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A fan-made map with English labels.

The Unending Ocean is the collective name of all the world's major bodies of water. It contains various seas and bays, such as the Clashing Seas and Janthir Bay. When Tyrians refer to the Unending Ocean, they typically refer to what makes the Clashing Seas.

Over a thousand years ago, the Margonites are said to have ruled the Unending Ocean until they lost their humanity, though they were centralized around the Crystal Sea and Elona's shores.[1] Several species once resided within the Unending Ocean, including the karka, krait, largos, and quaggans.

About 200 years ago,[2] the deep sea dragon awoke in the deepest parts of the Unending Ocean, and has slowly been forcing these species out of their homelands and into Central Tyria.[3][4]


Explorable Zones


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