Norn exodus

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The norn exodus is the event in which the Elder Dragon Jormag, after awakening north of the Far Shiverpeaks, moved south to claim its land. As it moved south, the norn heard of something terrible happening north of them, preparing for this threat and sometimes going to meet it, none of which returned.[1] The only norn known to survive was Asgeir Dragonrender, who stole a tooth from Jormag with the aid of the Spirits of the Wild.

Knowing that the norn would not back down from a challenge, and that no norn was capable of defeating Jormag, Bear, Wolf, Raven, and Snow Leopard guided Asgeir to lead the norn south so that they can survive until a hero to defeat Jormag appears.[1] Meanwhile, Ox, Owl, Wolverine and Eagle, having taken damage from Jormag's actions or being best suited to defend against it, stayed back to fight off the Elder Dragon. It is known that at least Owl has died during this, and the other three have been lost since.

Due to this event, Hoelbrak was founded by Asgeir and the spirits that helped the norn reach their new home became the prominent spirits within the norn culture.