad - A bowl of fresh, lightly spiced tiger prawns with sesame-infused greens will make you feel like you can withstand anything the world throws at you!

Sushi: Skipjack Roll - Tuna, crabmeat, seaweed, and cilantro rolled in rice, topped with roe. Order this and boost your body's natural power to heal and your magical acumen!

Sushi: Triple Temaki - Fresh Kaineng salmon, served inside seaweed rolls filled with radish, cucumber, and spicy mayo. Charisma will emanate from your every pore!

Grill: Charred Eel - Succulent eel sauteed with ginger, garlic and our special spicy house sauce. So potent you will feel yourself bursting with power!

Grill: Yellowtail - Seared tuna steaks drizzled in a refreshing honey-sesame glaze. You'll be filled with regenerative energy.

Chef's Special - Soup with rice noodles, grilled chunks of the day's catch, and topped with our own "special" roe. This bowl is sure to surprise and delight even the most critical of palates.

Also when the player sits down
Nika's Blade Waiter: And for you?
Ordering some food when prompted
Nika's Blade Waiter: And for you?
Talk quest choice tango.png Prawn salad, please.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'll have a skipjack roll.
Talk quest choice tango.png The triple temaki sounds good.
Talk quest choice tango.png Mmm, charred eel.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'd like the yellowtail.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'll try the Chef's Special.
Oh, uh...are you sure? Chef Wei said...that is... It's really only for the strongest of constitutions. You sure you want it?
Talk quest choice tango.png Bring on the Chef's Special. You only live once.
Talk back option tango.png Maybe you're right... Let me think about it some more.
Talk end option tango.png I'm not hungry.
<Character name>: Detective, I understand how this all looks...
Detective Rama: You mean the fact terrorism follows you around like a bad smell?
<Character name>: It's because we've been on the trail of a terrorist: an Aetherblade named Ankka.
<Character name>: She ordered the Aetherblade attacks, and she released Soo-Won.
Detective Rama: Do you have any proof? Any at all?
<Character name>: Look, I know you've got a file going on me. You probably already understand me better than I do.
Detective Rama: True.
<Character name>: So what sounds more likely: that I put millions of lives in danger, or that I am pursuing the person who did?
Detective Rama: Let's hear what Navan has to say.
Navan: Thank you. Now, everyone, if we could—
As Captain Fa approaches
Captain Fa: Commander, I'm afraid I need to ask you to come with me.
Navan: Captain, we are in the process of negotiating a civil resolution.
Captain Fa: Humblest apologies, esteemed Navan, but Lady Joon wants to see to this personally.
Navan: Detective, can you tell your colleague to stand down?
Detective Rama: He's not my colleague—he's a gussied-up rent-a-cop. Go back to Xunlai, "Captain" Fa, the real police are on the case.
Captain Fa: Detective, the event in question took place on Xunlai property.
Captain Fa: And under the Autonomy Resolution, a corporate entity may claim jurisdiction—
Detective Rama: —if the resolution is in the primary interest of the corporate entity.
<Character name>: Captain, I need to remain free to pursue the Elder Dragon your "corporate entity" was keeping under Kaineng.
Captain Fa: Xunlai Jade is not now, nor have we ever been, in possession of a—
Navan: Thousands of people saw a dragon emerge from the water near your facility.
Navan: Please, listen to what the commander has to say.
Captain Fa: Very well.
Detective Rama: What do you know—restraint from a corporate stooge.
After 30 seconds without interacting with Captain Fa
Captain Fa: Time grows short, Commander. You asked me to speak with me, so speak.
After one minute without interacting with Captain Fa, he and his reinforcements turn aggressive
Captain Fa: Well, you had your chance. Now we settle this.
Detective Rama: It seems we're doing this the hard way.
Speaking with Rama and Navan
Detective Rama: Well, this just got twenty times for complicated. If you were thinking you wanted to turn yourself in to me first, I can't let you.
Talk more option tango.png How does Fa have jurisdiction?
It's...complicated. Some corporate personhood nonsense. Pain in my ass. I've butted heads with Captain Fa before. If it comes down to a fight, you're gonna need my backup.
Talk more option tango.png Seriously? Why would you fight FOR me if you were sent to arrest me?
Because I've got pretty good instincts for this kind of stuff, and my instinct says I shouldn't let him take you without a fight. Plus, I've been waiting to knock Fa's teeth in for a while.
Talk end option tango.png I'll guess we'll see how it unfolds. Thanks.
Navan: Commander, I strongly urge you not to escalate this situation any further. Lady Joon is stubborn, and she often employs those who share that trait.
Talk more option tango.png Do you think it's worth trying to negotiate?
While Captain Fa is a company man, he's also a rationalist. If you can apply the right logic, you could possibly get through to him.
Talk end option tango.png I'll consider what you've said. Thank you, Navan.
Speaking with Captain Fa
Captain Fa: Make your case, Commander. Navan carries enough weight that I will hear you out. But make it quick.
Charisma (Bargain) I'm sure we must be able to come to some sort of...arrangement.
Dignity (Reason) You're a man of reason. Let's examine the circumstances together.
Hmm, I'm not sure I see the point. I have my orders.
Charisma (Reconcile) I understand your position, but let's talk about these orders.
There is no room for interpretation. Lady Joon was quite clear in her instructions.
Charisma (Convince) There should always be room for interpretation, shouldn't there?
You're stalling time, and I wo't stand for it. A simple choice lies before you: return with me, or face summary judgment.
Dignity (Logic) Do you have any footage of me at the scene? (see below)
Ferocity (Rebuke) And why should I answer to such a belligerent ultimatum? (see below)
Ferocity (Rebuke) And why should I answer to such a belligerent ultimatum?
Belligerent? There is nothing belligerent about my position. I am enacting my employer's orders, which fall within her legal rights.
Charisma (Reconcile) I understand your position, but let's talk about these orders. (see above)
Ferocity (Challenge) Blindly following orders is a hallmark of tyranny.
Dignity (Logic) Do you have any footage of me at the scene?
No...we don't. It was lost somehow. But Lady Joon insists you were the only one there—she was quite upset about it.
Charisma (Empathy) But couldn't her emotional state muddle her judgment?
Dignity (Dispute) But if you have no proof of my guilt, it's wrong to detain me
Are you denying that you were in the power plant? There are a hundred witnesses. The power plant was in ruins after you left. How do you explain that?
Ferocity (Honesty) I was there, but I'm not fleeing; I'm pursuing the culprit.
Why should I believe this story, much less agree to set aside my orders?
Ferocity (Confident) You've not proven just cause for detaining me, so let me go.
This isn't a courtroom, and I won't be waved off with legal trickery.
Ferocity (Honesty) I was there, but I'm not fleeing; I'm pursuing the culprit. (see above)
Charisma (Whataboutism) So, are you rounding up everyone who was at the power plant? (see below)
Charisma (Pleading) Every moment we waste, she gets farther away.
That isn't an answer, but I will ask again, why should I allow you to pursue the "true culprit"?
Dignity (Humility) I can only ask you to consider my words and judge for yourself. (see below)
Ferocity (Confident) You've not proven just cause for detaining me, so let me go. (see above)
Dignity (Humility) I can only ask you to consider my words and judge for yourself.
I... Fine. Go. I can't find fault in what you've presented here. I'll tell Lady Joon I couldn't find you. Good luck, Commander.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you, Captain. I truly appreciate your wisdom. And discretion.
Dignity (Rational) I don't have the burden of proof. That falls to the accuser.
This isn't a courtroom, and I won't be waved off with legal trickery.
Ferocity (Honesty) I was there, but I'm not fleeing; I'm pursuing the culprit. (see above)
Charisma (Whataboutism) So, are you rounding up everyone who was at the power plant? (see below)
Charisma (Whataboutism) So, are you rounding up everyone who was at the power plant?
Again, that will not be cleared up here in the streets. Which is why you must come with me to face judgment.
Dignity (Dispute) But if you have no proof of my guilt, it's wrong to detain me. (see above)
Ferocity (Proclaim) Aha! Even you admitted that I made a good point. Case closed! (see below)
Ferocity (Proclaim) Aha! Even you admitted that I made a good point. Case closed!
You're stalling for time, and I won't stand for it. A simple choice lies before you: return with me, or face summary judgment.
Dignity (Logic) Do you have any footage of me at the scene? (see above)
Ferocity (Rebuke) And why should I answer to such a belligerent ultimatum? (see above)
Ferocity (Challenge) Blindly following orders is a hallmark of tyranny.
Dignity (Misdirect) What are orders, really. And why are they so important?
I won't be fooled by your silver toung. You're trying my patience. Now, stand down.
Dignity (Reverse) That was foolish... Can we start over, examining the case? (back to previous dialog options)
Talk combat option tango.png (Confront) Maybe if you weren't so pigheaded, you'd be able to see truth!
Talk combat option tango.png (Fight) Actually, forget this. I don't have time for talk.
After convincing Captain Fa to leave without combat
Captain Fa: Lady Joon won't be so easily mollified. You'd better find your terrorist—and soon.
Captain Fa crosses their arms.
After defeating Captain Fa in combat
Captain Fa: Fine! I yield!
Captain Fa: Go chase dragons! But your face is about to be plastered on every hologram in Cantha!
Captain Fa: You won't get far.
Speaking with your allies after Captain Fa leaves
(if Captain Fa was defeated in combat)
Navan: Well, that was an effective, if unfortunate, way to deal with things.
(if Captain Fa was convinced to leave without combat)
Navan: I didn't realize you were such a smooth talker.
<Character name>: You said you have a plan, Navan?
Navan: Ah, yes. First, where do you stand, Detective? Do you still insist on taking the commander in?
Detective Rama: No. I've seen and heard enough to convince me the commander's got a job to do.
Detective Rama: But I'm coming along. If things're as bad as you say they are, you need me.
Detective Rama: If they're not, and I get any sense I'm being played...
<Character name>: You're not.
Navan: I borrowed something from the Ministry of Intelligence for you, Commander.
Navan: It will disguise your face, but nothing else.
Detective Rama: MinTel gets all the best toys.
Navan: I know somewhere you can use as a base of operations, a historic refuge. It's just east of here, in the Echovald Forest.
Navan: The detective and I will go first, to clear any potential roadblocks. You, Commander, will meet us at the city gates.
Speaking with the food critic
Oooh, whatever you do... Don't order the special. That damned Wei... I should've known.
Talk more option tango.png What do you mean?
I'm (groans) a food critic for the Kaineng Gazette. I wrote an...unflattering review of Chef Wei's last "masterpiece" last week. This week, he invited me back to try his "Chef's Special".
Talk more option tango.png I take it the food wasn't any better?
More than that, I think he deliberately set out to make me sick. The's toxic!
Talk end option tango.png Yikes! I'll keep that in mind.
Talk end option tango.png I can see that it didn't agree with you.
Talk end option tango.png You look occupied. I'll leave you to it.
Speaking with the food critic after consuming the Chef's Special
Oooh, I... wait, I know that look. You ordered the Chef's Special, didn't you? Now we're in this together...
Talk end option tango.pngSo...dizzy. Why would this?'

Open World[edit]

Radio communications
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Hey, Commander? You there? We need to talk.
<Character name>: I assume this about the fallout from Xunlai Jade?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: "Fallout"? They are talking about a tribunal, Commander.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Half the ministers want to deport us all immediately.
<Character name>: Has anyone been able to smooth things over with Joon?
Taimi: Nope. It's taking all my charm to keep her from kicking me out...
Marjory Delaqua: No one at the reactor was willing to listen, either.
Marjory Delaqua: There was some evidence of an Aetherblade presence, but no trace of Ankka herself.
Gorrik: And Aurene's brand is still spreading, hampering repair efforts.
<Character name>: I just met with Navan. She has a plan to help.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Which means the empress is probably on our side.
<Character name>: Exactly. Navan is taking me to a sanctuary in the Echovald Forest—somewhere we can plan our next move.
<Character name>: Detective Rama's thrown his impressive hat in with us as well.
<Character name>: Jory, Gorrik, meet me in Echovald. Kas, Taimi, keep doing what you're doing.
Approaching the Ministry of Security's East Precinct building
Mi-Rae: Following the Yong Reactor explosion, MinSec has issued an arrest warrant. The subject of the order is as of yet unknown.

Fallout: Arborstone[edit]

Approaching your allies
Navan: I see you got out of Kaineng without any trouble, Commander.
Gorrik: I'd love to open that disguise tech up and take a little look—
Marjory Delaqua: Don't even think about it. You break that thing and the commander'll be on a one-way trip back to Shing Jea.
<Character name>: So, where's that safe haven you mentioned, Navan?
Navan: Right behind us.
Detective Rama: Arborstone. My grandma used to tell me stories. Family lore is we're part zu Heltzer. They built this place.
Detective Rama: It was one of the great houses of the Kurzicks.
Navan: For centuries, until it was abandoned when they were conquered by the Ministry of Purity...
Marjory Delaqua: Due respect, ma'am, but "safe haven"? This place isn't exactly...subtle.
Navan: No, but its occupants are no friends of the Canthan authorities. You'll be safe here. Come. See.
Approaching the entrance to Arborstone
Navan: The entrance is just ahead—
Gorrik: You mean right past the shadow monsters?
Navan: What? No. It can't be...
After defeating the shadow creatures
Marjory Delaqua: Did somebody spike my coffee with iboga juice, or was that Mordrem, Risen, and Branded all fighting together?
Gorrik: I thought so too, but on closer inspection, they appeared to be constructs of some kind—
Gorrik: Made up of an unidentified magic. Not the same one we found in the reactor.
Navan: Perhaps we should move this discussion into the warded cathedral?
Navan: Unless you would prefer to conduct further research firsthand?
Gorrik: Ah, no, that's not necessary!
Gorrik: Commander, I'm not trying to panic, but what on Tyria did we just encounter?
<Character name>: If they're a new kind of dragon minion, they must belong to Soo-Won.
Gorrik: Logical assumption, but shouldn't hers be water?
Marjory Delaqua: Didn't look like any water I've ever seen...
Detective Rama: You really think the ward'll keep them out, Navan?
Navan: I can't be certain...but I hope so.
Walking into the cathedral
Gorrik: Um, does it always look this way?
Navan: No, not at all. I don't know what could have happened. I left a powerful guardian in charge—Ishan.
Detective Rama: Awfully quiet. Was it just Ishan?
Navan: No. We should be hearing laughter and song and crackling fires. There was a large group taking shelter...
Marjory Delaqua: "Was" being the operative word...
<Character name>: If there's anyone here, we'll find them.
Searching Arborstone - at the Scattered Bodies (1)
Marjory Delaqua: What happened here? They look like they were in the middle of unpacking.
Detective Rama: His chest is...hollow. All the internal organs are gone.
Marjory Delaqua: But there's no visible wounds. Where the hell did they go?
Detective Rama: Don't look at me—you're the death expert.
Searching Arborstone - at the Deceased Diners (2)
Marjory Delaqua: Their faces are blue... Did they all choke?
Gorrik: No, take a closer look at the cheeks and lips. Swollen. Could be anaphylaxis...
Detective Rama: Pretty big coincidence if they were all allergic to the same thing. Maybe poison?
Gorrik: The only way to know for sure would be to test the food... But we're need to get it to a lab.
Detective Rama: You do forensics?
Gorrik: I dabble, as a hobby. I enjoy reading about unsolved crimes and seeing if I can solve them.
Searching Arborstone - at the Camp Remains (3)
Marjory Delaqua: Died in their sleep—
Detective Rama: Smoldering embers in the brazier.
Marjory Delaqua: Puts the time of death as sometime in the last few hours.
Searching Arborstone - at the Strange Anomaly (4)
Gorrik: That... I... No, that isn't possible! It's like someone took the square root of negative one and just PUT IT IN THE SKY.
Gorrik: What VILLAIN would disrespect the laws of physics like this?
Detective Rama: Really? That's the thing you're hung up on here?
Gorrik: Look, the universe has rules. Break those rules and nothing, and I mean NOTHING, makes sense! Nothing can be trusted!
Gorrik: Down is up. Up is down! Water is dry! AM I...AM I STILL GORRIK?
Marjory Delaqua: You're definitely still Gorrik.
Searching Arborstone - at the Dead Bodies (5)
Navan: Where is Ishan? He was supposed to be protecting these people.
(one of the following) [verification requested]
<Character name>: Looks like he abandoned his post.
<Character name>: Seems there was a dereliction of duties...
Detective Rama: Or he was the first to go.
Searching Arborstone - at the Piles of Straw (6)
Marjory Delaqua: Their faces are horrified. Like they were scared to death—literally.
Detective Rama: Poor bastards. Kicked around their whole lives just to die like this.
After finding all six relevant clues
Detective Rama: You hear that? Came from over there.
Gorrik: Should we investigate?
Detective Rama: Yes, but keep your eyes and ears open. We're not alone here.
Searching Arborstone - near the Bizarre Boat
Detective Rama: That's not how that's supposed to go.
Approaching the centre of the cathedral
Navan: No...
Detective Rama: Navan? Everything okay?
Navan: Ishan! What happened to you?
Gorrik: THAT'S Ishan?
Detective Rama: A salt spray dragon... But it's like those creatures outside—a shade.
During the fight with the Shade of Ishan
Detective Rama: Stay moving—it's got acid breath. Let's circle around and attack its flank.
Navan: Watch the ground. I'll summon wards of protection.
(At 66%, spawning shadowy creatures)
Gorrik: It apparently brought friends!
(At 33%, spawning shadowy creatures)
Marjory Delaqua: Look out! More shades incoming!
Detective Rama: It's staggered. Just a few more good blows should bring it down.
Navan: Ishan, my friend, please come back to us.
Navan: We did not survive the horrors of Shiro Tagachi only to have your story end here.
Gorrik: Wait...what did she just say?
Upon defeat
Detective Rama: That's it. It's over.
Navan: Ishan... I'm so sorry I left you to this fate.
Gorrik: The anomalies vanished. They must have been ambient corruption from the magic in the saltspray.
Navan: Ishan was consumed by the same power that will take Soo-Won, and then all of Tyria: the Void.
<Character name>: The Void?
Navan: The force that emerged from the broken dragon cycle. Which, if not stopped, will unwind reality one thread at a time.
Detective Rama: Care to tell us how it is you know all this? And what was the magic you used? Never seen anything like it.
<Character name>: I have—when Aurene shielded me against Balthazar's fire. Who are you, really?
Navan: You deserve the truth. Soo-Won said I could trust you, but I had to be sure.
Detective Rama: Soo-Won?
Cutscene rolls where Navan transforms into Kuunavang the saltspray dragon.
After the cutscene
Detective Rama: Kuunavang.
<Character name>: You're Soo-Won's champion...!
Kuunavang: I am. It's been centuries since I revealed my true form—to a mortal.
Kuunavang: The last time... Well, that mortal was a hero much like yourself. One who saved me from a terrible fate.
Kuunavang: Now, time is short, but...I'm sure you have questions.
Speaking with Kuunavang
Kuunavang: Time is short, and the Void continues to spread. But you need to know what we are up against, so I'll answer your questions if I can.
Talk more option tango.png What exactly are those creatures?
Kuunavang: The Void is raw magic—chaos incarnate. In the beginning, everything was Void.
Kuunavang: Then the Mother Dragon, Soo-Won, brought order, splitting the Void into six domains of magic.
Kuunavang: She could not maintain that order alone, so she took on the domain of water and gave the others to the five Elder Dragons.
Kuunavang: It was on that foundation that all material life on Tyria flourished.
Talk more option tango.png How are you able to take human form?
Kuunavang: I'm...not certain I can explain it. I become like water, and water can take many forms.
Kuunavang: We saltsprays taught ourselves many tricks over the years. This one is not...easy for us. But it certainly is useful.
Kuunavang: There are times when it's easier to protect if you can blend in among those you are protecting. Live their lives.
Kuunavang: Ishan always said I was spending too much time in that form. Too much time away. But I learned more every day.
Talk more option tango.png How was Soo-Won's containment helping?
Kuunavang: The chamber that Joon built siphoned off Soo-Won's growing power and used it to fuel Cantha.
Kuunavang: You might have noticed that this technology has been...unreliable lately.
Kuunavang: That was because the Void was being siphoned off as well. But only into machines, thankfully.
Kuunavang: Now, with Soo-Won unleashed, its tendrils are working out from her to wind their way through the rest of the world.
Talk quest option tango.png I need to know what we can do to help Soo-Won.
Kuunavang: I don't know. She allowed herself to be contained because it was the only possible option.
Kuunavang: Without the stability provided by the other Elder Dragons, and with that containment chamber destroyed...
Marjory Delaqua: She'll be overwhelmed.
<Character name>: Would it help if we could find another way to siphon off some of that magic?
Gorrik: Using Ankka's Extractor!
Kuunavang: Yes, that might work. It would buy time, at least.
Marjory Delaqua: But it means we need to find Ankka. Fast.
Talk end option tango.png Give me a moment to compose myself.
Speaking with your allies
<Character name>: Kas, Taimi—were you listening to what Kuunavang had to say?
Taimi: Yes! I have so many questions—
<Character name>: Questions we don't have time for now. We need to find Ankka.
Marjory Delaqua: She didn't leave us much to work with at the reactor.
(If asura)
Detective Rama: And the only asuran troublemakers on MinSec's radar are standing right here in front of me.
Detective Rama: And the only asuran troublemaker on MinSec's radar is standing right here in front of me.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Gorrik, you know her better than any of us. Any insights into her personality that might help?
Gorrik: She successfully lured me into an incredibly obvious trap. It's fair to say I don't know her at all anymore...
Gorrik: If I ever did.
Arborstone Refugees approaching
Ayumi: Ah, hello, Lady Navan? Or Kuunavang, I should say!
Ayumi: I wanted to tell you about Ishan... He fought it as long as he could. We're only alive because of him.
Kuunavang: Thank you.
Ayumi: I overheard you all talking, and I think I might be able to help.
Ayumi: I'm Ayumi, and I'm a member of the Kestrels, which means it's my job to know everything that's going on in Echovald.
Ayumi: I need to escort these people to Mori Village, but we can talk when I get back.
Speaking with your allies prior to departing
Kuunavang: Champion, you look as though you still have some questions.
Talk more option tango.png So, why were you disguised as a human?
Kuunavang: It's my honor to look after the people of Cantha for Soo-Won.
Kuunavang: I discovered long ago that the best way to do that was from within, rather than without.
Kuunavang: Your kind need a sensible voice in your ears more than you need a dragon on the mount.
Kuunavang: The empress knew my real identity, as did her father before her, and his father before him.
Talk more option tango.png What did you mean about a terrible fate?
Kuunavang: I was imprisoned by the assassin Shiro Tagachi. More than imprisoned... I was under his poisonous control.
Kuunavang: Used as a weapon against his enemies. Until I was finally released by an alliance of heroes.
Kuunavang: Soo-Won offered me a new path. Inspired by the heroes who saved me, I became Soo-Won's representative in the mortal world.
Kuunavang: Watcher and Protector.
Talk more option tango.png How long have you served Soo-Won?
Kuunavang: I felt it when she woke. All those of the sea did—a presence powerful enough to drive back the shadows in the depths.
Kuunavang: But it was not until Zhaitan that I sought her out. An act of desperation to save what was left of a land I loved.
Kuunavang: It takes...effort for one like her to see you. We're but moments in her infinite life. I did not know if she would care.
Kuunavang: But she did. Somehow, she did. I became her champion.
Kuunavang: My bond with her is much like yours with Aurene. Or perhaps more like your friend Caithe's. I feel her, but she doesn't control me.
Kuunavang: She's come to mean a lot to me. It was...hard, when she chose to put herself in Joon's machine.
Kuunavang: But, even now, she's always taking the long view.
Talk more option tango.png Who was Ishan to you?
Oh, Ishan... Ishan was one of the few remaining saltspray dragons I could call my friend. Many of us were imprisoned by Shiro Tagachi together, in the Harvest Temple.
Talk more option tango.png Oh?
It was a difficult experience. Many of us emerged with deep hurts that made it difficult to ever resume our free lives. Ishan was one of first.
Talk more option tango.png I'm sorry.
When I found him, he was in a terrible place. I was almost forced to kill him—to protect those he might hurt otherwise—but instead he was inspired to live by my example. To be a protector.
Talk more option tango.png A good purpose...
And that's how he died—protecting. It became his purpose, and it served him until the end.
Talk end option tango.png What a life...
Talk end option tango.png I see...
Talk end option tango.png I see.
Talk end option tango.png I need to go.
Talk end option tango.png I should leave you to prepare.
Detective Rama: There something you need, Commander?
Talk more option tango.png You said you are a Kurzick?
Detective Rama: Half Kurzick. On my mother's side. Enough that I stand out as "not Canthan enough" for some people.
Detective Rama: 'Course, I'm not Kurzick enough for some people either. I had to have a thick skin.
Detective Rama: Especially growing up where I did. I was lucky, though. MinSec took a chance on me.
Detective Rama: Shouldn't have to be lucky to make it out of slums, though. Shouldn't be any slums to begin with.
Talk end option tango.png No, not now.

My story[edit]

Fallout- Arborstone loading screen.png

Having escaped from the Yong reactor, we all went our separate ways to help us evade capture. It seems we are being blamed for what Ankka did, and with Soo-Won on the loose, there's no time to stop and explain what happened

Aurene set off on Soo-Won's trail with Caithe while I received a message from Navan hinting the empress is on our side—or at least hasn't made up her mind yet. Navan suggested we meet at a local sushi restaurant to discuss the situation further, so I will now meet her at "Nika's Blade" to see what she has to say. Hopefully the food is good.


When I arrived at the sushi restaurant, I found that Detective Rama had crashed our meeting. He was following orders from the Ministry of Security to bring us in for questioning, but Navan, acting as an extension of the empress, overrode those orders.

Navan suggested we retreat to a place of refuge in the Echovald Forest. Before we could finish our meeting, however, Captain Fa, Joon's head of security, arrived to take me into custody. I convinced Fa to let us go—for now—and Rama was similarly moved to let us prove our innocence. Not one to be left out of the action, however, he decided to come along, with the subtle threat that if he found any reason to think he'd been deceived, it would be back into a Shing Jea cellblock with me.


I reconnected with my allies at Navan's haven—a ruin called Arborstone, which once belonged to a Kurzick noble house known as the zu Heltzers. It was destroyed when they were wiped out by the Ministry of Purity many years ago but has been gradually restored since. It seems our detective is part Kurzick himself, and so the sight of the ruined great house was deeply affecting. The traumas left by the Ministry of Purity's actions still run deep in the people of Cantha.

On our way into the building, we were attacked by mysterious, shadowy creatures of unknown origin. Navan expected to find other travelers seeking refuge in Arborstone, as well as a guardian named Ishan, but instead all we found was death, destruction, and that same shadowy magic, which seems to alter the very rules of reality. The ways in which it killed the travelers were all deeply unsettling. Even with all the horrors we've seen, it shook the whole party. We are still looking for Ishan, but our hopes for finding Navan's friend in a suitable condition are growing thin.


We eventually found Ishan, but unfortunately he had been consumed by the same corrupting power, which we now know is called "the Void." Ishan was a saltspray dragon, and as it turns out, so is Navan—known as Kuunavang in her dragon form. After spending some time corrupted by Shiro Tagachi, she became a hero to the Canthan people, and ever since then she has remained in human form to continue to watch over them.

Kuunavang has been a longtime ally of Soo-Won and is now aiding us in our efforts to prevent the Void from consuming the Elder Dragon and spreading to the rest of Tyria. Joon's reactor had been working to stabilize Soo-Won by siphoning off corrupted magic, and our scientific minds think it is possible Ankka's Extractor could do the same. Ayumi of the Kestrels—a group of rangers tasked with protecting Echovald—offered to help us track down Ankka, who was last seen somewhere in the Echovald Wilds. They seem trustworthy enough.

My story


  • When Aurene mentions heading east during the early conversation in the open world, her prismatic trail can be seen across the sky in New Kaineng for a brief moment, indicating her flight.