Gender and sexuality in Tyria

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Gender roles

Men and women are regarded equally by many races. However, there are some factions, such as the Sons of Svanir and Flame Legion, who regard women as inferior to men.

Gender variance

Gender variance seems to be uncommon, but does occur among all races and is not especially controversial.[1] Other races further differ in their approach to gender due to their physiology:

  • Sylvari superficially resemble humans, being granted a sex by the Pale Tree while still in their pods,[2] but cannot reproduce. To the sylvari, sex and gender are as inconsequential as hair color, and they find other races' adherence to gender roles somewhat bemusing.[3]
  • The physiology and psychology of Elder Dragons is a subject of ongoing research among asuran scholars. They are able to reproduce, but it is unknown whether a partner is required.[4] There are indications that Elder Dragons identify with particular genders — Aurene telepathically communicated a preferred pronoun to the Pact Commander shortly after her birth, and referred to Kralkatorrik as "grandfather". However, the extent to which these terms actually reflect Elder Dragon gender, as opposed to being attempts to translate their alien nature into language the mortal races can understand, is also unknown: Jormag in particular is known not to identify with any gender, preferring its victims to perceive it in whatever manner best seduces them to Jormag's side.[5]
  • The ancient Seers were genderless, but further details are unknown.[6]


Sylvari are by nature attracted to people who inspire them, regardless of gender.[7] Among other races, same-sex relationships are uncommon, but do occur and are regarded the same as mixed-sex relationships.[1][3] Interspecies relationships are considerably more taboo, and are rare outside of racy fiction. No interspecies pairing is known to have ever resulted in children.[8]

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